Big Red Machine

Big Red Machine

Cincinnati’s ‘Big Red Machine’ is my favorite baseball dynasty of all-time.  A 2-time World Series championship winning squad, the Reds’ line-up featured one of the most explosive and talented offensive threats in the history of the game.

As I continue to build a collection to honor that historic team, I will showcase it for you here.


Book: ‘The Machine” signed by Manager Sparky Anderson

Book: “Catch Every Ball” signed by Hall of Famer Johnny Bench

Autographed Baseballs

Johnny Bench, Hall of Fame

Dave Concepcion, 8-time All-Star

George Foster, 1977 NL MVP

Ken Griffey, 3-time All-Star

Joe Morgan, Hall of Fame

Tony Perez, Hall of Fame

Pete Rose, MLB Career Hits Leader

1975 Topps Reds Team Set

1976 Topps Reds Team Set

Joe Morgan Completed Player Collection

George Foster Completed Player Collection

Ken Griffey Sr. Completed Player Collection

Pete Rose 1985 Topps Limited Edition 120-Card Set

1986 Topps Pete Rose Set

1992 Upper Deck Heroes Johnny Bench & Joe Morgan Set

2006 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’ Set


8 responses to “Big Red Machine

  1. Very cool collection! I just read The Machine a few weeks back and it was a great read. So cool to have a copy signed by Sparky.

  2. Wow that is awesome

  3. Awesome collection. I used to be a huge Pete Rose fan when I was a kid until I actually met the man when I was 12. Then the whole gambling scandal turned me sour to him. I still have probably over a 100 cards and many other memorabilia about Rose. I still have the collection because it took real effort to collect when I was teen before the internet. Last summer my family I took a vacation in the Midwest from Colorado and went to a couple games and the Reds Museum. Great experience!

  4. Nice collection of the machine. I myself have a Big Red Machine collection of signed Reds mini helmets. I have Sparky plus the starting 8 and Rawly Eastwick and Don Gullett for pitchers on minis. I also have signed 3×5’s from all 34 players and coaches that were a part of the team in 1975. Definitely one of the modern day baseball dynasties and well worthy of a place in anyone’s baseball memorabilia collection.

  5. Excellent collection even if I’m not a Reds fan! As a baseball fan those were great years and great teams.


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