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Did You Know…

The last player to hit over .400 during a complete major league baseball season and not win the batting title was Ty Cobb.  In 1922, Cobb hit .401 but he finished in second place for the batting crown to George Sisler’s mark of .420.

ty cobb

Did You Know…

Ty Cobb set the American League record for total bases in a single game with 16.  On May 5, 1925, Cobb connected for 3 home runs, a double, and two singles touching 16 bases in total.

Ty Cobb

Did You Know…

Ty Cobb was the youngest player to win Major League Baseball’s Triple Crown Award.  In 1909, at the age of just 22, Cobb batted .377 while also accumulating nine home runs, and 107 RBI.

The next youngest Triple Crown winner was Mickey Mantle who at 24 years of age in 1956 accomplished the feat.