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1975 HEADLINE: Tom Seaver Becomes 1st Pitcher To 200 Strikeouts In 8 Straight Seasons

1975 HEADLINE: Tom Seaver Becomes 1st Pitcher To 200 Strikeouts In 8 Straight Seasons

On this day in 1975, Tom Seaver became the first pitcher in major league history to collect 200 or more strikeouts in eight consecutive seasons.

Showing off the remarkable ability to be a consistent and healthy performer, Seaver’s ability to dominate batters was unmatched during this time.

Here is a closer look at the numbers from those eight seasons:
1968 – 205
1969 – 208
1970 – 283
1971 – 289
1972 – 249
1973 – 251
1974 – 201
1975 – 243

And just for good measure, Seaver collected 235 hitters in 1976 extending the record to nine straight seasons!

How did he do in 1977?  196!!!

Happy Anniversary to ‘Tom Terrific’!!!

1985 HEADLINE: Tom Seaver Joins The ‘300 Wins Club’

1985 HEADLINE: Tom Seaver Joins The ‘300 Wins Club’

On this day back in 1985 Tom Seaver recorded the 300th win of his career!!

Battling against the most popular team in the sport, Seaver’s White Sox team was at Yankee Stadium to take on ‘The Bronx Bombers’.

The Sox won the ball game with a 4-1 win and Seaver won the 300th game of his career at the age of 40.  Here is a quick look at his numbers from this historic event:

Innings pitched 9
Hits allowed 6
Strikeouts 7
Walks 1
K’s : Walks 7:1
Runs allowed 1

Not a bad effort for the 40-year old baseball history making machine huh?  For Seaver, it was an incredible effort and another amazing accomplishment during his brilliant baseball career.

Happy Anniversary to ‘Tom Terrific’!!!!

1987 HEADLINE – Tom Seaver Retires After Magical Career

1987 HEADLINE – Tom Seaver Retires After Magical Career

On this day in 1987 Tom Seaver hung up his spikes.

On of the most decorated pitchers of his era, Seaver was a dominant force in the game of baseball for 20 seasons. A Rookie of the Year award winner. A 3-time Cy Young Award winner and 2-time runner-up. A 12-time all-star. A World Series Champion. A member of baseball’s elite 300 wins club. A member of the 3,000 strikeout club. The list goes on and on.

When a pitcher like Tom Seaver calls an end to their career, one has to wonder how someone will fill the very big shoes left by such an absence in the game. It’s simple really, very few players could ever replace Tom Seaver in their pitching rotations. Many have tried, and few have succeeded!!

Happy Anniversary Mr. Seaver!!!

2014 Topps Series 1 “Topps All Rookie Cup Team” – Tom Seaver

2014 Topps Series 1 “Topps All Rookie Cup Team” – Tom Seaver

Topps’ All-Rookie Team means a lot of different things to a lot of different collectors.  But, one thing is for certain – If your card is tagged with the All-Rookie Team logo, you did something during your first season in the big leagues to make yourself stand out from the rest.

And for that reason alone, I can totally support a set of cards that picks ‘The Best Of The Best’ from these teams.

In 2014, Topps issued a subset in their Series 1 release that took one player at each position, naming them to the ‘Topps All Rookie Cup Team’.

Representing the right-handed starting pitcher is Tom Seaver:



Tom Seaver had a superb rookie season in 1967.  At 22 years of age, Seaver started 34 games for the Mets and posted a 16-13 record.  He threw 251 innings during his rookie campaign while striking out 170 batters and walking just 78.  Seaver posted an ERA of 2.76 as he allowed 77 runs during his 251 innings of work.

Seaver was an All-Star in 1967 and he also won the Rookie Of The Year Award.

1975 Topps Set Card 58/660 – #370 – Tom Seaver, Mets

1975 Topps Set Card 58/660 – #370 – Tom Seaver, Mets

Progress: 58/660

Player Name:  Tom Seaver

Card Number:  370

Team:  New York Mets

Position:  Pitcher

Image Style:  Posed Portrait

Years In The Major Leagues:  20 seasons, 1967-86

Notes From His 1975 Season:   Seaver was awarded this 3rd Cy Young Award in 1975 as he was recognized as the NL’s best pitcher.  Seaver started 36 games for the Mets and finished the season with a 22-9 record alongside 15 complete games and 5 shutouts.  He had a 2.38 ERA with a league-leading 243 strikeouts in 280 innings of work.

Notes From Career:  Seaver is often regarded to as the greatest pitcher from his era.  He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1992 and has the highest vote percentage of all-time at 98.8%.  He is a 3-time Cy Young Award winner, a ROY winner, a 12-time All-Star, and a World Series champion.  Seaver has a record of 311-205 with 231 complete games and 61 shutouts.


