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Million Dollar Question -How Many Short Prints Is Too Many Short Prints??

Million Dollar Question  -How Many Short Prints Is Too Many Short Prints??

As a team and player collector, I don’t have the same worries that a set builder has.  Especially if said set builder is trying to put together a set of cards by starting with the most fun method – the ripping of packs.

Lately, as I have gotten into collecting more modern players I have started to have to deal with short prints.  And it is starting to bug me.  Especially the high volume of short prints that seem to be coming more and more common in the widely collected sets.

Between the 2014 Topps Heritage and 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen releases, both sets featured short print cards of Jose Fernandez.  And since I am building Miami Marlins team sets while also collecting singles of the reigning NL Rookie of the Year, I am needing to buy two of each Fernandez card that is featured in a Marlins team set.

That’s four total cards, four total needs – ALL Short Prints.

While still affordable (I have already made my purchases to get all of them) it did take the fun out of putting together the team set.  I could piece it together by hand after ripping through packs or I could buy the whole team set complete but pay more for the added SP’s or I could land in the middle and buy the team set minus the SP and then shop again for the SP another time.  And then buy another one so I could land the same card for my player collection.

I don’t know about you, but this drove me a little nuts.  It’s definitely more to keep track of and a lot more of a headache since my ultimate goal is to stay on top of these new releases while also sticking to my budget.

I don’t believe that I am alone on this as I am certainly not the only team and player collector out there having to deal with all of these extra Short Print cards being published.  Seriously, in a 350 card set, why do 50 have to be limited in production?  That’s a large percentage – 14%.

I’d rather see exclusive limited edition stuff put into today’s sets for the case breakers to go after than for 14% of a set to be part of a limited print run.

Please Topps, keep it fun!!!





Word for word, that is exactly what the subject line read.

I have been trading emails over the last few days with a loyal ’30-YOC’ reader Matt.  He is the one that shared the images of the Yu Darvish, Josh Hamilton, and Matt Cain cards from the upcoming 2013 Topps Heritage set with me.

We’ve been going back and forth about our likes with the Heritage brand.  And like me, and maybe like you too, Matt has an appreciation for the history of baseball card collecting and the stars of the past.

Ultimately, I like the Topps Heritage brand, but I don’t really collect it.  Yes, I go after the Marlins cards but not much beyond that because the base set is made up of today’s players.

Around 2:00 this afternoon, the email came in.


There was no text in the body of the email.

Just an image.

And Matt is 100% right – I AM GOING TO WANT THIS CARD!!!!

Oh, My!!!!

More 2013 Topps Heritage Images Courtesy Of Josh Hamilton & Matt Cain

More 2013 Topps Heritage Images Courtesy Of Josh Hamilton & Matt Cain

Here are a few more images of next year’s Topps Heritage release.


**Hat-Tip to ’30-YOC’ reader Matt for the images.  Thanks Bud!

The First Image From The 2013 Topps Heritage Set Is Here!!!

The First Image From The 2013 Topps Heritage Set Is Here!!!


What do Yu think???  LOL

Leo Nunez 2012 Topps Heritage Short Print

Leo Nunez 2012 Topps Heritage Short Print

With the base team set of the Miami Marlins out of the way, it is time to focus on the more rare short prints.

And the first one I was able to bring home actually came from a very generous reader of ’30-YOC – The man simply known as ‘Q’.

Here is the card:

1 down, and a handful to go.

And I have to say that I am surprised at how pricey these SP’s are.  I was hoping to scoop them up quickly, but they are nowhere near as cheap as I was expecting that they would be…

Thank you Q, I appreciate this donation to my team set.

I will work to find you a suitable ‘Thank You’ card!


Baseball Card Show Purchase #9 – Hanley Ramirez X 9

Baseball Card Show Purchase #9 – Hanley Ramirez X 9

One of the few goals that I did accomplish at this show was adding a few more Hanley Ramirez cards to my collection.

And while I may not have ‘scored’ as many new Hanley cards as I did at May’s card show, I think that I got more rookie cards this time around.

Have a look at the haul:

If my estimation is correct, 5 of the 9 cards you are seeing can be classified as a rookie card.  I’m very excited about this!!!

Did you happen to see the two home runs he crushed against the Phillies on Saturday afternoon??  His swing appears to be back!!!

Ryan Pitches Over Some Great Fish!

Ryan Pitches Over Some Great Fish!

I got a few bites when I recently asked the readers of my blog to donate any Miami Marlins cards from the 2012 Topps Heritage set a few weeks back.

And the cards that Ryan, of Ryan’s Pitch, sent over really helped me get closer to completing the base part of the set.

Ryan offered up four cards from my ‘Need List’:

That is a nice chunk of cards to knock out.

But, Ryan was not done…

There were a few more Marlins goodies included.

He gave me the Blue-bordered Hanley Ramirez card from the same set, two Gypsy Queen mini cards for the Marlins team set I am working on from that release, and a pretty sweet Orange-border card of Mike Stanton from the 2011 Topps set.

Have a look:

And then, he also threw in a Josh Johnson game-used jersey card from the 2007 Upper Deck Apparel Artifacts set.

Here it is:

And then came the BOOM!!!!

A Blue-Bordered Andre Dawson Gypsy Queen card from this year’s set!

And she is a B-E-A-U-T-Y!!!!

Thanks again Ryan.  I am already working on a way to re-pay the kindness!!

Stop by and check out Ryan’s Pitch – you’re gonna like it!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #7 – Hanley Ramirez X 43

Baseball Card Show Purchase #7 – Hanley Ramirez X 43

I had no intention of doing this, but looking back now, I am really happy that I did.

One of the dealers has his bargain bins sorted by team.  This makes it great for the team collector, but very rough on everyone else.

I took the positive approach and dug into the Florida Marlins section of his boxes.

I pulled out one card of Hanley Ramirez and was surprised to find it in a bin in which the cards were just a dime for each card.  And then I found another.  And another.  And another.

Pretty soon, I had a nice stack of Hanley Ramirez cards in front of me, and I was very surprised by how many were part of this box of relatively cheap cards.

Well, I bought them all.  All 43 of them.  And after sorting through them when I got home I realized that I grabbed a few doubles, but I can deal with that.

I really like Hanley.  And I am very, very impressed with how well he has transitioned to third base.  He is off to a solid start on defense this year, and there has been no talk in the media about his switch to the hot corner since Opening Day.

It Starts With One!!!

It Starts With One!!!

It all starts with one.

Everything starts with one.

What the hell am I talking about???

Well, it could be anything.

But this time, it is Heritage – 2012 Topps Heritage to be exact.

And for me, it starts with one.

One card that will get my Miami Marlins team set started.

One of my loyal readers, ‘Q’, sent me one.

And this one will get my gears going.

This one will make me build a checklist.

This one will send me on my way.

The One:

Thank You Quentin.  I am on my way!!!

Frank Robinson 2008 Topps Heritage ‘Flashbacks’

Frank Robinson 2008 Topps Heritage ‘Flashbacks’

I love sets like this!!!

The set tagged as ‘Flashbacks’ takes us back to some incredible moments in baseball history.  This card here pays homage to Frank Robinson hitting for the cycle during the 1959 baseball season.

On May 2nd of that year, Robinson and his Red team was battling the Dodgers, and it was Robinson who stole the show.  A single, a double, a triple, and a home run was the fuel that helped lead the Reds to an easy 16-4 rout of the Los Angeles Dodgers!