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Did You Know…

In 1967, Orlando Cepeda became the first unanimous MVP Award winner in the National League since 1936.  Cepeda captured all of the 28 1st Place votes!!


2001 Topps Archives – 1962 NL Home Run Leaders w/Aaron, Mays, Robinson, Banks, and Cepeda!!!

2001 Topps Archives – 1962 NL Home Run Leaders w/Aaron, Mays, Robinson, Banks, and Cepeda!!!

Jeez, talk about a who’s, who of power hitters from the 1960’s.  This re-printed baseball card from the 2001 Topps Archives set celebrates the National League’s home run leaders from the 1962 design.

The card features 5 Hall of Famers, and 4 members of the ‘500 Home Runs Club’.


Now, let’s dig into the numbers.

Here is the leaderboard:
Willie Mays – 49
Hank Aaron – 45
Frank Robinson – 39
Ernie Banks – 37
Orlando Cepeda – 35

Not too shabby!!

The funny thing is that I have to now decide where to store this card.  And since I collect, and organize, my cards at the player level, I have three choices – Aaron, Banks, or Robinson…

Quite the pickle that I am in, huh??

I think that I am going to have to go with Aaron.  He is a focus of mine right now, and it is fitting to have a Home Run commemorative card going into his collection.  Sorry Ernie.  Sorry Frank.

I Have Completed The 1968 Topps Game Set – YES!!!!

I Have Completed The 1968 Topps Game Set – YES!!!!

Yes, 33 weeks after debuting my first card from this legendary set, I have completed the entire set.

It was a lot of fun to focus my attention on this set, and at times I thought that my goal of completing the set was unattainable. 

Before I get into a few notes about this set and what it took for me to put it together, let me show you the whole thing.

Here are the cards:

Pretty sweet, huh?  Yeah, this one easily ranks as the best set of cards I have built since getting back into the hobby more than four years ago.  The set is packed with baseball history, and is a very solid representation of ‘true vintage’.

While going through the process of putting this set together, I found out quite a bit about the players that were included.  And while I could never find the details as to why  Topps chose these 33 players, some are very obvious due to their career achievements and others due to their fantastic 1967 baseball seasons.

A few more random notes about the set:

  • the full set cost me just under $50 to put together
  • the most expensive card for me to obtain was the Mickey Mantle card, followed by Roberto Clemente and then Brooks Robinson
  • there are notable ommissions from the set – Jim Palmer, Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, Maury Wills, Phil Niekro, Fergie Jenkins, and Luis Tiant.
  • Amazingly, many of the cards from this set can still be had for just $1.00
  • The cards seem to take on a yellow hue, most likely due to age and how they were handled.  I tried my best to limit my intake of these yellowed versions as much as possible

This set was a blast to put together – and I am very happy that I challenged myself to do so.

I have a few things in mind for the next subset that I want to build, but I am not certain that any set can live up to the joy that this 1968 Topps Game set brought me.


Did You Know…

Since becoming an annual award, the team with the highest number of Rookie Of The Year Award winners to enter the Hall of Fame is the San Francisco Giants.  The winners: Willie Mays (1951), Orlando Cepeda (1958), and Willie McCovey (1959).  The second place team is the Cincinnati Reds with Frank Robinson (1956) and Johnny Bench (1968).

2001 Topps Archives – 1963 NL Home Runs Leaders Starring Aaron, McCovey, Mays, and Cepeda!!!

2001 Topps Archives – 1963 NL Home Runs Leaders Starring Aaron, McCovey, Mays, and Cepeda!!!

Holy Cow, talk about a quartet of talented players on a single baseball card.  This one has royalty written all over it.

Have a look at this beauty:

While I certainly respect and value what each of these four fantastic baseball players brought to the field, this card will undoubtedly land in my Hank Aaron collection.  To me, Hank is the King!!

But, talk about a group of sluggers?

In 1963, these four guys combined to connect for 140 home runs.  Aaron and McCovey led the way with 44 homers a piece, and Mays tallied 38.

I have seen my share of great League Leaders cards, but I am not certain that another one captures as much history in the sport as this one.

