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‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #34

‘Same Card, Different Paths’ – Card #34

1974 Topps – Card #600 – AKA – ‘The Bill Madlock Rookie Card’

Ron Cash – A utility player, Ron Cash’s major league career lasted just 2 seasons.  And while spending time at first base, third base, and in the outfield, Cash was never able to solidify his status as an everyday player.  Having competed in just 34 games, Cash compiled a solid .297 batting average alongside 30 hits, 11 RBI, and 14 runs scored.

Jim Cox – A second baseman with a solid glove, Cox played 4 seasons in the big leagues.  Appearing in 110 games and collecting 307 at-bats, Cox managed to collect just 66 hits, 3 home runs, 3 RBI, while scoring 33 runs.  His low .215 batting average and inability to get on base at a consistent level is what led to his downfall.

Bill Madlock – One of the most consistent and undervalued hitters of the 1970’s and 1980’s, Bill Madlock was solid at the plate.  His lifetime batting average of .305 is impressive and it also includes six seasons of hitting .325 or more.  Madlock won 4 batting titles during his career and amassed 2,008 hits.  He was a 4-time All-star and finished in the Top 18 for the MVP six times.

Reggie Sanders – While playing in just the 1974 baseball season, Sanders’ career was a short one – just 24 games.  He had 105 plate appearances and managed 27 hits, 3 home runs, 10 RBI, and 20 strikeouts.  While playing first base in all 24 games, Sanders committed 3 errors and retired with a .987 fielding percentage.

Baseball Card Show Purchase #5 – Three Random(But Awesome) 1980’s Rookies!!!

As I surfed through a few 3200 count boxes labeled $0.25 on the outside, I became a little nostalgic.

While not letting my emotions take control of my wallet, I did manage to pull these three rookie cards from the 1980’s of guys that left a lasting impression on me during my youth.


Dave Stewart – One of the most intimidating guys I have ever seen on the mound.  His look of concentration, mixed with intimidation, left me shaking in my Nikes when I was watching him pitch for the A’s.

Bret Saberhagen – Saberhagen won the Cy Young award in both 1985 and 1989.  I distinctly remember him winning the award in 1985 and when he did it again in ’89, I was surprised and a little shocked that he was that good.  This of course was before Maddux, Clemens, and Randy Johnson became elite pitchers and set a new standard…

Julio Franco – That batting stance stood out like a sore thumb in the mid-80’s and I can still picture it vividly today.  Before Jerome Walton and Junior Felix and Chris Sabo, it was Julio Franco that I was impersonating in the street when the neighborhood kids got together to play ball.

New Feature – ‘The 40/40 Club’ – Starts Tomorrow!!!

You’ve read correctly.  I have a new feature hitting the site tomorrow…

Similar to my previous series ’31 in 31′ that honored the best rookies from the 1970’s, ‘The 40/40 Club’ will pay tribute to the top 40 rookies that debuted during the 1980’s.  The name has been taken from one of baseball’s greatest feats and represents the top 40 rookies that will be covered in 40 consecutive days.  Each day I will review a player that debuted during the 1980’s and I will rank them in regards to their importance in baseball and the hobby of baseball card collecting. 

This series will take us right up through the end of the month of March.

Player #40 debuts tomorrow morning as we count down to the most important players that debuted in the 1980’s…  Who will it be?  Stay tuned to find out.