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Did You Know…

Babe Ruth holds the record for the most extra-base hits in a single season with 119.  In 1921, Ruth connected for 44 doubles, 16 triples, and 59 home runs.

Celebrity First Pitch – Rickey Henderson

As part of ‘Rickey Henderson Weekend’ last week in Oakland, the A’s gave the newest member of the Hall of Fame the chance to throw out the game’s ceremonial first pitch.

Of course Rickey obliged and as usual he thrilled the crowd that was watching!!!

Did You Know…

During a game on July 15, 1973, California Angels pitcher Nolan Ryan was working on his second career no-hitter.  Detroit Tigers first baseman Norm Cash, who was already a strikeout victim twice that night, went to the plate in the bottom of the ninth with two outs using a sawed-off leg of an old table from the clubhouse instead of a bat.  Although the fans loved it, the stunt drew immediate action from the umpire, who ordered Cash to use a legal bat.

73 Ryan

**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

My take – I love the light-hearted side of this sport.  If something of this magnitude happened in today’s game it would make headlines across the globe!!!

Celebrity First Pitch – Jim Rice

Of course Jim Rice is going to throw out the first pitch oh ‘Jim Rice Day’ at Fenway Park.  And while we’re at it and since everyone is in a festive mood, we might as well hang his #14 from the rafters  with the other legendary players that have suited up for the Boston Red Sox.

Congratulations Mr. Rice – You have had an amazing week!!!

Pictures From Rickey Henderson’s Jersey Retirement Ceremony!!!

What a great day for Rickey Henderson, the Oakland Athletics, and the fans!!!

Last night Rickey’s #24 was retired by the A’s and Rickey has once again joined some pretty elite company in the baseball world.

Here are a few pictures from the ceremony:

Rickey holding a trophy presented by Jason Giambi

Rickey holding a trophy presented by Jason Giambi

A golden base.  Fitting for the game's greatest runner!

A golden base. Fitting for the game's greatest runner!

"I am the Greatest" - Take 2

"I am the Greatest" - Take 2

Rickey throwing out the first pitch.  Yes, I want video!!!

Rickey throwing out the first pitch. Yes, I want video!!!

President Henderson blowing kisses to the crowd...

President Henderson blowing kisses to the crowd...

The setting.

The setting.

The perfect way to remember 'The Man'!!!

The perfect way to remember 'The Man'!!!

Rickey, his base, and his jersey = Baseball Perfection

Rickey, his base, and his jersey = Baseball Perfection


 Congratulations Rickey!!!  Another wonderful way for us to honor your commitment and excellence in the the game!!!

Rickey Henderson Gets His Jersey Retired Today!!!

It has been a hell of a week for Mr. Henderson.  From Hall of Fame enshrinement in Cooperstown last weekend to Oakland for the retirement of his #24 A’s jersey later tonight.

All of these honors are fitting for one of the most decorated and talented players to suit up for a major league baseball club in the last fifty years.

henderson jersey

A true original that will never be outmatched, Rickey Henderson absolutely deserves this honor!!!  I will be sure to post pictures from the big event as soon as they are available.

Congratulations Rickey!!!

My Email To Peter Gammons

Jersey retirement has been on my mind constantly over the last two months.  I started to think about it quite often once the Cubs retired the #31 of Fergie Jenkins and Greg Maddux.  But my fascination with one of baseball’s greatest honors did not start there.  During the infancy stages of this blog I wrote an entry about why I think the Chicago Cubs should retire #17 which was worn by Mark Grace.  And during ‘Andre Dawson Day’, I blogged about his Expos jersey that had been retired and is now unfortunately meaningless.  Just this past week, the Atlanta Braves retired Greg Maddux’s jersey and the Oakland A’s are making plans to retire Rickey Henderson’s jersey in just a few short weeks.

So that has all led me up to this.  Last month Wade Boggs celebrated his birthday and the ‘gift’ he received from ’30-YOC’ was to finally get his jersey retired by the Boston Red Sox.  To be quite honest, I was shocked that this had not already occurred and it has been on my mind ever since.

I set out to get answers and below is my email to baseball’s ‘Answer Man’ Peter Gammons.  If I hear back from him, I will be sure to publish the results for you here.


Have a burning baseball question? Ask Peter Gammons. ESPN’s baseball guru answers users’ questions through this mailbox. His answers are posted on his Web site and on other related ESPN.com pages. Use the form below to ask a question — keep it short and clean, and check back to see if it’s answered! Your question:

 Hi Peter- Can you provide any insight as to why the Red Sox have not retired Wade Boggs’ jersey? Thank you.


Dawson’s Jersey Deserves To Be Hanging Somewhere!!!

Prior to shutting down their operations and moving to Washington DC to be renamed the Washington Nationals, the Montreal Expos had retired Andre Dawson’s #10 jersey.  A special honor held for baseball’s elite players, this gesture by the team showed just how much Dawson meant to the team over the course of his 11 seasons North of the border.

While this was a very special acknowledgement, the lasting impact of it faded quickly.  When the Expos became the Nationals back in 2005 they put the three retired Expos numbers right back into the available list of numbers that a player could select. 

Overnight, the tributes to the three greatest Expos players of All-time vanished – no more tributes to Andre Dawson or Gary Carter or Tim Raines.  What a terrible way to erase the impact these three players had on that franchise.

While Dawson’s greatest single season came as a member of the Chicago Cubs, he had his greatest successes while playing in Montreal.  And although I would personally love to see it, I doubt that Andre’s 6 years in Chicago or 2 years in Boston or 2 years in Florida are enough to get his number retired by any of those teams.

This whole thing is a shame, and it’s terrible that what ‘The Hawk’ did for the Expos has basically been erased.

If my Home Owner’s Association was not so strict I would paint a huge white circle on the side of my house and add a ’10’ smack-dab in the middle!!!! 

Dawson jersey

Happy Anniversary Lou Gherig!!!

On this day in 1939 the great Lou Gherig retired from the sport of baseball.  A fan favorite and team leader, it was an emotional day for all baseball fans as a legend in the game was forced to leave his beloved sport to battle a deadly disease. 

70 years later, Gherig’s legacy lives on and he is still a celebrated member of the New York Yankees family and all of baseball too.

Gherig had the honor of being the first player in professional baseball history to have his jersey retired.  A truly deserving man to be recognized in this special way, Gherig was as classy of a player that this sport has ever seen.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Gherig!!!


Did You Know…

Nolan Ryan is the only pitcher to have his number retired on three different teams: the California Angels, the Houston Astros, and the Texas Rangers.


**factoid courtesy of ‘Armchair Reader – Grand Slam Baseball’

My take – This is an impressive fact.  While I try to favor players that stay with 1 team for the duration of their careers, Ryan continued to prove that he was worthy of a roster spot and impressed us with his dedication throughout his career.