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George Brett 7-Up Commercial

Although this video does not come close to the comedy provided in this clip, it does show you the marketable side of George Brett.  Brett was a baseball superstar playing in the small-market area of Kansas City.  It’s nice to see that a truly talented player got his due and land a national advertising campaign that is normally reserved for players playing in NY, LA, or Chicago!!!

Beyond Baseball – Joba Chamberlain

Prior to this season, wearing pinstripes had a lot to do with the fame that Joba Chamberlain had seen in his brief career.

This year is a different story as he has found a way to be a solid contributor for a real playoff contending team. 

With an 8-4 record, Chamberlain has made an impact on the Yankees team this season and I can say, with much less hesitation or bitterness, that he does deserve some of the star treatment he has received.

And with that, here is a commercial featuring Joba that has been put out my the MLB Network.  Enjoy.

Beyond Baseball – Grady Sizemore

Just a quick entertaining clip of one the most exciting players in the game…

Does Vince McMahon Have His Eyes On Major League Baseball???

He tried to tackle the NFL with his XFL a decade ago.  Does Vince McMahon have his eyes focused on Major League Baseball now???  Watch out Selig, Vinny Mc has an elbow drop with your name written all over it!!!

Peter Gammons Is The Man!!!

I like it when a person that is normally known for their calm and professional demeanor shows us a different side.  I especially like it when they allow us to laugh at them and find humor in it too.

Peter Gammons gets the job done!!!

67 Seconds Of Baseball At It’s Best!!!

The title says it all – sit back and enjoy!!! 

Oh, the memories!!!

Funny Cardinals Commercial – ‘Being Bruce Sutter’

I love this stuff!!! 

Nike Baseball Music Video

 Very neat.  Very Different.  I’d like to see a remake of this video using today’s level of technology…  Enjoy!!