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A Trio Of 1990 Donruss Bo Jackson Baseball Cards!!!

A Trio Of 1990 Donruss Bo Jackson Baseball Cards!!!

A triple header of Bo Jackson baseball cards from the 1990 Donruss set.

A great way to knock out three needs at one time, if you ask me!!!

Take a peek:

The card on the left is the ‘Bonus’ MVP card.  Each team was represented by one player, and Bo fit the bill – though largely due to his flash and potential.  Personally, I would have chosen George Brett.

The center card is the All-Star card honoring Bo’s selection to the All-Star team roster for the American League.

Lastly, the card on the right is the Diamond King card.  Again, each team got one card, and Bo rightfully was due for a DK all his own.

Of the three, my favorite is a no-brainer – Door #2!!!


Bo Jackson 1990 Topps

Bo Jackson 1990 Topps

Look at that powerful swing of Bo’s – truly unreal.  Bo was a powerful player, without having the textbook swing.  The result?  Lots of home runs and way more strikeouts!!

In fact, the numbers are 141 to 841 – OUCH!!!

Ok, on to the pop quiz:

Bo Jackson has a very powerful swing, and it is on display on this 1990 Topps card.

If Bo were not a baseball player, what job that requires a mighty swing would Bo be best suited for?

  1. Lumberjack
  2. Farmer
  3. Plumber
  4. Roofer

Bo Jackson 1990 Score All-Star Game Commemorative Card – Front & Back

Bo Jackson 1990 Score All-Star Game Commemorative Card – Front & Back

I have some very fond memories of Bo Jackson and All-Star games.

After all, it was Bo that started off the 1989 All-Star Game with a bang – two bangs actually…

In the top of the first inning, Bo made a dynamic defensive play off of a Pedro Guerrero line drive.  And then to lead off the bottom of the first inning with a solo home runs.

Bo’s efforts led to him being named the MVP of the All-Star Game, and now I have the baseball card that commemorates that historic baseball event.

And the card is so nice that I will show off both the front and the back.

Here it is.

The front:

And the back:

Enjoy.  🙂

Bo Jackson 1989 Upper Deck

Bo Jackson 1989 Upper Deck

Not too impressive from Upper Deck’s debut set if you ask me…  And they were impressing everyone back in 1989!!

So, instead of harking about how little this card does for me, I thought we would take a look at all of the ways that Bo got to first base in 1989.

Here we go:

  1. 79 singles
  2. 39 walks
  3. 3 hit by pitch

Bo Jackson 1990 Score

Bo Jackson 1990 Score

Just look at how strong Bo’s swing was.  He could really bring the power back in the day, huh??

I remember learning that some baseball players used to swing bats in swimming pools as a way to strengthen their hips and swings at the same time.  While very low-impact, I would have to imagine that this kind of workout was reserved for the players in the best condition as this level of exercise sounds intense.

Something tells me that Bo could be a guy that mastered a technique like that…

What do you think?

1990 Fleer Superstar Special Starring Bo Jackson & Kirby Puckett

1990 Fleer Superstar Special Starring Bo Jackson & Kirby Puckett

Well, I already landed this card for mu Kirby Puckett collection a few months ago, so while on a little shopping spree with www.sportlots.com, I added another one to my cart to complete the Bo Jackson side of the equation.

Great idea for a card.  Horrible photograph…

Bo Jackson 1991 Donruss Highlights

Bo Jackson 1991 Donruss Highlights

This card from the 1991 Donruss Highlights series pays homage to Bo Jackson connecting for four home runs in four consecutive at-bats.

And while Bo was certainly not the first or last player to accomplish this feat, his came through a different route.  He hit 3 consecutive homers in a single game and then found himself on the Disabled List.  Upon returning to the line-up after missing 15 days, Bo homered again.

4 consecutive at-bats = 16 days.  LOL!!!

Nonetheless, a very cool card for my collection that honors Bo.  I just with the photographer captured the contact of his swing and not the follow-through…

Bo Jackson 1989 Score

Bo Jackson 1989 Score

What a photo – just look the power behind Bo’s mighty swing!!

Far from textbook, and never a threat to win a batting title or lead his team in batting average, Bo Jackson still packed a mighty wallop when it came to hitting.

And the proof is in the photo used on his 1989 Score baseball card.  And check out the pivot of his back foot – SWEET!!!

Take a look:

Just a great photo – on a very basic and clean looking card.  This happens to be one of my favorite card of Bo so far that I have picked up.

And the card has a nice back-drop too – Fenway Park!!!

Bo Jackson 1986 Topps Traded – ROOKIE CARD!!!

Bo Jackson 1986 Topps Traded – ROOKIE CARD!!!

A horribly boring baseball card, it is a shame that Topps didn’t work a little harder to source a better image for Bo Jackson’s first major-brand baseball card.

Nonetheless, it is Bo’s rookie card and I am very excited to add it to my collection!!

Bo Jackson 2008 Upper Deck Heroes – Base

Bo Jackson 2008 Upper Deck Heroes – Base

Taking a break from the strict confines of my official ‘Bo Jackson Checklist’, I bring you the card of Bo from the 2008 UD Heroes set.

The card, the base one, has used a great photo of Bo.  Just take a look at that mighty swing – and that ferocious scowl on his face too!!!

Damn!  Go Get ‘Em Vincent!!!

Oh, and of all of the colors that UD issued as parallel versions in this 2008 set, I would have to think that this one would look best in the Light Blue or Blue versions…