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New Reading Material #3 – “Open” – Signed Copy Of Andre Agassi’s Autbiography

My wife did great on this one!!!

I followed the careers of Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras during their playing days.  They were my generations version of Connors and McEnroe and they made men’s tennis relevant in the United states during the 1990’s.

I knew that this book was published and released in the Fall of 2009, I just hadn’t made it a priority to get.  My wife took care of that for me and I am suddenly eager and energized to learn more about Agassi and what fueled his well-publicized career.  From being a child prodigy to marriage to Brooke Shields to drug use to marriage to Steffi Graf to retirement from the sport, I hope ‘Open’ lives up to its title and provides an unseen look into the life of one of the most iconic sports figures of my generation.

And here’s the autograph!!!


Nike Baseball Music Video

 Very neat.  Very Different.  I’d like to see a remake of this video using today’s level of technology…  Enjoy!!

Foot Locker Commercial Featuring Don Mattingly, Tom Chambers, and Jerry Rice

Just a little entertainment for this slow Monday afternoon…

Nike Sneaker Commercial Featuring Some Outrageous Personalities…

…  and then some!!

 Where else can you put together a group of characters like Spike Lee, Ted Williams, Michael Jordan, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Glavine, Gene Simmons, and the great Yogi Berra?  Why a Nike commercial, of course!!! 


Old School Nike Commercial Starring Dwight Gooden, Barry Sanders, and John Salley

I can totally see why Doc Gooden and Barry Sanders were chosen to star in this ad.  But John Salley leaves me scratching my head…

Happy Birthday Bo Jackson!!!

“Bo knows Birthdays”

46 of them to be exact.  That’s right, the great Bo Jackson turns 46 years old today.

Arguably the most exciting player in the major leagues over the last 30 years, Bo Jackson brought an enthusiasm to the game that baseball’s biggest stars couldn’t compare to.  Bo was not the best hitter, best fielder, or best base runner, but he was incredible to watch. 

For Bo’s birthday, I would love to give him a career that was injury free and strictly focused on baseball.  I in no way want to take away any of the ‘2-Sport’ phenomenon that Bo caused by playing baseball and football, I just want to see how good he could have become if he focused on just 1 sport.  He may not rank amongst the best of all-time, but his highlight reel would be worthy of that ranking!!!

Happy Birthday Bo!!!


Once Upon A Time, Bo Jackson Ruled The World of Sports Advertising…

 Bo knows how to collect a phat paycheck!!!

“Chicks Dig The Long Ball” – CLASSIC!!!!

Who’s laughing now???  This has got to be one of the best baseball related commercials of all time.