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Happy Birthday Rod Carew!!

Happy Birthday Rod Carew!!

Rod Carew turns 69 years old today.

I consider Rod Carew to be one of the most underrated superstars in baseball history.

Yes, I know he’s a Hall of Famer.  And yes, I know he is an 18-time All-star.  And yes, he was a constant threat to win the league’s MVP award for most of his career.

But when people talk about the greatest hitters in the sport’s history, Carew gets very little credit yet his numbers stack up quite well to the competition.  In 19 seasons, Carew collected 3,053 hits alongside a .320 batting average.  He also managed to score 1,424 runs, drive in 1,015 runs, and steal 353 bases.

The reason that Rod Carew remains under the radar is that he played for very low-profile teams – the Twins and Angels.

Happy Birthday Mr. Carew!!

1975 Topps Set Card 265/660 – #306 – 1974 Batting Leaders With Carew & Garr

1975 Topps Set Card 265/660 – #306 – 1974 Batting Leaders With Carew & Garr

Progress: 265/660

Player Name:  Rod Carew, Ralph Garr

Card Number:  306

Team:  Minnesota Twins, Atlanta Braves

Image Style: Posed Portrait

How they got there:

Rod Carew led all of major league baseball with a .364 batting average at the conclusion of his 1974 baseball season.  Not far behind was Ralph Garr who paced the National League with his .353 average.


1975 Topps Set Card 244/660 – #443 – Minnesota Twins Team Card

1975 Topps Set Card 244/660 – #443 – Minnesota Twins Team Card

Progress: 244/660

Card Number:  443

Team:  Minnesota Twins

Manager: Frank Quilici

Notes From The 1975 Season:  The 1975 Minnesota Twins completed the season with a 76-83 record, finishing in 4th place in the AL West.  The team scored 724 runs over the course of the season, and allowed 736.  Offensively, the team was led by Rod Carew who led the team in hits, batting, RBI, runs scored, and stolen bases.  From the pitching side, the team had three pitchers capture between 14-16 win a piece for the club.


Rod Carew 2014 Topps Archives – Major Mustache Alert!!!

Rod Carew 2014 Topps Archives

I could talk about Rod Carew and him being one of the best hitters in major league baseball history, and you would probably be OK with that.

I could tell you how much I enjoy the 1989 Topps baseball card design, and you would probably be OK with that.

But let’s get right down to it – LOOK AT THAT MUSTACHE!!!




A true work of art!  Thank you, Topps.

Baseball Card Show Purchase #3 – Rod Carew 2005 Topps Pristine ‘The Legendary Years’

Baseball Card Show Purchase #3 – Rod Carew 2005 Topps Pristine ‘The Legendary Years’

I have a very small selection of cards from this set.  But, the 2005 Topps Pristine ‘The Legendary Years’ set is really, really nice.

I’ve got Dawson cards from the set.  And Jenkins, too.  And I have a Reggie Jackson card as well.

And now, I have a great-looking Rod Carew card too.

Have a look:



What’s not to like?  One of the best hitter of all-time.  A sweet afro.  A great-looking old-school Twins cap and jersey.  And a card finish that is both stunning and unique.

Not bad for ten cents.

1984 HEADLINE: Kirby Puckett’s Debut A Hit, 4 Of Them!!!

1984 HEADLINE: Kirby Puckett’s Debut A Hit, 4 Of Them!!!

On this day in 1984, Kirby Puckett made his major league debut with the Minnesota Twins.

And he got off to an incredible start to his professional career…

Going 4/4 on the day, Puckett electrified the faithful Minnesota Twins fans. Batting lead-off, Puckett went 4-for-5 while also scoring his first run and stealing his first base as well. Of the 4 hits, all of them were singles.

He left his debut game with an .800 batting average and Twins fans had an instant hero.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Puckett. Thanks for the memories!!!

Taking Cards From Peter To Share Them With Paul…

Taking Cards From Peter To Share Them With Paul…

After thinking about the best way to approach the start of my 1975 Topps Set Build, I settled in on pulling cards from existing player collections I have worked on that really showed no signs of being completed.

So, I started digging.  And I only had 1 rule to follow – DO NOT PULL CARDS FROM COMPLETED COLLECTIONS.

And then I got to work.  And I did rather well.

While I did not rescue cards of Fergie Jenkins, Billy Williams, Joe Morgan, Ron Santo, or Jim Palmer from my player collections, I did secure a very nice stack of cards to get my set build off and rolling.

In total, I pulled 11 cards.  And now I am 1.6% done with the Set!!

Here are the cards that I will begin my journey with:

Card #2 – Lou Brock, 1974 Highlights


Card #50 – Brooks Robinson


Card #150 – Bob Gibson


Card #165 – Steve Carlton


Card #193, 1955 Most Valuable Players


Card #199, 1961 Most Valuable Players


Card #202, 1964 Most Valuable Players


Card #450 – Willie McCovey


Card #540 – Lou Brock


Card #600 – Rod Carew


Card # 640 – Harmon Killebrew


Not a bad start, huh?  The cards look great and they are all in pretty sharp condition.

And now with this final step complete, I am ready to shop.

Progress: 11/660