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Did You Know…

On July 1, 1990, Andy Hawkins of the New York Yankees threw a no-hitter but lost the game 4-0.  Unreal.

andy hawkins

Did You Know…

On May 11, 1936, Yankees’ second baseman Tony Lazzeri recorded 11 RBI in a single game – an American League record.  This feat remains intact today.

tony lazerri

Did You Know…

Lou Gehrig was the first player in major league history to have his jersey number retired by his team.  The event occurred on July 4, 1939 and there were roughly 62,000 fans in attendance to celebrate with Gehrig.


Did You Know…

Only two players in major league baseball history have won 9 World Series championships; and they played for the same franchise.

Joe DiMaggio & Yogi Berra!!!

Did You Know…

The New York Yankees have produced more MVPs at catcher than at first base.  Just two Yankees first basemen have won the award: Lou Gehrig and Don Mattingly.  Three catchers have won the award while wearing pinstripes – Yogi Berra, Elston Howard, and Thurman Munson.

Did You Know….

The New York Yankees were the first team in major league history to draw in more than two millions fan to watch games at their home field.

In 1946, the Yankees attendance was 2,265,512.