With Eddie Murray Now Out Of The Way… The #1 Signed Baseball On My ‘Want List’ Is Now…

With Eddie Murray Now Out Of The Way…  The #1 Signed Baseball On My ‘Want List’ Is Now…

In case you missed it, earlier in the week I showed off the newest signed baseball for my collection – Hall of Famer Eddie Murray.

Murray had been on my ‘want list’ for years.  And when I added Hank Aaron to my collection almost a year ago, he occupied the #1 spot on my ‘want list’.

But, now that I have Mr. Murray in my collection, a new #1 must be crowned.  I mean, it is only fair – right?

I didn’t have to think too hard about this one as it is another guy that has been on my ‘want list’ for years.  And while he has never been a huge priority to add, that changes now.

This one has a nice ‘1975 theme’ to it as well, and that is a big bonus for your buddy here at ’30-YOC’.

This is the next one that I am after:

Tom Seaver

That autograph belongs to 1975 NL Cy Young Award winner, and Hall of Famer, Tom Seaver.

Let the hunt begin!!!


1992 Headline: Tom Seaver & Rollie Fingers Voted Into National Baseball Hall Of Fame

1992 Headline: Tom Seaver & Rollie Fingers Voted Into National Baseball Hall Of Fame

On this day in 1992, both Tom Seaver and Rollie Fingers were elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  Both pitchers amassed amazing individual and team accolades during their brilliant careers – Seaver as a starting pitcher, and Fingers as a reliever.

Tom Seaver won 311 games during his major league career while amassing 3,640 strikeouts.  Being a member of both the ‘300 wins’ and ‘3000 strikeouts’ clubs, Seaver is in very rare and elite company.  Seaver is a former Rookie of the Year, a 3-time Cy Young Award winner, 12-time All-Stat, and World Series Champion.

Rollie Fingers set the standard for the ‘closer’ role in baseball.  His is a member of the ‘300 Saves Club’ with his 341 career saves.  Fingers has a career ERA of 2.90 and a lifetime strikeout to walk ratio of 2.64.  His ability to seal wins during his tenure with the A’s, Padres, and Brewers set the bar for his competition and the future of the closer role.  Fingers was a 7-time All-Star as well as a Cy Young and MVP winner.  He was part of three World Series championship winning teams in the 1970’s with Oakland.

Tom Seaver collected 425 of 430 votes cast during his first year of eligibility in 1985.

Rollie Fingers hauled in 349 of 430 votes cast in his second year of eligibility to gain entry into Cooperstown.

Tom Seaver Offers Up A Very Sweet And Artsy Autograph. I’ve Got To Get One!!!

Tom Seaver Offers Up A Very Sweet And Artsy Autograph. I’ve Got To Get One!!!

I need to make getting a signed Tom Seaver baseball into my collection a priority.  As one of the most successful pitchers from the era that I cherish, not having his autograph in my collection would be a crime.

Plus, he offers up a pretty sweet looking signature.  It is nice and consistent with its style, while having just enough flare but no overdoing it.

Have a look:

And when I eventually do get Seaver to sign a ball for me, you can bet that there will be an inscription attached to it.  I just need to figure out which one…

Tom Seaver’s Legendary 1967 Topps Rookie Baseball Card

Tom Seaver’s Legendary 1967 Topps Rookie Baseball Card

There are a lot of legendary baseball cards of rookies that were issued in the mid-to-late 1960’s.  From Johnny Bench, Rod Carew, Nolan Ryan, Joe Morgan, Fergie Jenkins, Jim Palmer, and of course Tom Seaver.

Like many of these players, their rookie cards feature multiple players.  And like many of these cards, it is one player’s appearance on the card that made it one of the ‘must haves’ from the set.

Here is Tom Seaver’s legendary rookie card from the 1967 Topps set:

It sure would be nice to have one of these, huh??

I feel bad for the Bill Denehy player collectors out there.  His rookie card sets them back hundreds!!!


Tom Seaver & The 1992 Baseball Hall Of Fame Class

Tom Seaver & The 1992 Baseball Hall Of Fame Class

No player in major league baseball history has received a higher percentage of votes for Hall of Fame election on their first ballot than Tom Seaver.

Not Hank Aaron. Not Willie Mays.  Not Johnny Bench.  Not Cal Ripken.  And not Rickey Henderson.

In Seaver’s first year of eligibility, he received 425 of 430 votes for election, good for a 98.8% clip.

Seaver was the headliner of the 1992 Baseball Hall of Fame induction class.

His plaque reads:

‘Franchise power pitcher who transformed Mets from loveable losers to formidable foes. Won 311 games over 20 years. Set NL career record for strikeouts by RHP (3,272) and modern record for lowest ERA (2.73). Whiffed 200 or more NL record to times (19 in a single game). NL Rookie Of The Year, 1967 and 3-time Cy Young Awardee. No-Hit Cards in 1978.’