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9 More TTM Requests In The Mail…

I’m gearing up for Spring Training.  You know, just working out all the TTM kinks since I took it easy during the offseason…

I put 9 letters in the mail on the way to work this morning.  And I am very serious about adding some bulk and quality to my autograph collection this year.  I have some lofty goals, but I feel that if I put in the effort I will be rewarded.

For this round, I sent to retired players.  A few All-stars, some World Series champions, and all players I enjoyed watching during their careers!!

The guys:  Tom Brunansky, Mike Mussina, John Tudor, Lonnie Smith, Steve Sax, Darren Daulton, Dan Plesac, Gary Gaetti, and member of the 2010 Hall of Fame class, Mr. Whitey Herzog.

Wish me luck.  I am hoping for some quick returns so I can get a head of steam behind me as we head into Spring Training!!!

1989 Topps – Pack #5

Here is what I pulled from pack #5 of the 6 that I will be opening today:

pack 5a

pack 5b

Notable:  Wow, Brady Anderson from way back, huh?  And check out Steve Sax and Bob Horner too!!

Pick of the Pack:  This one is a tie.  I like Tim Raines, and I love Rock Raines.  And then there is good old Don Zimmer.  Zim was the manager of the Cubs during the first year that I moved to Chicago – it was also the year that the team won the division.

11 More Autograph TTM Requests Going Out…

I plead Guilty.  I am hooked.  And my mailman is not going to be too pleased with the extra weight he’s got to carry around…

11 more autograph requests have been mailed.  I have been on a nice little hit streak lately so I didn’t want to let up.  I have a shrinking stack of cards that I want to send out for autographs, but my stack of signed cards is multiplying in quantity.  I don’t consider this to be too bad of a trade-off…

The Guys: Don Zimmer, Steve Sax, Frank Viola, Mark Gubicza, John Olerud, Dave Henderson, Tim Raines, Cecil Cooper, Tim Brunansky, Lou Whitaker, and Lance Parrish.

Wish me luck!!!