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Randy Hundley 2006 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’ Autographed Baseball Card!!

Randy Hundley 2006 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’ Autographed Baseball Card!!

I have always liked Randy Hundley.  Partly due to his being Fergie Jenkins’ favorite battery mate.  And partly due to his being the father of former big league catcher Todd Hundley.

Randy was there for all of that action with the Cubs during the 1960’s.  He starred right alongside Billy Williams, Ron Santo, Fergie Jenkins, and Ernie Banks!!

He saw it all!  And I am thrilled to add this signed baseball card to my collection!!!

You won’t believe what I paid for this one…

Is This Don Mattingly Autograph Real????

Is This Don Mattingly Autograph Real????

Last week I received a TTM return from Don Mattingly.  I’m guessing that he was just getting to his mail since the baseball season had concluded.  I sent the card to him way back in February, 2010 – 19 months ago!!

And while I normally would have jumped for joy at the thought of receiving an autograph of ‘Donnie Baseball’ for my collection, I was actually more in shock.

I am very skeptical that this signed card was actually signed by Mattingly.

Take a look:

OK, at first I was worried so I jumped on the Internet to get a little more info.  After reviewing some of the autograph collecting websites that I frequent, I had seen a few more Mattingly TTM returns happen during the week.  That made me feel better, maybe he was just getting to all of his mail now.  It’s possible, right?

The problem is that none of the other successful TTM returns had pictures so I had nothing to compare mine to.

The only thing I could do was turn to Ebay.  And on Ebay, these are what Mattingly’s certified autograph cards look like:

And knowing that I should not really compare a TTM return to a certified autographed card, I found some other Mattingly autos that were not certified.

Here they are:

Now, I know not to trust every Ebay seller out there – and I have heard all of the stats saying that more than 70% of signed sports memorabilia on the web is fake.

But still, these are three very different looking Mattingly signatures.  And again, none of them look like the one I just got.

Look at my card again.

You see how there are virtually no similarities…  I know and understand that a plyer signing for free versus signing for a fee may have different approaches to the autograph.  But to have nothing in common?  Shortened version, I get it.  Less attention to the placement of the auto, I can handle that too…  BUT MY CARD LOOKS NOTHING LIKE ANY OF THESE!!!

So, I now leave it to you – my loyal ’30-YOC’ readers.  I know that many of you collect autographs, collect Yankees, and collect Mattingly.

Give me your thoughts.  Has this Don Mattingly baseball card really been signed by Mr. Mattingly or have I been duped??

Jeff Conine Autographed 1993 Topps Baseball Card

Jeff Conine Autographed 1993 Topps Baseball Card

This one was sent over by reader Gerad, a very loyal ’30-YOC’ follower.

The surprise was found in my mailbox yesterday, and the note attached said that he could not pass it up and send it over.

The card features Jeff Conine, an original Florida Marlins baseball player.  And in 1993, the team’s first season, Conine was the star!!

Check out the card, and the sweet auto:

Conine lays down a pretty lazy auto – The J & C are ok, but the remainder is tough to make out.

By the looks of it, the photo was shot in an older part of Miami, maybe Little Havana or somewhere close.  Either way, it is a very unique backdrop for a baseball card…

Thanks Gerad!  I owe you one.  Actually, more than one…  🙂

Signing Results: Hall Of Famer & 2-Time NL MVP, Mr. Joe Morgan!!

Signing Results:  Hall Of Famer & 2-Time NL MVP, Mr. Joe Morgan!!

I’m still not certain that I have words for this…  and I like to write.

Simply stated, Joe Morgan is one of my favorite baseball players of all-time.  And even while he won multiple MVP awards and multiple World Series titles, I find him to be under-appreciated by the baseball word.  Joe Morgan could do it all on the baseball field – and while Pete Rose was the best hitter and Johnny Bench was the best slugger and Tony Perez was the best producer of runs, it was Joe Morgan that combined all of those skills making him the ‘Big Red Machine’s’ most talented all-around player.

Morgan did a signing a few weeks ago.  And when a buddy of mine on one of the autographs websites that I belong to provided a link to the show and its pricing, I was hooked.

So, I ordered myself a signed Joe Morgan baseball with a Hall of Fame inscription.

And here it is:

And since my friend was present at the signing, I was also able to snag a picture of Morgan signing the ball!!

Thank you for the great addition to my collection Mr. Morgan.

