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And Finally, My 2012 Topps ‘Mound Dominance’ Subset Is Complete!!! Come Check It Out.

And Finally, My 2012 Topps ‘Mound Dominance’ Subset Is Complete!!!  Come Check It Out.

Yessir, I have completed another subset and it is time to show it off in its completed form.

The ‘Mound Dominance’ set is from the 2012 Topps release, and is 15 cards deep. 

Here it is, complete:



As for the cards, they look great!  I like the graphics that Topps used to identify the strike zone, and the added team logo on top of that graphic is a nice touch.  I also really like that every card in the subset offers a color, in-action photograph (though the Gibson, Spahn, and Feller appear to be posed-action).  I do wish that Topps used a brighter color for the ‘Mound Dominance’ headline – something that stood out more.

While I am really happy with the look and design of the set, I have to say that there are a few odd things about it that stand out for me as well.

They are:

  • the set lacks consistency with the theme; from no-hitters to solid outings to dominant playoff appearances, I wish it focused on just one thing
  • the inclusion of Dennis Eckersley ( a player I loved watching) is peculiar.  He is the only non-starter in the set.
  • Phil Niekro’s card is celebrating his 300th career win – the only card celebrating a career achievement instead the most dominant game of the pitcher’s career.
  • The set gives us Jon Lester and Armando Gallaraga, but leaves out Clemens, Randy Johnson, Pedro, Schilling, and others that would certainly be also called ‘Dominant’

Overall, I like the set – it looks great, and it is nice to see players like Verlander and Halladay get put into the same conversation as Seaver, Palmer, and Gooden. 

Ultimately, I would have liked to have seen multiple versions of the set, maybe in consecutive years.  If Topps broke this set into different levels while keeping the graphic components similar, with just enough changes to let them stand alone, they could have been on to something.  Imagine if we had: Mound Dominance – No Hitters, Mound Dominance – The Closers, Mound Dominance – The Workhorses, Mound Dominance – The Strikeout Artists, Mound Dominance – Postseason Heroes.  If Topps delivered something like that, it would let them bring us something that more truly represented the many ways that one can dominate from the mound.  And it would certainly let them capture more collectors as well.

Topps, do you hear me???

Here Is The Checklist For The 2012 Topps Mound Dominance Subset. Now, It Is Time To Collect!!!

Here Is The Checklist For The 2012 Topps Mound Dominance Subset.  Now, It Is Time To Collect!!!

I am really eager to get this new subset going.  The more that I review the checklist, the more excited I get to get this thing started.

So, I am off to get my shop on.

But first, here is a look at the full checklist:

  • #MD-1   Tom Seaver
  • #MD-2   Justin Verlander
  • #MD-3   Sandy Koufax
  • #MD-4   Jim Palmer
  • #MD-5   Dennis Eckersley
  • #MD-6   Bob Gibson
  • #MD-7   Roy Halladay
  • #MD-8   Nolan Ryan
  • #MD-9   Phil Niekro
  • #MD-10 Armando Galarraga
  • #MD-11 Warren Spahn
  • #MD-12 Bob Feller
  • #MD-13 Jon Lester
  • #MD-14 John Smoltz
  • #MD-15 Dwight Gooden

That’s a pretty impressive group of pitchers right there.

I am so ready to do this!!!

The Marlins are fading quickly

As a Florida Marlins fan you learn to have little expectations from the team.  Don’t get me wrong, you want the team to do well, but when their payroll, or lack of, is discussed so frequently it gives you a feeling that winning is not an option.  It seems that year in and year out they are very competitive but just not enough to take that next step and get back to the playoffs.  With the wild-card spot going to one of the teams in the NL Central this year, it was great to see that ‘The Fish’ were staying so competitive as they raced against the New York Mets and Philadelphia Philles for the lead in the NL East.

2 weeks ago things were looking good.  But, we’ve now lost 7 of our last 10 games and sit stuck in 3rd place behind the surging Mets and capable Phillies.  We just lost 2 out of 3 games to the Giants who are 17 games below .500.  With a 3-game series coming up against the Diamondbacks and then the Braves, things are not going to be easy.

This team needs to overhaul their bullpen if they want to have any chance of winning.  The starters are doing a commendable job for the most part.  If you look back at the rotation in April compared to today’s staff there is a huge improvement in regards to ERA and innings pitched.  The offense, although very streaky, is able to score runs at a rampant pace.  But that bullpen is terrible.  There’s no worse feeling than to watch a lead slip away day after day and night after night.  You don’t want that ‘Oh Boy’ feeling when the manager makes the call to the bullpen!!  But lately that is how it feels as you watch the games go into the 6th, 7th, and 8th innings.  Don’t even get me started on the closer role.  Kevin Gregg is a nice pitcher, and seems like a very nice guy, but he is single handily costing us games and your closer cannot do that in late August or September when there is a pennant on the line.  Look at the teams that are winning – the closer’s role is automatic.  You need someone with a ‘nasty’ persona to come in and close out games if you want to survive a pennant race.

I am still a Marlins fan and I proudly wear my Teal, Black and White.

‘Go Marlins’ and ‘Go Get Some Releivers’

'Oh Boy'

‘Oh Boy’….