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My 3 Cubs : Billy, Ernie, & Fergie

My 3 Cubs : Billy, Ernie, & Fergie – #31/50

Saving the best for last – This is card #9 of my recent 9 card purchase of some modern Billy Williams cards.

Naturally when I first saw this card I had to have it.  My 3 favorite Cubs that played during the generation prior to mine.  It’s another of the low serial numbered cards I have added to my Billy Williams collection.  This one is #31/50.  By the way, Fergie wore #31 so that’s kind of neat…  and cheesy at the same time I know!!!

When I received this card, it dawned on me that this may have been designed for autographs.  If you look at the design, there is an awful lot of room next to each guy’s image that would be a prefect spot for a signature. 

If anyone knows for sure or has seen or even has an image of a card like this signed I would love to see it.  I probably could never afford it, so I’ve settled for this card I bought for $2, but I would really enjoy seeing that image.


Billy Williams & Ernie Banks Share A Piece Of Cardboard

Billy Williams & Ernie Banks – #3/50

This is card #8 of my recent 9-card purchase of modern-day Billy Williams cards.

What’s not to like about this card?  2 of the greatest Chicago Cubs players of all time on the same card…  And to be limited to just 50 cards made and I now own #3.  SWEET!!!

The only thing I don’t understand about this, is why they would use 1 color and 1 black and white image for this card.  That really doesn’t make much sense to me….  If both were the same, and ideally in B&W format, this card would be even more special!!! 


2008 Goudey Mini Billy Williams

2008 Goudey Mini Billy Williams – #64/88

This is card #7 of my recent 9-card purchase of Billy William’s modern-day cards.  I have no sense of what all of the alternate version cards are about and how rare they may or may not be.  This card has a serial number of 64/88 so it appears to be pretty rare in my eyes.  I have the base version of this card, and when I saw this for 25 cents I scooped it up.

Hell, I don’t know what a green mini is; it kind of sounds like something my son would see in one of his many Disney movies.  I do know that the Goudey product is one that appeals to me as they have done an excellent job of capturing the vintage style of card design and photography while using today’s technology to provide a superior product!!


3 More Modern Billy Williams Cards Added To The Collection!!

3 More Modern Billy Williams Cards Added To The Collection!!

Here are cards 4,5, and 6 from my purchase of 9 modern-day Billy Williams cards.  I don’t even care that seem to repeat the photography on these for several different card versions.  I am trying to decide if I like the color photos better than the black and white images and I guess it all depends on how it works with the card’s modern design.

Of the 2 below, the B&W version appeals more to me.  The greys used on the border and in the background of the photo really make this card stand out!!  Billy’s image appears to be leaping off of the card. 


3 Modern Billy Williams Cards Added To The Collection!!

3 Modern Billy Williams Cards Added To The Collection!!

WoW!!!  How sweet is this?  I was able to grab up all 3 of these bad boys for less than 40 cents a piece.  I’ve still got my eye on the cards I need to complete my Billy Williams collection that were issued during his playing days, but I couldn’t resist these.  I love the old-school photo on the modern cards. 

I was able to add 9 new Billy Williams cards to my growing ‘modern-day’ collection and will highlight them for you over the next few weeks.


The 1989 Topps Design Is Really Starting To Grow On Me…

I’ve always liked the look of this card, but as I search through Ebay for player lots or cards to add to my player collections, the 1989 Topps issue looks better and better to me each time I pass one by.

As a kid, I probably had 2 or 3 complete sets of these.  And I probably had countless other rookie and star cards from the set in my albums.

But the impact of the overall design has not hit me until very recently.  I believe that the 1989 Topps set could pass as a vintage set from 20-30 before it’s release date.

Check out how well Topps incorporated the team colors of the player’s team with the trim and team logos on the card.


Now, here is an example of a close-up shot we would have expected to see back in the 60’s or 70’s.  A nice close-up shot of a player getting ready to take a practice swing.  Although the photo does not appear to be staged, it reminds me of the many images from the 60’s and 70’s of players mimicking what they do in a game.