I am very happy to be able to call this one, ‘MINE’!!!


1968 Topps Game – Orlando Cepeda

1968 Topps Game Orlando Cepeda

Orlando Cepeda enjoyed a 17-season major league career that saw many team and personal rare feats.

As a member of the Giants and the Cardinals, Cepeda reached the World Series three times, winning one title in 1968 as a member of the Cards.

Individually, Cepeda was a 7-time All-Star, as well as a Rookie of the Year and MVP winner.  He collected 2,351 hits during his career as well as 379 home runs, 1,365 RBI, and amassing a .297 batting average.

Cepeda was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Veteran’s committee in 1999.

Progress – 10/33

1968 Topps Game – Hall of Famers, Ron Santo & Frank Robinson

1968 Topps Game – Hall of Famers, Ron Santo & Frank Robinson

These two guys are the guys that inspired me to go out and collect the full set of baseball cards tagged as 1968 Topps Game.

I picked up both of these near-mint beauties at a baseball card show last November, and ever since then I have thought about completing the set.  So, as part of my ‘Collecting Goals of 2012’, I will attempt to do just that – complete the full 33-card set.

My checklist is built.

And now I happily add cards one and two into the set:

Progress – 2/33

1968 Topps Game Checklist

1968 Topps Game Checklist

Well, one of my 2012 collecting goals is to put together the 1968 Topps Game set of trading cards.  The set features 33 cards in total and runs the gammot of Hall of Famers, All-Stars, semi-stars, and scrubs.

I think that this will be a very fun challenge to undertake, and I look forward to learning a little more about the 33 guys that are part of this set.

And if it all works out, I will pick up my very first cards of Mickey Mantle and Roberto Clemente as I put this set together.

So, what is the first step in getting this new quest going?  The checklist, of course.

By now you all should know that I am an uber-organized collector, and my checklist will help lead me to the finished line.

So, here it is:

Card # Player
1 Mateo Alou
2 Mickey Mantle
3 Carl Yastrzemski
4 Hank Aaron
5 Harmon Killebrew
6 Roberto Clemente
7 Frank Robinson
8 Willie Mays
9 Brooks Robinson
10 Tommy Davis
11 Bill Freehan
12 Claude Osteen
13 Gary Peters
14 Jim Lonborg
15 Steve Hargan
16 Dean Chance
17 Mike McCormick
18 Tim McCarver
19 Ron Santo
20 Tony Gonzalez
21 Frank Howard
22 George Scott
23 Rich Allen
24 Jim Wynn
25 Gene Alley
26 Rick Monday
27 Al Kaline
28 Rusty Staub
29 Rod Carew
30 Pete Rose
31 Joe Torre
32 Orlando Cepeda
33 Jim Fregosi


Now let’s collect!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – Andre Dawson & Orlando Cepeda Dual Game-Used Jersey Card!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – Andre Dawson & Orlando Cepeda Dual Game-Used Jersey Card!!!

Anytime that I can add a new Andre Dawson baseball card to my collection while attending a card show, I consider the trip a success.

With that being said, this 2-hour journey was a success and this card is the reason why:

Great one, huh??

Yeah, I had seen this card just once before on Ebay – and that was quite some time ago…

I may have paid a bit more for it than what I normally would like to pay, but since the card contained two swatches from 2 Hall of Famers (including one from my favorite HOFer) I jumped at the chance to own it.

The card was issued in 2005 by Upper Deck as part of their ‘MLB Artifacts’ set.  Each swatch contained features a pinstripe – and while Dawson’s is obviously from a Cubs’ jersey, the Cepeda looks to be from a Giants’ uniform ( he is pictured wearing a Cardinals uniform).

The card is serial numbered as 99 – this is number 34!!!

Orlando Cepeda Autographed Major League Baseball w/HOF Inscription!!!

Orlando Cepeda Autographed Major League Baseball w/HOF Inscription!!!

Mill Creek did it again – and I took the bait!


This time around, they were offering a signed baseball signed by Hall of Famer, and legendary Giants player Orlando Cepeda.

Here is the ball:

And it is a fantastic addition to my signed baseball collection.  YES!!!