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Ken Griffey Jr. Going Back To Seattle???

It appears so.  Or that’s what the writers of ‘The Seattle Times’ believe.


I enjoy stories like this.  Griffey has stated publicly that if he had a choice as to what cap is on his plaque at Cooperstown it would be the Mariner’s.  It’s nice to hear that he has fond memories of his 10 seasons with the team.

Even if the contract is just for 1 year, as reported, it will certainly boost interest in Mariners baseball again and will only increase their ticket and merchandise sales for the 2009 season.  Not a bad move by Griffey or the Mariners…

Ah, the good old days….


Ken Griffey Jr. Cements His Place Amongst Baseball Greats!!

Ken Griffey Jr. just hit his 610th career home run, making him #5 all-time in baseball history.  He is in the company of the games greatest power hitters – Bonds, Aaron, Ruth, and Mays.

One has to imagine what we could really be celebrating if Griffey had manged to stay healthy for his entire career.  In each season between 2002-04 he played in less than half of his team’s games.  If you double his output from the games he played in over those years, he would have hit another 41 HR’s bringing him closer to 650.  In 2001 & 2006 he missed an additional 100 games and if his averages held true another 30 homers could have been added.  All of a sudden 600 turns into 700 and then who knows…Griffey is not a one dimensional player though.  ‘The Kid’ was on pace to reach 3,000 hits and 2,000 RBI prior to his injuries.  These are remarkable numbers for a hitter that came into the big leagues 20 years ago and was not considered to be a power hitter but a finesse hitter with a ‘sweet swing’.  Add to that the fact that he won 10 consecutive gold gloves and you have another absolute Hall of Fame player that could be considered one of the best outfielders to ever play the game of baseball.

Congratulations to ‘The Kid’!!!