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Fergie Jenkins 2013 Topps ‘Million Dollar Chase’ Certified Autograph Baseball Card

Fergie Jenkins 2013 Topps ‘Million Dollar Chase’ Certified Autograph Baseball Card

When I tell that I have tracked this card for more than a year, I don’t believe that I am stretching my estimation of the time.  I know that when I first saw versions of this card hitting Ebay that I was going to end up bringing one into my collection of Fergie Jenkins autographs.  I have a good collection of Topps certified signed cards of Fergie, and this one is a great complement to the lot.

Way back, probably 9-10 months ago, I saw one sell for just $4.99.  And ever since that time I’ve been waiting.  Waiting for the next bargain to hit.  Waiting for the next ‘deal’ to cross my plate.

Well, that wait took us until August of 2014.

And while I did not pay as low as $4.99, I did nab this beauty for just $5.95.  Yes – $5.95!

And I am thrilled.   The card is serial numbered to just 300 total copies and mine is stamped as #143/300.

Have a look:



I am so excited to finally bring this card into my ‘Ultimate Jenkins’ collection.

And now, I can turn my attention to the next hunt!  Fingers crossed that I can find another sweet deal like this one…

Wish me luck!

Adding Some More Depth To My ‘Ultimate Jenkins’ Tribute

Adding Some More Depth To My ‘Ultimate Jenkins‘ Tribute

While organizing pictures for the ’10’ post I did the other night that showcased the 10 signed Fergie Jenkins baseballs in my collection, I noticed some obvious omissions on my ‘Ultimate Jenkins‘ page.

So, I set aside some time to comb through that entire page with the goal of bulking it up and adding more that honors the great career of my favorite pitcher of all-time.

The results?  A few more photos!

Here they are:

Fergie Jenkins Game-Used Relic Cards


Fergie Jenkins IP/TTM Signed Cards


Fergie Jenkins Certified Autographed Cards



All great stuff, and all stuff that deserves to be a part of the newly refreshed ‘Ultimate Jenkins’ page.

If you haven’t checked it out in a while, come see what you are missing!!!

And That Makes 10.

And That Makes 10.

If you were with me and ’30-YOC’ on Monday night, you would have seen that I scored the 10th signed baseball for my Fergie Jenkins collection.

Yes, I said 10.

All signed by my favorite pitcher of all-time.

So, since 10 is such a nice, round number, I thought it would only be fitting to show them all off to you at one time.

Sound good?

Great.  Here we go!!

Fenway Park 100th Anniversary Commemorative


‘Fly’ nickname ball


3,192 K’s ball


284 Wins ball

fergie 284

Cy Young NL 71 ball

Fergie cy ball

Rawlings Cy Young ball

fergie cy young logo ball 2

Ferguson Fergie Jenkins w/HOF 91


Fergie Jenkins HOF 91 ball


Black Rawlings ball with Gold pen and HOF 91


Hall of Fame logo ball with HOF 91 inscription



And I still have a few more ideas that will only bolster and make this collection even more well-rounded.

The next time I hear about another Jenkins signing that I can get it on, I am all over it!!

Thanks for reading.

The Most Unique And Rare Signed Fergie Jenkins Baseball For My Collection!!!

The Most Unique And Rare Signed Fergie Jenkins Baseball For My Collection!!!

When I tell you that I have been seeking this specific item for my Fergie Jenkins collection for more than three years, I am not exaggerating.  And when I tell you that I have never been close to obtaining it, I am stating the truth.

And I have put in my fair share of work in my efforts.

First, let me show you the ball:

fergie cy young logo ball 1

The ball is a Rawlings commemorative ball that celebrates the Cy Young Award.  Instead of the normal Major League Baseball stamping, this ball has a message of ‘Presented Annually For Pitching Excellence Honoring Cy Young’. 

