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1980 Topps – ‘1979 Highlights’ – The Complete Set

1980 Topps – ‘1979 Highlights’ – The Complete Set

This was a fun set to review.  Taking a look back at the major headlines from the sport 30 years ago really puts into perspective how much the game and its players have changed over the course of 3 decades.

I also love to learn more about the players that paved the way for the stars of today.  Picking up extra knowledge and admiration for guys like Willie McCovey, Pete Rose, Lou Brock, and Carl Yastrzemski is never a bad thing when you are someone who loves and appreciates the history of the game like I do!!

Here’s a look at the complete 6-card set:

I hope you enjoyed learning about these guys and their amazing feats from the 1979 baseball season as much as I did.

I am certainly going to go after more subsets as I continue to find this to be great fun!!!  Thanks.

1980 Topps – ‘1979 Highlights’ – Card #3

I was able to pick up this subset for a very low price.  It’s a 6-card set and it highlights some amazing accomplishments that occurred during the 1979 baseball season.

1980 Topps – ‘1979 Highlights’ – Card #3

Headline – “Manny Mota sets all-time pinch mark with 145th substitute hit”

Text on the back – Los Angeles, September 2, 1979 – Dodgers’ Manny Mota smacked a pinch-single in the eight inning of tonight’s game to set major league record of 145 pinch hits.  The former mark of 144 was held by Smoky Burgess, catcher, 1949-1967.

30 years later – The new record holder is Lenny Harris who has 212 career pinch-hits.