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Chicago Cubs Unveil Ron Santo Statue To Honor His Cubs Career

Chicago Cubs Unveil Ron Santo Statue To Honor His Cubs Career

CHICAGO (AP)—The Chicago Cubs unveiled a statue of Ron Santo during a pregame ceremony outside of Wrigley Field on Wednesday, honoring the beloved player and broadcaster who died last winter.

The sculpture depicts Santo in his playing days, getting ready to make a throw. It was placed near the stature of longtime Santo teammate Billy Williams on the plaza directly southeast of the venerable ballpark, an appropriate setting for the Cub legend.

“Wrigley Field was his favorite place on Earth,” said Pat Hughes, Santo’s longtime partner on Cubs radio broadcasts.


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The scene around the ceremony was hectic. Fans numbering in the hundreds swarmed around the gated-off area set aside for the service, blocking Sheffield Avenue and two lanes of Addison Street, forcing westbound buses to veer off into oncoming traffic. Other fans watched from the crowded concourses inside the park and from the upper levels of a multistory bar across the street.

At one point during the ceremony, a fire truck, alarm blaring, had to ease through the crowd along Sheffield. At least two people collapsed during the speeches and had to be carted away on stretchers.

Santo was a member of the Cubs organization for the better part of five decades as a player (1960-74) and broadcaster (1990-2010). He hit 337 of his 342 career homers in a Cubs uniform, fourth most in franchise history, despite a decades-long battle with diabetes.

Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts focused on how Santo touched the lives of many who suffered from juvenile diabetes through his fundraising efforts, which Ricketts estimated at $60 million during his lifetime.

“He connected with all of us because he was our fan,” Ricketts said. “He was the beating heart of Chicago Cubs fans everywhere and we’ll miss him dearly.”

As a broadcaster, Santo was known for unabashedly rooting on his beloved Cubs, a trait that endeared him to thousands who never saw him play.

“I don’t think I’ve met anybody that had the passion Ronnie did,” said Cubs manager Mike Quade. “And it was as sincere as the day was long.”

Hughes touched upon a long-running gag by joking that the statue would be“One of three things. Batting. Ronnie fielding. Or Ronnie with his hairpiece on fire.

“It’s going to be a beautiful statue, though.”

Santo’s widow, Vicki, sat with the rest of the family in the front row for the service and said that he knew that he was going to be honored with the statue, having been informed so by the Cubs last summer. She said he was thrilled.

“Vicki, do you know what a big deal that is?” she remembered him saying.

Santo’s son Jeff said his hustling style on the field as depicted by the statue was the perfect metaphor for his life.

“That’s how he lived his life,” Jeff Santo said. “He never stayed back on the ball. He was always moving forward.”

Santo’s statue, the fourth commemorative artwork outside Wrigley Field, was unveiled by former teammates Randy Hundley and Glenn Beckert to the sounds of trumpets and loud cheers from the throng gathered at Sheffield and Addison.

“We thank the Chicago Cubs and the Ricketts family for giving him a home forever,” Jeff Santo said. “And for giving all of us, everyone, a place to have to come and visit.”

Williams, Ernie Banks and broadcaster Harry Caray also have been honored with statues outside the ballpark.

Hall of Famers Williams, Banks and Ferguson Jenkins were n attendance, as were the widows of Caray and former Cubs broadcaster Jack Brickhouse. Most of the current Cubs came out for the service, wearing special No. 10 blue ballcaps, as did Quade and most of the club’s front office staff.

“He was a remarkable person,” Banks said. “Ron Santo did not have an enemy. He loved everybody.”


Ron Santo 1969 Topps

Ron Santo 1969 Topps

The 1969 baseball season was supposed to be the year that the Chicago Cubs won it all.  The city, the team, the fans, and the sport believed that 1969 was the year that it was going to happen.

Well, we all know how that ended – and I don’t have the energy to get into that right now.

Instead, I will show off the latest and one of the greatest additions to my Ron Santo collection – his 1969 Topps base card.

She’s a beauty!!!

Ron Santo 1969 Topps All-Star

Ron Santo 1969 Topps All-Star

While I don’t like the 1969 Topps All-Star cards as much as the similarly inspired ones from the 1970 set, I do enjoy the newspaper-esque design that both offered.

And it’s nice to see Santo celebrated by Topps for his All-Star selection – especially when there are so many Hall of Famers amongst his peers.

So, what did Santo do to earn an All-Star berth in 1969?  Let’s take a look at the numbers: 166 hits, .289 batting average, .384 on-base percentage, 18 doubles, 29 home runs, 123 RBI, 97 runs scored, and 1 stolen base.

All-Star worthy?  Indeed.

Ron Santo 1966 Topps

Ron Santo 1966 Topps

We’re going old school right here!  All the way back to 1966…

Just look at how nice this baseball card of Chicago Cubs’ superstar Ron Santo is.  A truly basic design, but it works so well.

I love these vintage cards.  And while it took me quite some time to find a ’66 Santo at a decent price, I am very happy that I held out for this one as it is in great shape.

A quick peek at Santo’s numbers from the 1966 – 175 hits, .312 batting average, 21 doubles, 30 home runs, 94 RBI, 93 runs scored, and a league leading .412 on-base percentage.  In ’66 Santo was an All-Star, Gold Glove winner, and finished in 12th place for the NL MVP award.

Not bad at all.

We miss you #10!!!

Ron Santo 1972 Topps ‘In-Action’

Ron Santo 1972 Topps ‘In-Action’

I love the thought of the ‘In-Action’ themed baseball cards that Topps produced a few decades back. 

The best part about the ‘In-Action’ cards??  They were bonus cards, as each player in the set was also represented with a ‘base’ card.  For a player collector, that is baseball card heaven!!!

It’s just really bad that Topps used a photo like this one of Ron Santo:

One of the most popular and fun-to-watch Chicago Cubs players of all-time, and this was the image that they used to show him ‘In-Action’??  Very disappointed in the effort, but thrilled to add a new card of Santo to my collection that honors his legendary baseball career!!!

A Statue Honoring Ron Santo Is Coming To Wrigley Field!!!

A Statue Honoring Ron Santo Is Coming To Wrigley Field!!!

From ESPNChicago.com

CHICAGO — The Chicago Cubs will honor Ron Santo with a statue outside Wrigley Field and the team will wear a special patch next season to pay tribute to the former broadcaster and third baseman.

The Cubs said Saturday that Aug. 10 will be “Ron Santo Day” and they will unveil the monument before their game against the Washington Nationals.

“If you are at the field on Aug. 10 to celebrate No. 10, you will see a Ron Santo statue being unveiled and it will be a wonderful way to remember him,” Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts said.

Santo died of complications from bladder cancer at the age of 70 on Dec. 3. A nine-time All-Star in his 15-year career, Santo hit .277 with 342 homers and 1,331 RBIs. He also won the Gold Glove award five times.

Santo becomes the fourth person with a statue of his likeness outside the cozy neighborhood ballpark, joining Ernie Banks, Billy Williams and Harry Caray. The location of the statue is still to be determined.