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‘Now That’s A Book I’d Read’ – Book #4 – ‘Tales From The Trainer’s Table’

This book is the 4th book in this new feature at ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

Title – ‘Tales From The Trainer’s Table’

Synopsis – Athletic trainers from around the world of major league baseball share their stories of interaction with the sport’s stars.

Jacket  Content – Someone has to keep these guys in tip-top shape, and that job goes to the athletic trainer.  At any one time, the trainer is taking care of 20+ bodies and has the responsibility of keeping them all in playing condition.

This book goes right to the source and lets the trainer tell his story of working on these highly-tuned athletes.  From funny to sad to awkward, these stories are real and the laughter, tears, and chills come with the job.  These trainers spend hours upon hours with the team and get to see players in a light that very few do. 

What players are tough??  Which ones are babies??  Which ones are afraid of needles???  Read on as this book answers all of those questions and so many more.

Over 200 professional baseball trainers were interviewed for this book spanning the years of 1970-2009.  These are their stories – Enjoy!!!


1 – Arizona Diamondbacks

2 – Atlanta Braves

3 – Baltimore Orioles

4 – Boston Red Sox

5 – Chicago Cubs

6 – Chicago White Sox

7 – Cincinnati Reds

8 – Cleveland Indians

9 – Colorado Rockies

10 – Detroit Tigers

11 – Florida Marlins

12 – Houston Astros

13 – Kansas City Royals

14 – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

15 – Los Angeles Dodgers

16 – Milwaukee Brewers

17 – Minnesota Twins

18 – New York Mets

19 – New York Yankees

20 – Oakland Athletics

21 – Philadelphia Phillies

22 – Pittsburgh Pirates

23 – San Diego Padres

24 – San Francisco Giants

25 – Seattle Mariners

26 – St. Louis Cardinals

27 – Tampa Bay Rays

28 – Texas Rangers

29 – Toronto Blue Jays

30 – Washington Nationals