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’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Rookie Card Stocking Stuffers!!!

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Rookie Card Stocking Stuffers!!!

OK gang, after a few weeks off, I am ready to jump back into the weekly ‘Top Ten Lists’ again.

So, since we are just a week away from Christmas, I thought I would offer up a holiday themed list this week.

This week, I will present you with my ‘Top Ten Stocking Stuffers’.  In my house, it has become a tradition that the family’s stocking are opened up on Christmas Eve – a little warm-up to the next day’s big event if you will…

The rules for our family stockings are simple – all combined gifts cannot exceed $20.  Other than that, anything goes…  In the past, my stocking has contained DVDs, CDs, candy, and of course, baseball cards!!

So, now you have the background, let’s get on to it.  Below are the ten rookie baseball cards that I would love to see in my Christmas stocking next weekend – and if shopped properly, each could be had for less than $20…

Honorable Mention – Dave Parker, Bert Blyleven, Vida Blue, and Willie Randolph.

10 – Steve Garvey

9 – Dave Concepcion

8 – George Foster

7 – Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage

6 – Kirk Gibson

5 – Jack Morris

4 – Luis Tiant

3 – Keith Hernandez

2 – Carlton Fisk

1 – Rollie Fingers

And there you have it.  Who knows, maybe I’ll find one or more of these beauties in my stocking next Saturday night.  If so, I will surely let you know..

If you could choose one rookie baseball card to find in your stocking, what would you like to see?  And stick to the rules – under $20!!!

’30-YOC Top Ten’ – Top 10 Disappointments From The 2011 Baseball Season

’30-YOC Top Ten’ – Top 10 Disappointments From The 2011 Baseball Season

Ok, so last week I gave you my ‘Top Ten Surprises’ from the 2011 baseball season.  Sadly, for every hero that emerged, there was one that fell off…

Tonight it is all about the guys that did not live up to their hype.  The guys that may have been at the mountaintops, and are now looking up.

Ready?   Let’s Go!!!

Honorable Mention – Albert Pujols, Chase Utley, Chris Coghlan, Roy Oswalt, AJ Burnett, Ricky Nolasco, Joe Mauer, Tim Lincecum, Carl Crawford, and Justin Morneau.

10 – San Francisco Giants.  The Giants finished the season 86-76 and in second place in their division.  Lacking the dominance from Tim Lincecum as well as not having Buster Posey in their lineup really hurt the team’s chances of defending their championship.

9 – Alex Rodriguez.  Playing in only 99 games due to multiple injuries, A-Rod only connected for 16 home runs and 62 RBI, both well below his normal numbers.  His .276 batting average is 26 points below his career average.

8 – Jason Heyward.  Heyward batted just .227 on the season and never found his stroke.  Connecting for 14 home runs and only 42 RBI, Heyward was shuffled into several spots of the batting order and never established consistency at the plate.

7 – Hanley Ramirez.  Hanley played in just 92 games this season, one in which he missed almost 70 games.  His .243 batting average is 63 lower than his career average.  Hanley’s 10 home runs and 45 RBI are both career lows.

6 – Matt Garza.  With the chance of being the Cubs’ ace on the line, Garza was average at best.  Going 10-10 with 31 starts, Garza threw 198 innings and compiled a 3.32 ERA. 

5 – Jayson Werth.  After signing a blockbuster deal in the off-season, Werth was pretty bad in his debut season with the Nationals.  His .232 batting average was 64 points off his number from 2010.  And his 58 RBI was his lowest in the last 5 seasons.

4 – Ichiro.  2011 was definitely a down year for Ichiro.  It was the first season in which he did not collect 200 hits; he had just 184.  His .272 batting average is 58 points below his career number, and also marks the first time he hit under .300 in his career.

3 – Adam Dunn.  Dunn had a horrible season batting .159, 101 points lower than his 2010 average.  Dunn connected for just 11 home runs and 42 RBI, well off of his 30+/100+ averages.

2 – Josh Johnson.  Johnson enters each season being touted as one of the NL’s best talents.  And each year he fails to stay healthy enough to pitch an entire campaign.  Starting just 9 games in 2011, JJ was 3-1 with a 1.64 ERA.  He pitched just 60 innings during the year.

