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Not Every Autograph Through The Mail Request Is Successful…

I’ve fielded quite a few inquiries from various bloggers and readers of this blog about my successes with autographs through the mail(ttm).  I am happy that several people are finding this interesting and it has quickly become something I am passionate about.  The ‘fun’ element that it has brought to baseball card collecting for me equals that of adding more cards to my player collections.  As many of you are waiting for the next release to hit the shelves, I am waiting for the next envelope to make it back to my mailbox.

I do want to let you know that I put in a ton of time and research into this new field.  That’s probably why my success rates are so high.  I have found some incredible tools online that have really helped steer me in the proper direction of making this successful.  Don’t forget that I don’t really have a collection of old cards sitting around to be sent out.  I have bought quite a few while the remainder have come from a large donation of cards from a friend of mine.  So what I don’t do is waste time or money.  As much as I would love to add the autograph of Derek Jeter or Ichiro to my collection, I know that the odds of getting something signed back from them are incredibly low.  So I choose wisely as each letter that goes out costs me money for cards, stamps, envelopes, and my time.

With that being said my success rate so far is incredibly high.  To date I have sent out 67 letters.  This does not count the 18 that went out on Monday of this week.  Of the 67, I have received back 23 back signed and  7 back unsigned.  23 out of 67 is a very healthy 34% and that number should continue to climb as I know that several of the guys I am waiting for take 2-3 months but are known as good signers.  So here I sit with 37 letters still out there and the 18 I sent this week just getting to the players now.

My failures are as such : 4 of my letters have come back from the players with the cards unsigned, and 3 had incorrect or undeliverable addresses.  Out of 67, this is a very small percent.  The 4 that did not sign for me are Alan Trammell, Al Kaline, Fergie Jenkins(asked for a donation to his foundation), and Kirk Gibson.  The 3 bad address guys were Orel Hershiser, Dennis Eckersley, and Don Zimmer. 

Like anything else in life, the more you prepare yourself for something the better the outcome.  I have found some wonderful tools on the web about the hobby of collecting autographs TTM and have also developed my own little system that seems to have worked well for me so far.

If you have any questions or want some advice on this, feel free to ask.  I warn you now – This is addictive!!! Once you find that first envelope in your mailbox you will be hooked!!!

Trust me.  My mailman has found this out the hard way…

Happy Graphing!!!