Here is a great shot of the player at bat anticipating the pitch.  Although it is not an action shot since he is not swinging the bat, it reminds me of so many attempts Topps made in the 1970’s as they tried to provide real action shots when there was nothing really happening.

Lastly, the All-Star card.  This would have looked great as an issue from the 1960’s.  Imagine this card with a close-up of Frank Robinson or Hank Aaron.  This card’s design can withstand the test of time.

Is it just me, or does anyone else reading this have similar feelings about the 1989 Topps product?  As a player collector with no real interest in set building, I think that if I were to attempt a set it would be this one.  I love the look of the cards and being that this set is over 19 years old it could be considered vintage.  Hell, the look kind of gives it that feel too…

Let me know your thoughts?  Am I alone on this or do you agree as well??

Baseball Card Show Purchase #2

These cards were in a large 3200 count box with a sign that read ‘Vintage Cards – 50 cents each’.  You know that I dove right in!!!  Many of the cards were in poor condition, but I was able to rescue these few gems…

1978 Topps – Joe Morgan; 1982 Topps – Rod Carew; 1982 Topps – Johnny Bench In Action; 1979 Topps – Joe Morgan 

A 2008 ‘Old-School’ Billy Williams Card Added…

I picked up (3) of these cards.  I wasn’t even searching for this, but found it on Ebay when I was looking for a 1969 Topps card.  Either way, I love the vintage look of the card and while my goal is to get all of the cards issued from Billy’s playing days I thought that this was a deal that I didn’t want to pass up.

So my collection now moves to 21 different cards, and 19 from Williams’ playing days.  I’m going back to my original goal as I focus my attention again on his earlier issues.

You have to admit though, this kind of counts as a vintage card too…  Doesn’t it???

Baseball Card Show Review

As many of you know, I attended my first baseball card show in over 15 years.  Having little expectations about what I was going to find, I was very eager to get there to see how this kind of event has changed along with the hobby.

The show was being held at the local(40 minutes from my house) Jai-Alai stadium.  As I approached the room that the show was going to be in, I quickly noticed differences from the shows I used to attend and this one.  Gone were the long lines of people waiting to get in, gone were the kids ripping open pack after pack of the cards they just bought, and gone were the extra family members just hanging around while their brother, father, or sisters were inside looking at the cards.

The show had 13 dealers and I quickly walked through to check out which tables I would want to visit again and which I would bypass.  Of the 13, 10 had enough cases of cards to draw my eyes while the other 3 were geared more towards oddball memorabilia and figurines.

As I started to get more into the actual display cases, the number of game used and autograph cards was pretty overwhelming.  If you are searching for some of these modern day issues, you could spend a few hours going through the vast assortments that I witnessed.  I asked around for Dawson, Billy Williams, and Fergie Jenkins but nobody had any.

Luckily I found 2 dealers that primarily dealt in older cards.  1 dealer had at least 5-6 tables and was extremely organized.  The other guy’s selection and layout looked kind of dirty.  I quickly looked at what he had, but I was not feeling too comfortable with the condition of his stuff so I stayed with the ‘6-table guy’.  I found quite a bit that I liked, but nothing was priced.  When inquiring about a few cards, he jumped right into his Beckett and started quoting prices.  I was not happy with this and did not want to pay full Beckett price for anything so I just grabbed the 1 card that had been escaping me for a while and moved on.

Of everything I saw, the most attractive offers for my liking were the large 3200 count boxes of cards with signs that read ‘5 for $1.00′ or ’25 cents each’.  I was able to pick up a few cards that will be added to my player collections so that was a nice ‘find’.

All in all, the show was decent.  I would not rush back to see 1 specific dealer again but wouldn’t object to going next month either.  I had my son with me and if any of you have a 2-year old, you know that their attention span is very short so he didn’t really allow me to dig in too deep when I found some boxes that struck my interest.

The good news is that on the way out I saw a flyer for another show in Boca Raton in October.  It’s nice to see that I have another option out there and I will certainly make efforts to get out there next month.

I am going to scan everything I bought tonight and should be able to share it with you all tomorrow and in the coming days!!

So until the next show approaches, I’m heading back to Ebay!!