1 – Boston Red Sox.  The most hyped and predicted World Series contender that we have seen over the last few years, the Red Sox crumbled right before our eyes.  Of their 2 major off-season acquisitions, 1 was extremely successful and 1 was horrible.  The team that most people picked to compete for a World Series had one of the most horrible and public collapses in major league baseball history.

No real surprise at #1, huh??

Tell me what you think of the other on my list.  Did I miss anyone or anything that you think should have been there??

Thanks for reading.

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Surprises From The 2011 Baseball Season’

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Surprises From The 2011 Baseball Season’

Man, oh man – what a season it was!!!

Just days removed from the end of the 2011 major league baseball season and just days into the start of the playoffs, I am still very excited by all of the great action and performances we got to witness during the year.

So, here are my ‘Top Ten Surprises From The 2011 Baseball Season’:

Honorable Mention – Derek Jeter’s re-emergence as a star, Cliff Lee’s dominance, Ivan Nova’s success, Ryan Vogelsong’s future, Justin Masterson’s maturity, Eric Hosmer’s power, and Matt Morse’s play.

10 – Lance Berkman’s climb back to dominance and defensive presence after moving back to the outfield after many years as a first baseman.

9 – Roy Halladay’s ability to convert on a sacrifice.  In just his second season in the National League, Halladay converted 16 sacrifices, up from 2 in 2010.

8 – Ryan Braun’s chase for the batting title.  We all know that he is a superstar, and an all-around offensive weapon.  His .332 average is twenty points above his average – and his power numbers did not suffer one bit!!

7 – Matt Kemp’s emergence as a 5-tool player.  Kemp was the only real threat for the Triple Crown in 2011.  And when mixed with his success on the base paths and in the field, Kemp is building a solid career for himself.

6 – Victor Martinez’s ability to dominate.  On a roster full of young and incredible talent, it was V-Mart that rose to the occasion more often than his teammates.  With .330/12/103 on stat sheet, Martinez was the fuel to Detroit’s engine.

5 – Ian Kennedy’s 21-4 record.  Winning 84% of his starts, Kennedy makes a strong case for the Cy Young Award.  His 3.6:1 strikeout to walk ratio is unreal for a 26-year old in just his 2nd full season.

4 – Craig Kimbrel’s 46 saves – a rookie record.  Kimbrel was unreal for the Braves – and his 127 strikeouts in 77 innings pitched is the perfect recipe for a great closer.

3 – Dan Uggla’s 33-game hit streak.  It’s very rare that a slugger has the patience to put together a hit streak of this kind.  And while this was considered a ‘down’ year for Uggla as it relates to total hits and batting average, his 33-game hit streak was the league’s best of 2011.

2 – Curtis Granderson’s ability to compile stats like the big-boys.  We’ve all known that Granderson was a highly skilled player – but to do what he did in one season is remarkable.  1st in runs scored, 1st in RBI, 2nd in home runs, and 2nd in triples makes a strong argument for the AL MVP.

1 – James Shield’s 11 complete games.  Shields threw more complete games than 26 major league clubs – SERIOUSLY!!!  The last time a starting pitcher recorded double-digit complete games in one season?  1999.

And there you have it – my ‘Top Ten Surprises From The 2011 Baseball Season’.

Did I miss anything?  Let me hear it!!

And next week, we’ll take a look at my ‘Top Ten Disappointments From The 2011 Baseball Season’.

Thanks for reading!!

’30-YOC’ Top Ten List – ‘Top Ten Kevin Bacon Films’

’30-YOC’ Top Ten List – ‘Top Ten Kevin Bacon Films’

I make no bones about it, I am a big Kevin Bacon fan.  And while his films are not near the box office draws that attract $100 million dollar paying audiences, I rarely encounter a person that doesn’t have a favorite Kevin Bacon film.

He is a superb character actor, and he plays one hell of a bad guy too.  Of all of the actors in Hollywood, he is of a rare kind, in my eyes at least, as when I see him perform on screen I am never thinking about another role he has portrayed.  That fact can be said of very few actors. and that is why I find him to be elite.

Enough about my love for the guy, let’s get right down to my favorites films in which he has starred.

Honorable Mention – Friday 13th, Diner, Quicksilver, White Water Summer, Flatliners, A Few Good Men, The River Wild, and Trapped.

