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New Feature Coming To ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ – ‘My First Time’

New Feature Coming To ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ – ‘My First Time’

It’s time to unveil what will hopefully be one of many new features that I have to offer to the readers of my beloved blog.

This one, titled ‘My First Time’, is inspired by a book that I received for Christmas in 2009.  In ‘You Never Forget Your First’, the author, Josh Lewin, interviewed over 120 former and current major league players and talked to them about their big league debuts.

Published in 2005, Lewin was able to speak with Hall of Famers, All-Stars, and bench players.  I read through this book rather quickly, and it was fascinating to see how each of these guys recalled their major league debuts.

Starting next week, I will bring you what I consider the highlights of these interviews.

And if you ever want to go out and buy the book for your self, it is a very quick and fun read.

New Feature Coming To ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ – “31 in 31”

A new year deserves a new feature…

During the entire month of January, I will be ranking the Top 31 baseball rookie cards issued during the 1970’s.  “31 in 31” is exactly that – a daily break down of the top 31 rookie cards from the decade that brought us Disco music, The Godfather, Happy Days, and Animal House.  In addition to this breakdown, I will also be ranking these cards as to how important the player and the card are to the sport of baseball and our beloved hobby.  The ranking will be based on the player’s entire career including individual awards earned, individual milestones surpassed, and team achievements.

Stay tuned.  This new feature arrives on the blog on January 1, 2009.

Thanks and keep reading!!