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’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Wrestlers From The 1990s’

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Wrestlers From The 1990s’

Oh, Sunday – you came so quick.  And just like every other Sunday for the last two months, it is time for another ‘Top Ten’ list.

If you missed my post from a few weeks back about my ‘Top Ten Wrestlers Of The 1980’s”, you can check it out here.

But first, read this one…  My ‘Top Ten Wrestlers From The 1990s’.

Honorable Mention:  Buff Bagwell, Rob Van Dam, 123 Kid, Christian, D’Lo Brown, The Giant, and Kane.

10 – Rey Mysterio Jr. – A solid in-ring performer who puts on a show each and every time he enters the ring.  Mysterio pulls off some wild moves, and with the help of his opponents, he often reduces them down to playing defense.

9 – Booker T – So much better as a singles wrestler than a tag teamer, Booker T is wildly underrated.  And while his mic skills were fair at best, he was able to elevate his game to main event status.  A solid B-level talent. 

8 – Diesel – With so much emphasis paid to the ‘Kevin Nash’ character, one forgets that it was Diesel that allowed for Nash to break free.  Diesel was a great competition and his matchups with Bret Hart were outstanding.  I only wish that Diesel got a longer run…

7 – Chris Jericho – A master on the microphone, Jericho played to the crowd brilliantly.  His in-ring skills were top-notch, but for me it was his ability to get a crowd to run on him that made him so much fun to watch.

6 – Edge – It has been great to watch Edge evolve.  I liken his career path to that of Shawn Michaels.  Edge is a fantastic villain, and his ability to ‘sell’ everything that he does has kept the fans interested in him.  From TLC to headlining some of the biggest matches in years, Edge is fastly becoming a legend.

5 – Stone Cold, Steve Austin – Austin = Hulk Hogan 2.0.  Limited in-ring skills with the ability to effect the crowd like no other.  Austin made talking back to the boss cool.  He made drinking beer cool.  And most of all, he made stomping mudholes cool!

4 – Kurt Angle – Angle is such an underrated performer.  Solid from the  moment he stepped into the ring, Angle’s character turn from good guy to bad guy was brilliant.  And for a guy with limited TV time under his belt, he was given quite a push very early in his career and he did extremely well with it.  Classic feuds with HHH, Rock, and the McMahons – Kurt Angle was fantastic!

3 – The Rock – Rocky could be, and should be number 1.  His career too off once he was handed a microphone.  He was the guy that we all wanted to be – and the girls couldn’t get enough of him.  And as his in-ring skills got better and better so did his character development.  At his peak, The Rock was the best performer in the industry.

2 – HHH – He will go down as one of the most decorated and accomplished wrestlers of all-time.  It’s just a matter of time before he starts threatening Ric Flair’s 16 championship title reigns.  ‘The Game” is that damn good, and he still has the ability to carry a main event.

1 – Razor Ramon – For me Razor Ramon was the Latin ‘Macho Man’.  A very under-appreciated in-ring performer, Ramon was never given a chance in the WWE to ascend to the pinnacle of the sport.  But in his most famous matches, he was spectacular!  And on the microphone, he was ‘The Bad Guy’.  ‘Hey Yo’!!!

There it is ladies and gentlemen, another ‘Top Ten List’ in the books!!!

Did I miss anyone that you thought should be included?  Not happy with my picks?  Let me hear it….

And next week, I have another great topic to cover.  Only this time, no hints.  You’ll have to check back with me next Sunday night.  But I am hoping to see you all before than too…. 🙂


Celebrity First Pitch – Rey Mysterio, Jr.

Although small in stature, Rey Mysterio, Jr. has been a top-performing wrestling superstar for years.  His skills in the ring offer the rare combination of speed and danger and cannot be pulled off by many of today’s top performers.

This video is of Rey throwing out the first pitch from a Cincinnati Reds baseball game.  Enjoy!!

I wonder if he sleeps with that mask on…  Hmmmm….