10 – Hollow Man

9 – Sleepers

8 – Apollo 13

7 – The Woodsman

6 – Footloose

5 – Taking Chance

4 – Death Sentence

3 – Mystic River

2 – Animal House

1 – Stir Of Echoes

And there it is!

I really struggled with having ‘Taking Chance’ at 5 – it could easily be in my Top 2.  If you have never seen it, I highly recommend that you take the time to watch it.

Thanks for reading.  I’ll have another baseball list for you next Sunday night!

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Albums From My High School Days’

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Albums From My High School Days’

I’ve been tuned into the music from my high school days over the last few weeks, so I thought I would share with you my ‘Top Ten Albums From My High School Days’.

It’s amazing how much of the stuff I liked back then still resonates with me today – sports teams, music, and movies lead that charge.

For the record, I went to high school from 1991-94.  So, all of the albums that make the cut will be issued during that 4-year span.

And away we go…

Honorable Mention:  REM, Soundgarden, Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, Arrested Development, The Black Crowes, The Beastie Boys, Soul Asylum, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, The Eagles, and Stone Temple Pilots.

10 – Lenny Kravitz – Mama Said – Favorite Song:  What The F*^k Are We Saying?

9 – Snoop Dogg – Doggystyle – Favorite Song:  Gin And Juice

8 – Nirvana – Nevermind – Favorite Song:  Come As You Are

7 – Eric Clapton – Unplugged – Favorite Song:  Before You Acuse Me

6 – Aerosmith – Get A Grip – Favorite Song:  Eat The Rich

5 – U2 – Achtung Baby – Favorite Song:  One

4 – Metallica – Metallica – Favorite Song:  The Unforgiven

3 – Green Day – Dookie – Favorite Song:  When I Come Around

2 – Pearl Jam – Ten – Favorite Song:  Black

1 – Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way – Favorite Song:  Are You Gonna Go My Way

Wow, what a great trip down memory lane!  And amazingly enough, I still listen to a lot of that same music today.

I guess that is what makes that era in music so memorable for me.

What’s your favorite album from that period?  What is the album you most link to your high school days?  Please share.

And thanks for reading!!

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Favorite Wrestling Tag Teams’

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Favorite Wrestling Tag Teams’

It’s time to take it back to the squared-circle…

And this time around, we’ll be talking tag-team wrestling.  Some of my favorite wrestling memories from my youth come from tag team action, as there was a period in the 1980’s when the teams were more entertaining than the singles action.

As you can imagine, and if you know me or the blog, most of my favorites come from my youth.  Actually, more than 90% of them are teams from the 80’s and 90’s.  Today’s tag-team scene is just plain awful if you ask me.

So, let’s get right into it.  Ding!!

Honorable Mention:  Road Warriors, British Bulldogs, Killer Bees, The Rockers, Demolition, The Windham Brothers, Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff, and The Midnight Express.

10 – The Rock & Sock Connection.  Taking two of the sport’s biggest stars and teaming them together was probably not the best idea.  And to be honest, they were far from impressive as a single unit.  But, getting these two guys in the ring together with microphones in hand and you have a comedic journey worth watching.

9 – Harlem Heat.  Way before Booker T became a solid singles wrestler, he was a dominant tag teamer with his ‘brother’ Stevie Ray.  The guys worked great together in the ring, but had horrible mic skills.  The time Booker spent in the tag-team scene seems to have paid off as he became an A-list solo performer afterwards.

8 – The Mega Powers.  Teaming Hogan and Savage was probably good for ratings, but personally I love these guys as foes versus friends.  Yet you cannot deny the star power of ‘The Mega Powers’.

7 – Brutus Beefcake & Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine.  Two great wrestlers that performed very well together.  And their string of titles runs backs up that fact.  Before microphone skills were mandatory, these two guys were as solid as it got.

6 – Iron Shiek & Nikolai Volkoff.  These two are the first ‘bad guys’ that I remember.  And I have a ton of memories of listening to and then trying to repeat the Russian national anthem.  Way before the NWO, it was Volkoff that was getting pounded with cups of beer when on the mic.

5 – Rock ‘N Roll Express.  A team designed to get the girls excited, I have to admit that I enjoyed watching this high-flying duo work in the NWA and WCW.  Set aside the bright colors, flashy ribbons, and Morton’s blond hair – these guys were great together in the ring.

