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“That Guy” #2

I cannot answer the question of ‘Why’…  But I definitely had a thing for Los Angeles Dodger pitching prospects in the late 1980’s and into the early 1990’s.

Ramon Martinez was another guy that I sunk an unthinkable amount of money and attention into when his rookie card became available.  Martinez had some pretty steady success during his 14-year career playing professional baseball, but he never lived up to the hype I created for him as I gathered up as many rookie cards of his that I could find.

Unlike my “That Guy #1”, Keith Kiki Jones, Martinez did make it to the major leagues and blossomed into an all-star pitcher.  In his first complete season with the Dodgers in 1990, Ramon went 20-6 while pitching 12 complete games and striking out 223 batters.  Martinez finished second in the Cy Young Award voting that year to Doug Drabek and earned his only trip to the All-Star game. 

I firmly believed that Ramon was quickly on his way to being one of the best pitchers of the decade and I was thrilled to be able to watch his success unfold right out of the gates.  Ramon didn’t do poorly afterwards, but he was never able to recapture the success he had during that 1990 season.  Although he did have 7 more years of double-digit wins under his belt, none were nearly as impressive as his first full season with the Dodgers.

From a collection standpoint, I gobbled up as many Ramon Martinez rookies as I was able to.  Having 2 new companies, Upper Deck and Score, only added to the excitement and my collection of Ramon Martinez rookie cards eclipsed the 200 card count by the All-star break of 1990.  Unfortunately, or fortunately for me some 18 years later, by then he was having an incredible year and the cards were getting harder and harder to find.

So now I have introduced you to 2 of my ‘That Guys’.  #1 was a rookie phenom destined for greatness that never made it to the ‘Big Show’.  And now #2 is a player that achieved the success in his rookie year that I anticipated and was never able to live up to the hype again.

Now I want stories from you guys and gals.  Who is your #2 “That Guy”???  Chris Sabo, Jerome Walton, come on I want to know who you fell in love with during their rookie year that never lived up to the attention you gave them.

‘Super-Fan’ Charlie Sheen Needs To Do The Right Thing…

I am roughly half way through reading this book and I wanted to present this story to my readers as I have never heard it prior and thought it should be out there for all of you…

I just finished the chapter about Fergie’s 1971 Cy Young winning season when this small story hit me.  The book was written in 2003, so I have to imagine that it is still accurate today.

The story goes like this:

After the 1971 season, Fergie Jenkins was awarded with the award for baseball’s best pitcher – The Cy Young Award.  Fergie was often asked to bring his new trophy with him when he made appearances so the hardware could be shown off.  Fergie always obliged, and made it a regular habit to let fans see the award.  Fergie was doing an appearance at a restaurant, with his Cy Young Award by his side, and the owner of the restaurant asked if he could keep the trophy on display as it really drummed up major business for his place.  Fergie obliged, as he always did, and the restaurant quickly went out of business.  Soon after, Fergie went back to that location to get his award back and realized that the restaurant that occupied that establishment was gone.   He quickly went to work to track down the owner so he could get his trophy back.  Unfortunately, he was never able to find his prize….

Enter huge baseball fan and ‘Super-Collector’ Charlie Sheen.  Supposedly Sheen won this item in an auction more than 25 years after the award was lost by Fergie.  When Fergie’s camp got wind of who the owner was and they attempted to contact Sheen.  When contacted, Sheen said, “Sure he can have it back.  He’s just going to have to pay for it!”

Fergie Jenkins refused to pay for a trophy he won and to this day it is believed that Charlie Sheen is still the owner of the 1971 Cy Young Award.

Look, prior to hearing this story I had no opinion of Charlie Sheen.  He is a decent actor, whose best role was in a movie made 20+ years ago.  I have never seen any of the television shows that he has made, but they continue to air so he must be doing well.  His failed marriages and addiction problems have been in the tabloids for the last decade, but I have never let those stories effect or form my opinion about him as a man.

But this story gets my blood boiling!!!  To be such a prick and disrespect the game of baseball and one of it’s legends is beyond me.  All of this coming from a guy who is known to be a true baseball historian with an endless love for the game.  Sorry Charlie(haha) but I now do have an opinion of you and it’s not a good one at all.  You are just like all of those other jerks in Hollywood that have ruined people’s lives for your gain and for this act alone you now get zero respect from me.

Screw You Charlie Sheen.  And Screw Rick Vaughn too…