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Baseball Card Show Purchase #6 – A Pair Of Chipper Jones Rookie Cards!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #6 – A Pair Of Chipper Jones Rookie Cards!!

Chipper Jones rookie cards in a dime bin?  You bet your ass – and I scooped up both of them!!

I expect a ton of offensive production out of Chipper this season – and if all goes according to plan, he will be on pace to reach some major milestones within the next 24-36 months.

But it starts with the 2011 baseball season – coming back from a major injury at his age will be tough – but if you know anything about Chipper, if he plans to play he expects that he can deliver.  I’m looking forward to finding out…

Let’s go back to 1991 for a moment, shall we…

My Billy Williams Collection Expands to 21 Cards

 These 2 cards are #20 and #21 for my Billy Williams collection.  Both of these cards from the 1971 set commemorate what Billy Williams, Johnny Bench, and Tony Perez did in the National League during the 1970 baseball season.  To have 3 players rank in the Top 3 in both home runs and RBI’s shows just how dominant that these 3 Hall of Famers were in 1970.

Billy Williams – 42 home runs

Johnny Bench – 45 home runs

Tony Perez – 40 home runs

 1971 Topps – Home Run Leaders – Johnny Bench, Billy Williams, Tony Perez

1971 Topps – RBI Leaders – Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, Billy Williams

Billy Williams – 129 RBI

Johnny Bench – 148 RBI

Tony Perez – 129 RBI

What Ever Happened To Tino Martinez???

Tino Martinez never superstar status as a professional baseball player.  But if you ask any of his teammates, Tino was an incredible teammate.

A 2-time All-Star, Martinez was never a league leader in any of the major offensive categories.  But, what Tino Martinez did do was compete and play hard each and every game. 

With a career batting average of .271, Tino did not stand out as a prolific hitter.  But in the other major offensive categories Tino provided his team with the fuel needed to win games.  Martinez hit 339 home runs in his career, while hitting 15+ in 14 consecutive seasons.  Martinez finished his career with 1271 total RBI’s, hitting 60+ in 13 consecutive seasons.  And although Tino was not known for his speed, he did a good job on the base paths and scored 1008 runs.

Tino Martinez was also part of 4 World Series championship teams with the New York Yankees.  His best year as a player came with the Yankees in 1997 when he hit .296 with 44 home runs and 141 RBI.

Today, Tino is back with the Yankees and has been used in multiple roles.  He was brought in to assist the team’s development of their first basemen and he aslo does projects for their General Manager.

Chipper Jones May Be The Best 3rd Baseman EVER!!!

I am serious about this.  No disrespect meant to Hall of Famers Brooks Robinson or Mike Schmidt, but Chipper Jones is a MONSTER!!!

At the age of 36, and if he can stay healthy and play 3-4 more seasons, Chipper Jones could go down as the best 3rd baseman in Major League history!!

Compare the numbers:

  Robinson Schmidt Jones
Average 0.267 0.267 0.310
Hits 2848 2234 2258
Home Runs 268 548 406
RBI 1357 1595 1366
MVP 1 3 1
All-Star 15(straight) 12 6
Gold Glove 16(straight) 10 0
Playoff Seasons 6 6 11
World Series Rings 2 1 1



OK, first the pro’s for this argument:

Jones has a lifetime average of .310 which is 40+ points higher than either Robinson or Schmidt.  Chipper already has more career hits than Schmidt and is roughly 600 behind Brooks.  Brooks will most likely remain at the top of the hits list with Jones being a close 2nd.  Chipper has crushed more home runs than Robinson, and could get close to 500 if he can play for 4 more years, but Schmidt will undoubtedly keep that title.  Jones has passed Brooks for the RBI lead and will likely overtake Schmidt within 2 years.  Each player has earned MVP honors, with Schmidt being the only one to win it multiple times.  Chipper Jones has played in the postseason 11 times in his career.  Both Robinson and Schmidt have only played in the post season 6 times a piece.  Each player has won the World Series, with Robinson being the only player to have won it twice.

OK, now the con’s for this argument:

Chipper Jones has been an All-Star just 6 times.  Both Robinson and Schmidt have at least twice as many appearances in the All-Star game.  Brooks Robinson has won an amazing 16 Gold Gloves for his unbelievable defensive play.  Schmidt has won 10 Gold Gloves, and Chipper has won 0. 

To me it is clear that of the 3 of these players, Chipper Jones is the most complete offensive player.  With a few more seasons left to go in his career he will only add to an extremely impressive batting resume.  Defensively, there is no comparison as Jones is not of the same talent level as Robinson or Schmidt.  So if offense and defense even things out, what you are left with is individual awards and team success.  All of these guys are former MVP’s, but Chipper’s Atlanta Braves team is by far the best team that these guys played on.  Making the postseason in 11 of 15 years is extraordinary and while Robinson may have 1 more World Series ring than Chipper, one must also consider the parity around the league as these guys played in 3 different eras.

So, you tell me…  Am I way off base saying that Chipper Jones not only belongs in the conversation about the best 3rd baseman in baseball’s history but that when his career is over he could also end up in the #1 spot too??

Whatever Happened to Dale Murphy?

Dale Murphy was one of the most successful players in major league baseball during the 80’s.  His ability to hit for average while tallying home runs and RBI’s was rare for a player of that era.  Never regarded as a power hitter, Murphy surprised the baseball world by leading the league twice and finishing second three times in home runs during the 1980’s.

A consummate professional, Murphy was thought to be the perfect teammate.  Always willing to do what it took to help his team earn a victory was Murphy’s goal.  During the 1980’s Murphy won the MVP award 2 times and was a 7 time All-Star and 5 time Gold Glove winner. 

Known around the league as one of baseball’s most religious players, Murphy never let temptations get the better of him.  His beliefs did not allow for alcohol to be consumed or for him to appear on camera while not fully dressed.  If a player like this were to be playing the big leagues today, he would surely be the laughing stock of his teammates and peers.  But, for Murphy it was his way of life and he did a very commendable job sticking to his beliefs.

Today, Murphy works with several charities and also spends time helping prospective athletes achieve their goals.  Dale Murphy has been a very vocal player in the fight against steroids as well as other performance enhancing drugs and has even started his own non-profit organization to help kids to stay clean.

To support Dale Murphy and his pledge to keep kids away from steroids, check out Iwontcheat.com.