And more importantly, Thank you Chris!!!

TTM Success – Paul Assenmacher – 327 Days!!!

TTM Success – Paul Assenmacher – 327 Days!!!

When you say the term ‘long time’ it can mead different things to different people.

And when you are a parent to young kids, the term ‘long time’ takes on a whole new meaning…

But when it comes to collecting baseball cards and autographs, ‘long time’ usually results in something positive.

I waited 327 days, but Paul Assenmacher returned two baseball cards that I sent his way in February of 2010.  And he signed them both for me.

Well worth the wait, but I do wonder why so long of a wait too…

Here they are:

The Topps card is way too dark for an autograph, but that 1991 Fleer looks fantastic!!

Thank you Mr. Assenmacher.  I’m going to send you a “Thank You” note – you’ll get it in December!  LMAO

Joe Morgan 2001 Fleer ‘Greats’ – Autograph!!!

Joe Morgan 2001 Fleer ‘Greats’ – Autograph!!!

Roughly two weeks ago I hooked myself up while cruising around Ebay.  I found a seller that was unloading a big stack of 2001 Fleer ‘Greats’ autographed cards – and at very low prices…

In total, there were probably 8-9 cards that I was very interested in.  Ultimately I settled in on 4 of them – and I paid just $22.00.

Card #2 from that buy is this card of Joe Morgan.

This is the first Morgan autograph of my collection and I am so thrilled to finally bring his autograph home.  I have been wanting to pick up one of his certified autos for some time now, and this card looks incredible in person. 

‘On The Road With psugator02′ – October 24, 2010

Saturday, Oct. 22
Roger Dean Stadium,
Jupiter, Fla.
9 a.m.-1 p.m., 2-2:45 p.m.
Perfect Game showcase

It was a beautiful day for baseball. And for someone who loves the game, you couldn’t really ask for much more, with the country’s top prospects all in one place. If only I had been able to see into the future. I was overly prepared. But unfortunately I didn’t see any surprises (unlike last year when a few Hall of Famers showed up).

Brandon Nimmo: 1/1 (Francisco Lindor dual 8×10 with a silver Sharpie that took a crap)
Brandon Sedell: 1/1 (white sheet)…figured I’d get him on something since he played in the 2010 Aflac All-American Baseball Classic and has committed to the University of Florida
Francisco Lindor: 11/11 (10 USA cards, dual 8×10 with Nimmo)
Chet Lemon: 3/3 he didn’t have many good things to say about the state of the Yankees. this guy is so knowledgeable that he should be working in MLB in some capacity.
Albert Almora: 10/10 (USA cards)….thought he might do them during the game but he said to wait. Glady did them all after the game. While making small talk, he informed me that Manny Machado, the top pick in the 2010 draft, is his cousin.
John Cangelosi: 5/5 saw that he stole 87 bases in ’83 so I asked him if he still had wheels and he laughed.
Dylan Davis, pictured above with yours truly: 11/11 (10 cards, SS of GU Perfect Game ball)…..quiet and shy kid. He has committed to play baseball at Oregon State so I asked if he ever thought of attending one of the elite baseball schools like Miami. He said he’d rather play closer to home so his family can attend his games. So friendly that felixpie and I both got pics-with.
Lance McCullers: 1/1 (SS of ROMLB)….projected to be a top pick in 2012. Has committed to play at the University of Florida. A coach saw that I was waiting for Lance so he shouted, “McCullers, get over here. One of your fans wants your autograph.” I really doubt that he’ll ever play a day of college baseball.
BITS OF TID: Spoke briefly to Collin Yelich of the OC Boxers, whose brother Christian was a first-round pick of the Florida Marlins last year. … Never saw Pudge Rodriguez, Steve Garvey, Lance McCullers, Dante Bichette, Alex Fernandez or Dwight Smith. All are ex-MLB guys who have sons playing in the event. … JoMarcus Woods, Courtney Hawkins, and Hayden Hurst all chose not to make the trip. … A shout-out to outfielder Lewis Brinson, who hooked up with one of the local teams. According to a Marlins’ scout, Brinson might get taken in the first round of the 2012 draft if he can fill out. I teach at Coral Springs High, while Brinson attends the school. … Would’ve gotten Daniel Norris on a baseball but he had changed numbers so I missed him. … Bumped into someone on the way out who looked vaguely familiar. I asked him his name: Ken Norman.