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Happy Birthday Mickey Mantle!!

Happy Birthday Mickey Mantle!!

Today we celebrate Mickey Mantle’s birthday.

And while I am way too young too pass around first-hand stories about watching ‘The Mick’  roam around center field for the New York Yankees, I do have the next best thing.  You see, my dad is from the Bronx and spent much of his youth with his older brother in and around Yankee Stadium.  Back when baseball was the sport of choice for America’s youth, my dad and uncle and thousands of other kids around the New York area worshiped Mickey Mantle.

The stories that have been shared with me are priceless.  Sneaking into the stadium or ditching classes early to catch playoff games on the radio.  And the players that they got to see and follow are as historic as they get, with Mickey Mantle leading the way!!!

So on this day, the entire ’30-YOC’ family wishes Mr. Mickey Mantle a Happy Birthday!!!



On this day in 1961, Roger Maris of the New York Yankees broke the all-time single season home run record by crushing his 61st home run of the season.

In the 163rd, and final game of the season, Maris entered the game with 60 home runs.  At home and in front of more than 23,000 fans, Maris connected for number 61 in the bottom of the 4th inning.  His home run would represent the only run scored in the game, giving the New York Yankees a 1-0 victory.

His home run gave baseball fans something to cheer about, although most would have preferred if it was another Yankee outfielder to be the one rounding the bases for number 61.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Maris – Truly one of baseball’s greatest legends!!!

Happy Birthday Roger Maris!!!

Happy Birthday Roger Maris!!!

We’ve got to take a few minutes out of the day today to honor and celebrate the great Roger Maris.

A star from the most legendary franchise in the history in the sport’s history, Maris will always be known as the man who broke Babe Ruth’s record.  His story, as documented in the movie *61, is fantastic and worthy of every baseball fan’s attention.

Maris played in the majors for 12 seasons, spending his greatest years with the Yankees.  In total, Maris slugged 275 home runs, but that season of 1961 where he connected for 61 home runs and 141 RBI will go down as one of the most impressive offensive seasons in baseball history.

Maris is a 4-time All-Star, and 2-time MVP winner.  He played in seven World Series match-ups, winning three championship titles!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Maris!!!  You are missed and loved!!!

Rickey Henderson 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen – Base

Rickey Henderson 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen – Base

It’s always exciting to see a player like Rickey Henderson featured in a modern issue like Gypsy Queen.

And while I feel like I have seen this specific image used multiple times, the GQ design does bring a different flare to it.

Have a look:



If I had one complaint about the card, I wish it was zoomed out just a tad more.  I’d love to see Rickey’s stirrups, socks, and shoes as he prepares to take off for another stolen base!!

A great addition to my Rickey Henderson collection!

Taking Cards From Peter To Share Them With Paul…

Taking Cards From Peter To Share Them With Paul…

After thinking about the best way to approach the start of my 1975 Topps Set Build, I settled in on pulling cards from existing player collections I have worked on that really showed no signs of being completed.

So, I started digging.  And I only had 1 rule to follow – DO NOT PULL CARDS FROM COMPLETED COLLECTIONS.

And then I got to work.  And I did rather well.

While I did not rescue cards of Fergie Jenkins, Billy Williams, Joe Morgan, Ron Santo, or Jim Palmer from my player collections, I did secure a very nice stack of cards to get my set build off and rolling.

In total, I pulled 11 cards.  And now I am 1.6% done with the Set!!

Here are the cards that I will begin my journey with:

Card #2 – Lou Brock, 1974 Highlights


Card #50 – Brooks Robinson


Card #150 – Bob Gibson


Card #165 – Steve Carlton


Card #193, 1955 Most Valuable Players


Card #199, 1961 Most Valuable Players


Card #202, 1964 Most Valuable Players


Card #450 – Willie McCovey


Card #540 – Lou Brock


Card #600 – Rod Carew


Card # 640 – Harmon Killebrew


Not a bad start, huh?  The cards look great and they are all in pretty sharp condition.

And now with this final step complete, I am ready to shop.

Progress: 11/660

2011 Topps ‘Prime 9 Players Of The Week’ Redemption Set – Mickey Mantle

2011 Topps ‘Prime 9 Players Of The Week’ Redemption Set – Mickey Mantle

I had such a good time building the ‘Prime 9 – Home Run Legends’ set that as soon as it was completed, I jumped right into the ‘Prime 9 – Players Of The Week’ set.

The set was issued in the same manner – through exclusive redemption cards that could only be processed through hobby shops.

The set is ten cards deep, and features a great graphic display as well as a super-glossy finish.

This is the Mickey Mantle card from the set:

Prme Mantle

The back of the card features ‘9 Prime’ facts about Mickey Mantle.

A few of my favorites are:

  • Taught to switch-hit by father at age five
  • Turned down football scholarship at Oklahoma
  • Began pro career as a shortstop
  • Triple Crown winner in 1956
  • 3-time AL MVP
  • 12 World Series appearances with 7 Titles won
  • All-time leader in HR for switch-hitter with 536

Did You Know….

The first player elected into the Hall of Fame that batted right-handed during his career while playing defense left-handed is Rickey Henderson.

Henderson hitting Henderson throwing


Rickey Henderson’s Iconic 1980 Topps Rookie Baseball Card!!!

Rickey Henderson’s Iconic 1980 Topps Rookie Baseball Card!!!

Ask any collector to give you their ‘Top 5’ rookie cards to own from the 1980’s and the odds are pretty good that the 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson rookie card makes the list more often than not.

A classic design and great photo have kept this iconic card as a collecting goal for many almost 30 years after it’s release to the hobby.

Topps did a great job with this one…  Perfect photo choice.  Perfect colors used on the banners to compliment Rickey’s uniform.  And a perfect facsimile signature of one of the game’s brightest stars!!

The 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson rookie card – I’ve got mine, do you have yours??

Rickey Henderson And His Hall Of Fame Plaque

Rickey Henderson And His Hall Of Fame Plaque

I cannot think of a player more deserving of enshrinement at Cooperstown than Rickey Henderson.

The greatest lead-off hitter of all-time, Henderson turned base stealing into an art and was the barometer by which all future runners were held to – and nobody compared!!

Rickey Henderson had amazing baseball talent, and a personality to match.  While at times his interviews were more entertaining than his play, there is no doubt that Rickey is a baseball legend and several of his amazing accomplishments will not be matched by many players.

A true player, with an undying love for the game, Rickey Henderson is a Hall of Famer!!!

Rickey Henderson & His Kind Of Sloppy, Kind Of Rushed Looking Signature…

Rickey Henderson & His Kind Of Sloppy, Kind Of Rushed Looking Signature…

Let me first say that I have a signed Rickey Henderson baseball in my collection.  It is one of my treasures, and would rank in the ‘Top Ten’ of my collection of more than 90 signed baseballs.

I guess that I just expected a little more flash from one of the most charismatic and exciting baseball players of all-time.  It’s just that simple…

But, Rickey’s signature is far from flashy.  As a matter of fact, it is a bit dull for a player with such personality.  There are no wild loops.  There are no oversized characters.  It is just a plain, straight-forward, clean signature.

Here is an example:

Rickey Ball

Like I said, far from flashy and far from horrible.