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Another Baseball Card Shop Bites The Dust…

 While running errands wife my wife and kids yesterday I added ‘stop at card shop’ to our list.  I needed to get some plastic and although Wal-Mart usually has what I need we had no plans of going there while the card shop was close to where we would be. 

Usually they will just stay in the car when I run in.  That is until we saw this…. 


I guess there will be no more running to the card shop, huh?  This is the 3rd card shop that I have seen close down since my return to the hobby less than 1 year ago.  While I am not surprised by this, I am a little saddened by what has happened to our hobby.

Let me say that I am guilty of seeking out bargains.  The Internet has offered us a wonderful marketplace to buy anything we want, and it is almost always at a price that is much better than a brick & mortar shop can offer.  But still, my childhood of collecting included frequent trips to the card store searching for commons needed to complete sets amongst other things.  And the card shop was always the first place to get all of the new releases. 

Ughhh…  I guess this is one part of the hobby that acn fall under the category of ‘Back when I used to collect cards’.

I miss the Good Old Days!!!  I hope card shows aren’t next…

3 Packs of 2008 Topss Updates & Highlights

I cannot tell you what possessed me to do this but for the first time in 16 years I bought a pack of baseball cards. 3 actually. This morning I needed to make a quick stop at Wal-Mart and was waiting on line to check out at register 21. Register 21 is where they keep all of the baseball cards and other sports cards. This time I reacted without hesitation and grabbed a pack. Then another. And then another.

I chose the 2008 Topps Updates and Highlights issue. I have seen many blogs criticizing the design of these cards, but I find them to be quite appealing. I have no idea what kind of goodies lie inside of this issue’s packs but I proceeded without caution to rip open all 3 of them. Here are the results.

Pack 1 – UH44 Ryan Sweeney, UH128 LaTroy Hawkins, UH74 Corey Patterson, UH152 Steve Trachsel, UH127 Combos – Michael Young & Derek Jeter, UH202 Josh Hamilton, UH118 Justin Morneau & David Ortiz, UH274 Albert Pujols, UH239 Milton Bradley, UH77 Ervin Santana, UH323 Jorge Velandia, WMDP23 Matt Holliday



Pack 2 – UH91 Billy Buckner, UH247 Scott Podsednik, UH265 Tony Abreu, UH133 Tadahito Iguchi, UH232 Geovany Soto, UH167 Justin Morneua, UH18 Andy Phillips, UH244 Brandon Webb, UH191 Ian Kinsler, UH83 George Sherrill, UH197 Michael Young, UH197 Jason Varitek



Pack 3 – UH175 Luis Vizcaino, UH187 Rod Barajas, UH67 Jamey Carroll, UH232 Edinson Volquez, UH196 Dan Uggla, UH106 Josh Hamilton & Carlos Quentin, UH54 Grady Sizemore, UH35 Hanley Ramirez, Uh52 Derek Jeter, UH311 Oscar Salazar, UH233 Grady Sizemore, WBC25 Kosuke Fukudome



It was fun to rip open a few packs of cards.  But, the thrill of pulling out something I could add to my player collections obviously was not there.  Of all of the players I got, each one is new to my collection.  I may keep the Jeters and the Pujols card for my sons, but the rest are up for grabs.  If you see anything you need for your set, or team collection, or player collections just let me know and I certain that we will be able to work something out.

Who knows, I may buy more packs in the future.  But I am definitely a player collector!!!