These balls are no longer produced by Rawlings.  I have made dozens of calls over the years to try to get myself a brand new one for my collection.  I’ve called Rawlings.  I’ve called all of the noted sports memorabilia companies.  I’ve called the Hall of Fame.  I’ve even called the Fergie Jenkins Foundation as well.

And all of my efforts led me back to square with – with no leads…

In my time of focusing my energy on collecting all things ‘Fergie Jenkins’, I have seen two of these baseballs sold on Ebay.  Both were listed for extremely high dollar amounts, and both sold rather quickly for the exact amounts that the sellers were seeking.

And then a third ball appeared.

And I had to have it!!!

So, I nailed it!!!

fergie cy young logo ball 2

I have finally landed this exclusive ball, and it comes with the exact inscription that I would want with such a unique piece -= ‘NL CY 71’.

Between the rarity of the ball, the exclusive Cy Young stamping, the great autograph, and the perfect inscription – this is by far, the most unique and special autograph in my Fergie Jenkins collection.

A supreme addition to ‘Ultimate Jenkins’!!!!

Fergie Jenkins 2005 Upper Deck Hall Of Fame ‘Essential Enshrinement’ Certified Autograph & Patch Card – Numbered To 5

Fergie Jenkins 2005 Upper Deck Hall Of Fame ‘Essential Enshrinement’ Certified Autograph & Patch Card – Numbered To 5

Friends, I have scored my best Fergie Jenkins autograph card to date!!!!

This card comes from the 2005 Upper Deck Hall Of Fame ‘Essential Enshrinement’ set and features a sweet Fergie Jenkins signature.

It also features a 2-color patch of Light Blue and Cubbie Blue!!  This is my first autographed baseball card of Jenkins that features a jersey relic.  You could also call it my first relic card that features a signature too..

No matter how you slice it or dice it, this card is sweet!!

Have a look:

Jenkins Essantial AutoJersey

There is nothing about this card that I do not like.  From the great image to the Golden accents to the wood-grain background – I like it all!!!

And the fact that this card is serial numbered as 1/5 certainly does not hurt either…

Enjoy.  🙂

Fergie Jenkins 2002 Team Topps Legends Certified Autograph Issue – 1966 Rookie Stars

Fergie Jenkins 2002 Team Topps Legends Certified Autograph Issue – 1966 Rookie Stars

If you recall my ‘Top Ten Wanted Cards’ than you would recognize the below image.  This card was on the list, and has been on my ‘Want List’ for a few years now.

Topps issued a nice little handful of certified Fergie Jenkins signed cards in the early 2000’s.  I have most of them, but this one has always eluded me.  I’m not sure as to why the price of this one was always higher than the others – maybe because it was a rookie card reprint, maybe the print run was smaller, maybe because I was also competing with Phillies collectors?  I’m still not sure…

But, finally, after years and years of waiting patiently, I GOT MINE!!!

Have a look:


The Blue autograph on this card looks perfect.  It is an on-card auto, and is placed perfectly next to the Topps ‘Team Topps Legends’ and ‘Certified Autograph Issue’ logos.

The first card that I knocked off my ‘Top Ten Wanted Cards’ list was a Sparky Anderson 1959 rookie card.  This is the second to be scratched off the list.

Hopefully my luck continues…

Thanks for reading!

Special Delivery Courtesy Of Hall Of Famer, Mr. Fergie Jenkins!!!

Special Delivery Courtesy Of Hall Of Famer, Mr. Fergie Jenkins!!!

I took part in a private signing with Fergie Jenkins in December.  Through his foundation, I was able to ship my items in early before the event with the promise that my items would be signed for me and then quickly returned.

I sent two items, one if which would complete a project for me, and was hoping for the best.

Well, fast forward 30 days later, and my items have been returned to me.  And they were handled perfectly.  And I am very, very happy that I took part in this event.

Come check out my haul:

First up, a signed Boston Red Sox mini helmet:


Oh, yeah.  Perfectly signed in Silver with Fergie’s HOF inscription.  This is the final mini helmet for my Jenkins collection.  I now have his signature on a Phillies, Cubs, Rangers, and Red Sox mini helmet.

