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Celebrity First Pitch – Misty May-Treanor

Here is video of Olympic Gold Medalist Misty May-Treanor as she throws out the ceremonial first pitch at a Los Angeles Angels baseball game.

A pretty cool 3-minute video…  No word if Misty’s husband Matt Treanor, former Florida Marlins and current Detroit Tigers catcher, coached her for this performance.

Celebrity First Pitch – Dwyane Wade

 Does it get any better than the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade throwing out the first pitch to Marlin’s superstar Hanley Ramirez???  I don’t think so!!!

While I don’t condone the antics of Dwyane Wade in regards to his methods of sending message’s to the Heat’s front office about his future, I do admire his desire to win.  He appears to want to win so badly that he won’t re-sign with our team until they make moves to ensure a potential run at another title.  While this is commendable, it also shows his immaturity as he has been sending quite a few messages through the media outlets around town.  While it won’t tarnish anything he has done on the court, he’s one of the game’s best players, it certainly doesn’t help his public image.

Best of luck to Dwyane and the Heat during the upcoming season – I hope the 2 sides can iron out their differences and focus on making this team a contender again!!!  LET’S GO HEAT!!!

Bruce Jenner Autograph Through The Mail Success

Bruce Jenner sent these great autographs back to me in just 22 days…  Well, they’re kind of great.  You see, when I send out cards in the mail requesting autographs, I put each card in a penny sleeve to protect the corners.  And although all 8 corners on these 2 cards are in perfect condition, it appears as if Jenner threw these cards back into the envelope a little too quickly which caused one to smudge pretty badly….


See what I mean???  The autographs look incredible, and I love the style and design of the cards but I cannot help but feel a little twisted on what to do next with these….  You see, I intended and still intend to give these cards to my sons when they can appreciate them and the athlete that Bruce Jenner was during his Olympic career.  I may have to try to find another one and re-send him a card.  As a dad, it would be impossible for me to hand the smudged card to one of my boys while giving my other son the perfect one.

Hanging Out With A United States Olympics Legend!!!

My wife’s family just arrived  in town as they prepare to set sail on a cruise leaving Fort Lauderdale on Friday.  Since we’re not going on the cruise but wanting to see everyone, plus have them all meet our new baby, we agreed on dinner for Thursday night.  We decided on a local spot, Buffalo’s Southwestern Grill, since the food is good and it is not too busy during the week.

Immediately when we got there, the parking lot was packed and I chalked it up to the Florida/Oklahoma game taking place later that night.  Quickly upon entering the restaurant we saw a sign that read – “Buffalo’s Welcomes Dara Torres”!!

For those of you who are not familiar with her or have heard the name but are unsure as to her accomplishments, Dara Torres is a 5-time(Yes 5!!) Olympic swimmer for the United States.  She has competed in the 1984, 1988, 1992, 2000, and 2008 Summer Olymipc games.  In these 5 games, she has won a total of 12 medals – 4 Gold, 4 Silver, 4 Bronze!!  Extremely impressive stuff…  And in the games of 2008, at the age of 41, captured 3 Silver medals.

Dara lives in the next city over from us and was doing a little publicity stop at this restaurant.  There were a lot of kids around and it was pretty exciting to watch her interact and spend time speaking with each one of them.  By the time I got in line to meet her, the restaurant had emptied out a little, and she was still being very graciuos with every person she encountered.

Here is a picture of Dara Torres, my 2 1/2-year old son Dylan, and me.


And the picture Dara signed for me.