4 – Steiner Brothers.  Way before Scott became ‘Pump’, the Steiners were a hell of a team.  Boasting the perfect blend of speed and power, these guys performed some amazing moves as a duo – and their suplexes were crazy!!

3 – The New Age Outlaws.  Known more for their antics than their wrasslin’ ability, Jesse James and Billy Gunn were solid compliments to DX.  The feuds were intense and their dominance in merchandise sales may never be seen again.

2 – Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard.  Simply stated, these guys kicked butt.  Everyone’s butts for that matter.  The protector’s of the Four Horsemen’s legacy, both guys had the ability to dominate their opponents without flash.  Their in-ring skills were top-notch and most of their opponents left the ring as injured losers of the match.

1 – The Hart Foundation.  Loved these guys as I recall watching them from the start through until Bret Hart became the star of the show as a singles wrestler.  Bret and Jim Neidhart were like a machine – perfect timing and never skipping a beat.  They beat teams bigger than them, faster than them, and stronger than them.  And they always made the crowd roar – whether good or bad!

Man, that was fun to do.  I really wish that today’s version of the sport allowed for teams to be built and not formed.  Way too often, former ‘main-event’ talent is forced to work together just to keep the guys active.  If the WWE spent more time on creating these teams with fresh talent, and then let several of them create their own storylines, I think that they could easily regenerate what used to be a very valuable and fun part of their talent rosters.

What do you think?  What is your favorite tag team of all-time?

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Snacks From My Youth’

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Snacks From My Youth’

This morning I was inspired – by my soon-to-be 5-year old son!!

I walked into the kitchen and he was staring intently into an open pantry.  I asked him what he was doing and he said he was looking for ‘a perfect snack’.  Our conversation went a little something like this:

Dad: Can I help you find something?
Son: No, I’m still looking.
Dad: Do you want muffins?
Son: No.
Dad: How about Goldfish?
Son: No.
Dad: A granola bar?  The ones with chocolate chips?
Son: No.  That’s not a perfect snack.
Dad: Ok well, when yo find it bring it over to the TV room so I can see it.
Son: Alright.

That 30-second conversation has inspired the theme for this week’s ‘Top Ten List’.

Here are my favorite snacks from my youth.

Honorable mention:  Goldfish, Rice Krispie Treats, Popcorn, Ding Dongs, and Twinkies.

10 – Nutty Bars – An excellent blend of chocolate and peanut butter.  When chomping on these, it felt like eating candy.

9 – Star Crunch – A superb mix of chocolate, caramel, and crispy treats, the Star Crunch was fun to eat.  And messier than you would think by looking at them too…

8 – Ice Cream Sandwich – The best snack when playing on a hot day!!  A classic treat that has withstood generations.

7 – Ho-Ho – The cool kids would peel the chocolate off first and then dig into the rest.  At least we thought that was cool!!   LOL

6 – Easy Cheese – Well, they finally got us to eat cheese by making it fun.  Gotta wonder if it was really cheese in there.  But I do know it was fun getting it out of the can!

5 – Handi-Snacks – If you were good enough, you could put all five crackers together with the cheese spread building a little wall.  And then you had to take a big bite, of course!!

4 – Jello Pudding Pop – I thought that these were great, even before I knew that Bill Cosby endorsed them.  So rich and creamy – another great snack for a very hot day!!

3 – Oreo Cookies – The most fun cookie ever made?  Got my vote for sure!!  Whether I was dunking them into milk or twisting them apart and then raking my teeth across the icing, Oreo cookies are GREAT!!

2 – Orange Crackers w/Peanut Butter – I don’t recall if these had a ‘formal’ name or not, but there is something about this combination of Orange cracker and peanut butter that I found outstanding as a kid.  And now, as a 35-year old man, I wonder if I still feel the same…  Gotta find a vending machine somewhere…

1 – Fudge Rounds – The Perfect snack!!  Mixing three kinds of chocolate together in a sandwich is genius.  The Fudge Round was responsible for a lot of smile in my cafeteria at school.  I actually had a buddy that used to roll them into a ball and eat them like an apple – what a clown!

Are you drooling yet??  LMAO

Man, all of that got me eager to see what’s in the old cupboard.  I’m off to grab myself a little snack as I get ready to tune into Sunday Night Baseball.

