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Reader Gerad Sends Over Some Great Vintage Beauties From The 1960s & 1970s

Reader Gerad Sends Over Some Great Vintage Beauties From The 1960s & 1970s

Holy Cow, talk about some vintage goodies!!

I recently received a very generous package from one of the loyal readers of ’30-YOC’.  Gerad really hooked me up this time – 6 pieces of beautiful, vintage cardboard.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

On to the cards!!!

Card #1 – 1964 Topps All-Star Vets w/Nellie Fox & Harmon Killebrew

Card #2 – 1968 Topps, ’67 Batting Leaders w/Yastrzemski, Robinson, and Kaline

Card #3 – 1970 Topps, ’69 American League Batting Leaders w/Carew, Smith, and Oliva

Card #4 – 1970 Topps Willie McCovey

Card #5 – 1971 Topps Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter

Card #6 – 1972 Topps Frank Robinson

Man, I don’t even know what to say.  Simply, great, great stuff!!

  • The card from the 1970 Topps that features Rod Carew fills a huge hole in my Carew PC.
  • And the base cards of McCovey and Robinson from the 1970 and 1972 Topps sets are simply awesome.
  • And then there is the ‘Catfish’ Hunter card – WHEW!!  Gerad and I talk a lot through email, and we regularly discuss baseball dynasties.  Hunter is part of one of my favorites – the A’s teams from the ’71,’72, and ’73 seasons.
  • That card from the 1964 Topps set that features Fox and Killebrew instantly becomes one of the oldest cards in my collection.

A huge ‘Thank You’ goes out to Gerad.  Thank you for the sending over a true ‘Blast From The Past’!!!

Alfredo Has A Group Break For You!!!

Alfredo Has A Group Break For You!!!

You can find all of the details on his blog, but here is a quick summary:

So far this is what i have, 6 peeps so far i at least need ten to make this work….. If you guys could maybe hook the Don up with a link to my blog or a post about the break that would help fill up the spots allot quicker…… Remember it will be 19 buck per team. And it will be a total of 19 boxes broken hopefully live on Ustream…. Thanks again everyone!!

Talking to a few of the bloggers out there, they taught that 19.00 Bucks a team would be a great price for a 19 box break, how does that sound?? let me know, i need at least 10 peeps to sign up!!

And there are a ton of great teams still available:

B.Orioles – Ryanmemorabilia

Boston Red Sox – James Rosenthal

New York Yankees

Chicago White Sox

Cleveland Indians

Detroit Tigers

Minnesota Twins

Oakland Athletics

Atlanta Braves – Chris Mays

Philadelphia Phillies

Chicago Cubs

Cincinnati Reds

Pittsburgh Pirates

St. Louis Cardinals

Los Angeles Dodgers

San Francisco Giants  

Toronto Blue Jays

Kansas City Royals – Darkship17

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Seattle Mariners

Texas Rangers  

New York Mets – BA Benny

Washington Nationals/Expos – Thingpen

Houston Astros – Samuel

Milwaukee Brewers  

San Diego Padres

So head on over to visit Alfredo and get in on this fantastic chance to nab some ‘old’ cards of your favorite team!!!