Up next is the signed baseball…


I asked for Fergie to inscribe his career strikeout total of 3,192.  It looks great and will accompany my ‘284 Wins’ ball very nicely.

 I am very pleased with how my items came out.  Each items makes a great addition to my ‘Ultimate Jenkins’ collection.

The Fergie Jenkins Foundation handled my items very well, and I am already seeking the next round of items that I can send their way!!!

Thanks for reading.

Santa Delivered Two New Signed Baseballs For The ’30-YOC’ Collection On Christmas. Come See!!!

Santa Delivered Two New Signed Baseballs For The ’30-YOC’ Collection On Christmas.  Come See!!!

My birthday and Christmas are exactly two weeks apart; Christmas is the latter of the two events.

And as much as I don’t want those two days to be made into big deals for me, as I prefer to focus on the kids as much as possible, my wife has other plans.  So, typically in early November she starts asking.  And by the middle of November, she starts dropping major hints.  And as the end of the month approaches, she demands a list of ‘stuff’ that I would like for my birthday and Christmas.

Simply stated, I oblige her.  We have been married for close to ten years now, and together for more than 12.  I know she will not stop, so I oblige.

And I have to say that this year, it was a lot easier to oblige her requests.


Because she is now on Ebay.

And that means I can add stuff to my list from Ebay that I want.  Whereas in the past, she would say, ‘just get it’ or ‘we’ll just give you a gift card’.  Neither of those ideas excited her to say the least.  But this time around, I just forwarded a few Ebay auctions to her and left it at that.

And the results??

Two new signed baseballs for my collection.  And I am super excited about both!!!

Ball #1 – Lou Brock signed Rawlings game ball done in Blue, right on the sweet-spot!!


Ball #2 – Fergie Jenkins signed Black Rawlings game ball in Gold, with a HOF inscription!!


Both balls are awesome additions to my collection.  Brock has been someone who I have been after for some time.  I missed out on a signing more than a year ago that was deeply discounted.  I have kicked myself for not taking part in that signing, so I was really excited when this one was unwrapped.  As for Jenkins, this Black ball is a great addition to my collection that honors Fergie’s career.  I have a Black ball signed by Dawson so it makes a lot of sense for me to add one to my Jenkins collection too.

2 fantastic signed baseballs for my collection.  1 great wife.  2 unreal kids.

Life is Good!!!

Fergie Jenkins 1981 Topps Certified Autograph Buyback – #60/200

Fergie Jenkins 1981 Topps Certified Autograph Buyback – #60/200

It has been waaayy too long since I added a Fergie Jenkins autograph to my collection.

And with the price that the modern issues are going for, I was beginning to lose faith that a new Jenkins signed card would make it into my collection.  The new stuff is sweet – but just a but too much for what I am willing to fork over for a single baseball card…

My patience and persistence did pay off though.

And I recently scored my first ‘Buy Back’ signed baseball card.  I have no idea how these were distributed, but I know that the card is an original 1981 Topps card of Fergie in his Rangers uniform.

And it is signed.

And it is limited to just 200 copies.

And my copy is #60.

Have a look:


Fergie Jenkins 2003 Topps Retired Certified Autograph Issue

Fergie Jenkins 2003 Topps Retired Certified Autograph Issue

I’m taking it old-school with this acquisition, for sure!

I picked up this signed card of Fergie Jenkins for a great price.  I have always been a big fan of the 2003 Topps Retired cards, and while I only owned one (Dawson, of course) prior to nabbing this card of Fergie, it was not for lack of effort. 

The cards are great to look at; and I have to guess that I am not alone with that thought as I continue to see them sell for pretty high prices.

I am not sure how scarce they are, but my guess is that they are limited somewhat just by the number that I come across during my daily Ebay searches.

Anyway, time to show it off.

Here is the card:

A fantastic addition to my collection of certified autographs of Ferguson Arthur Jenkins!!!