Thanks for reading.  Have a good night!!!

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Current Players On My Signed Baseball Want List’

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Current Players On My Signed Baseball Want List’

OK, let’s get right down to it.

I’ve shown you the legends that I would like to add to my collection.

And I have shown you the guys that will soon be calling Cooperstown home that I would like to add to my collection.

So, now it is time for me to show you the “Top Ten” players in the game today that I would like to add to my collection.

And away we go….

Honorable Mention:  Jim Thome, Hanley Ramirez, Adam Dunn, Johnny Damon, and Josh Beckett.

And now onto the “Top Ten”.

10 – Ryan Braun

9 – Mariano Rivera

8 – Pudge Rodriguez

7 – Ichiro

6 – Chipper Jones

5 – Alex Rodriguez

4 – Albert Pujols

3 – Derek Jeter

2 – Tim Lincecum

1 – Roy Halladay

And there you have.  Sure to spark a little controversy but that is fine by me; after all it is my list.  🙂

Stay tuned next week as a I have a list that offers up a detour as it relates to this baseball blog.  It will be fun nonetheless…

Thanks for reading!!

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Recently Retired Hall Of Fame Signed Baseballs On My Want List’

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Recently Retired Hall Of Fame Signed Baseballs On My Want List’

If you missed my last list, I showed off the ‘Top Ten’ baseballs I would like from players that are in the Hall of Fame.  If you want to re-visit that post, you can do so by clicking here.

For this round, I will show you the ‘Top Ten’ guys in the recently retired list that I would like to go after as well.  And while I plan on waiting to attack until I can get the HOF inscription, I am still eager to go after these guys.

And while some of these players may not get into Cooperstown unless they buy a ticket, they will all (hopefully) make an appearance in my signed baseball collection!!

So, here we go….

Honorable Mentions – Jeff Bagwell, Mike Piazza, Trevor Hoffman, Andy Pettitte, Rafael Palmeiro, Manny Ramirez, and Curt Schilling.

10 – Mike Lowell

9 – Barry Larkin

8 – Roger Clemens

7 – Tom Glavine

6 – Randy Johnson

5 – Craig Biggio

4 – John Smoltz

3 – Frank Thomas

2 – Ken Griffey Jr.

1 – Greg Maddux

Nice list, huh?

I snuck in a few guys like Lowell and Schilling.  And while I don’t belive that either will be highly considered for membership at the Hall of Fame, I do really like them and respect their careers.

Next up – the ‘Top Ten Signed Baseballs I Would Like Of Active Players’.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!!!

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Hall Of Fame Signed Baseballs On My Want List’

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Hall Of Fame Signed Baseballs On My Want List’

I collect signed baseballs.  Currently my collections sits comfortably at 53, and I have a few more in the works that will get me 2-3 more within the next 30-45 days.  I hope that by the end of the year I will have hit or surpassed the 60-mark.

So, I thought it would be fun to do a few posts in my ‘Top Ten’ series that related to the balls that I would like to add.

This is the first post of the series, and I think I can get two more out for your reading pleasure over the next couple of weeks.

So, while I know that I would love to add signed baseballs of some of the most famous Hall of Famers in the history of the sport, I am also a realist.  At the same time, I am also somewhat of a thrifty collector so I don’t have my heart set on adding balls to my collection that would cost me a few Benjamin Franklins.  Instead, I opt to crave the guys that I love.

With all of that being said, you will not find Ty Cobb, or Babe Ruth or Cy Young on this list.  Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, and Yogi Berra don’t make the cut either.

So, here we go.  These are the Hall of Famers that I want.  And the ones that I can most likely afford….

Honorable mention – Carlton Fisk, Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, Jim Rice, Al Kaline, Bruce Sutter, and Lou Brock.

10B – Mike Schmidt.

10A- Dennis Eckersley.

9 – Eddie Murray.

8 – Tom Seaver.

7 – Wade Boggs.

6 – Tony Gwynn.

5 – Rod Carew.

4 – Rickey Henderson.

3 – Willie McCovey.

2 – Cal Rikpen Jr.

1 – Nolan Ryan.

There you have it.

10 11 guys that I would love to add to my collection.  And with a little luck and a Andrew Jacksons by my side I am hoping that some of these can become a reality sometime in the near future.