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TTM Success: 1971 American League Cy Young & MVP Winner, Mr. Vida Blue!!!

TTM Success: 1971 American League Cy Young & MVP Winner, Mr. Vida Blue!!!

The second of five baseballs that I sent out last month in hopes of adding some newly signed balls to my collection is now home.

And it is signed by one of the best pitchers from the early 1970’s – Mr. Vida Blue.

Statistically speaking, Vida Blue’s 1971 baseball season is one of the most impressive in the sport’s great history.  So dominant that year, Blue walked away from the league’s Cy Young and MVP honors.

His stat line looked something like this:  39 starts, 24 wins, 8 losses, 312 innings pitched, 1.82 ERA, 301 strikeouts, 88 walks.  Very solid stuff, indeed!

So, when I wrote my letter to Mr. Blue, I asked for not only his autograph, but an inscription too.

And now for your viewing pleasure, here is my Vida Blue signed baseball:

And now, for the sweet inscriptions:

While I am not a huge fan of baseballs signed on the ‘Side Panel’, I really do love how Mr. Blue added those inscriptions.  And based on hoe large his autograph and inscriptions are, I think that if all were on the ‘Sweet Spot’ of the ball it would not have come out as nice.

The only downside is that when on display, I can only show of one side of the ball…

Thanks for the great autograph Mr. Blue!!!

I’m Taking That Ball That Yogi Wouldn’t Sign And Am Sending It To…

I’m Taking That Ball That Yogi Wouldn’t Sign And Am Sending It To…

… well, you’ll just have to wait and see.  But, what I can guarantee is that this time it will come back signed!!!

I have finally gotten over the fact that Yogi Berra did not want to sign my baseball, or take my donation of $50.  So, I will do what any aggressive autograph collector would do – I’m moving on.

The baseball has been packed up, a new letter has been written, envelopes have been addressed, and stamps have been applied.  On my way to work, Yogi’s rejected baseball is going out for a second try.

Stay tuned as I hope to have something to show for my efforts very soon!!

Wish me luck.  Thanks!!

TTM Success: Dusty Baker

TTM Success:  Dusty Baker

Forever stamps are a collector’s best friend!!  Huh, what kind of cryptic message is that, you ask?  Well, I sent two baseball cards to Dusty Baker in hopes of obtaining his autograph in one of my through the mail adventures – during Spring Training of 2010!!

Yep, almost a year to the day, 358 days to be exact, is what it took.  But I am not complaining.  Oh no, how can you complain when the prize is this:

Nice, huh?  Baker is a great personality for the sport of baseball.  One of the things that I like most about how he handles the job is that he does not let the star players alter his approach to the game.  He has managed some of the greatest players and egos within the last 10+ years, but Dusty is Dusty – and that is admirable!!

Thank you for the great autographs Mr. Baker!!!

Throwing 5 Baseballs In The Mail Tomorrow Morning…

Throwing 5 Baseballs In The Mail Tomorrow Morning…

The title of this post says it all.  Tomorrow morning on my way to dropping of my older son to school we will make a quick detour and head to the automated postal machine at our neighborhood United States post office.

Into the mailstream will go 5 Rawlings Official Major League baseballs….

I won’t tell you who I’m sending them to…  And I won’t tell you what zip code they’re going to….

What I will tell you is that these 5 baseballs are going out in search of autographs.  And when they’re returned to the confines of my home, I will unveil the results to you.

Wish me luck!!!

Stay tuned.

9 More TTM Requests In The Mail…

I’m gearing up for Spring Training.  You know, just working out all the TTM kinks since I took it easy during the offseason…

I put 9 letters in the mail on the way to work this morning.  And I am very serious about adding some bulk and quality to my autograph collection this year.  I have some lofty goals, but I feel that if I put in the effort I will be rewarded.

For this round, I sent to retired players.  A few All-stars, some World Series champions, and all players I enjoyed watching during their careers!!

The guys:  Tom Brunansky, Mike Mussina, John Tudor, Lonnie Smith, Steve Sax, Darren Daulton, Dan Plesac, Gary Gaetti, and member of the 2010 Hall of Fame class, Mr. Whitey Herzog.

Wish me luck.  I am hoping for some quick returns so I can get a head of steam behind me as we head into Spring Training!!!