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My 1985 Topps Record Breakers Subset Is Complete!!!

My 1985 Topps Record Breakers Subset Is Complete!!!

Hey, another subset is down.  And I couldn’t be happier.  Collecting subsets issued from the 1980’s has been a blast for me.  And when referring to the ‘Record Breakers’ subsets issued during that time, it has brought back some incredible memories as well.

As a kid, the first set I ever collected was the 792-card 1985 Topps set.  So, while collecting subsets from this specific issue, it has also brought back some great memories of my first experience as a set-builder.

Just look at the group of players honored by this incredible subset of cards:

This subset is littered with Hall of Famers, All-stars, MVPs, ROYs, and so much more.

It was a ton of fun going back to 1985 and I cannot wait to jump right into my next subset from the 1980s!!!

Stay tuned.

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #10 – Don Sutton

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #10 – Don Sutton

Headline – ‘Sutton’s 19th Straight Year Of 100-Or-More Whiffs Sets Record’

The Story – Kansas City, Missouri, August 8, 1984:  Brewers’ right-hander Don Sutton has topped 100 strikeouts for the 19th consecutive season, a new major league record.  The former mark of 18 seasons was set by Hall of Famer Walter Johnson, 1908 thru 1926(except 1920) and tied earlier this year by Steve Carlton, 1967-1984.

My added notes – Nolan Ryan eventually surpassed Sutton and is now the record holder with 24 consecutive seasons of at least 100 strikeouts.  Big surprise, huh??

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #9 – Bruce Sutter

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #9 – Bruce Sutter

Headline – ‘Bullpen Ace Bruce Sutter Ties Major League Record For Saves’

The Story – Chicago, Illinois, September 20, 1984:  Cardinals’ reliever Bruce Sutter has achieved another niche in his career.  He has completed the 1984 campaign with 45 saves, more than any other reliever in NL history.  The former NL mark of 37 saves had been set by Reds’ Clay Carroll in 1973 and tied by Padres’ Rollie Fingers, 1978.

My added notes – Since that 1984 season, Sutter’s 45 saves has been topped 9 times in the National League.  The new NL mark of 55 belongs to John Smoltz(2002) and Eric Gagne(2003).

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #8 – Juan Samuel

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #8 – Juan Samuel

Headline – ‘Juan Samuel Establishes Modern Stolen Base Record For Rookies’

The Story – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 30, 1984:  Phillies’ 2nd baseman Juan Samuel has finished the season with 72 stolen bases.  The total represents a modern major league record for swipes during rookie campaign.  The former modern record of 71 stolen bases by a rookie was established by Expos’ Tim Raines in 1981.

My Added Notes – Just one season later, Vince Coleman, a rookie for the St. Louis Cardinals, crushed Samuel’s record by stealing 110 bases.  This is a record that should stand for a very long time!!

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #7 – Nolan Ryan

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #7 – Nolan Ryan

Headline – “Ryan Finishes Season As Game’s All-Time Leader In Strikeouts”

The Story – Cincinnati, Ohio, September 30, 1984:  Astros’ Nolan Ryan finished the season as baseball’s all-time strikeout leader.  The flame-thrower has recorded 3,874 whiffs during his illustrious career, surpassing the total of Phillies’ southpaw Steve Carlton.  The mark has changed hands several times between the two since midway thru 1983 season.

My Added Notes – Ryan finished his amazing career with 5,714 K’s.  Now that Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens(#2 & #3 all-time) are gone from the game it is safe to say that Ryan’s record will remain his for at least the next 20 years.  The current player with the highest mark is 37-year old Pedro Martinez, with 3,154.

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #6 – Pete Rose

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #6 – Pete Rose

Headline – “Pete Rose Passes Ty Cobb For The Most Singles In History”

The Story – Cincinnati, Ohio, September 30, 1984:  Reds’ Pete Rose continued his assault on the records books this season.  He surpassed Carl Yastrzemski’s record of 3,308 games and finished campaign with 3,082 singles, more one-base hits than anyone in history.  The former mark of 3,052 was set by Hall of Famer Ty Cobb, 1905-1928.

My added notes – Put him in ‘The Hall’ already!!!

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #5 – Joe Morgan

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #5 – Joe Morgan

Headline – “Morgan’s 265th Homer At Second Base Surpasses Hornsby Standard”

The Story – Oakland, California, June 24, 1984:  A’s Joe Morgan today belted his 265th career homer as a second baseman.  The blow establishes a new major league record surpassing the former mark of 264 homers set by Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby with Cardinals, Giants, Braves, Cubs, and Browns, 1915 thru 1937.

My Added notes – Morgan retired with 268 career round-trippers.  The current record for home runs in a career by a second baseman is 351 by Jeff Kent, 1992-2008.

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #4 – Cliff Johnson

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #4 – Cliff Johnson

Headline – “Cliff Johnson’s 19th Pinch-Homer Breaks His Tie With Jerry Lynch”

The Story – Baltimore, Maryland, August 5, 1984.  Blue Jays’ Cliff Johnson batted for Willie Aiken in the 8th inning and promptly belted his 19th career pinch-homer to give club 4-3 win vs. Orioles and establish a new major league record.  The former mark of 18 pinch-homers had been set by Jerry Lynch(Pirates, Reds), 1954-1966.

My added notes – Johnson added 1 more pinch-homer to his tally giving him 20 for his career.  His record still stands today.

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #3 – Dwight Gooden

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #3 – Dwight Gooden

Headline – “Teenager Gooden Sets Season Strikeout Record For Rookies’

The Story – Montreal, Quebec, September 30, 1984:  Mets’ right-hander Dwight Gooden has completed his first major league campaign with 276 strikeouts.  The total by Gooden, who’ll be 20 on November 16th, represents a new record for rookies.  The former mark of 245 strikeouts by a rookie was set by Indians’ ace Herb Score in 1955.

My added notes – While too young to understand the impact of this remarkable baseball record as s kid, I absolutely felt the impact as a baseball card collector.  Gooden was a very hot commodity when I began collecting.  Everyone wanted his stuff, and since he was a ‘Florida-Boy’, his following down here was probably second to only New York.

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #2 – Steve Garvey

1985 Topps Record Breakers – Card #2 – Steve Garvey

Headline – Garvey’s Streak of Consecutive Errorless Games Sets Standard

The Story – Atlanta, Georgia, September 30, 1984:  Padres’ Steve Garvey has finished the season with streak of 188 consecutive errorless games, a new record for 1st basemen.  The former mark of 178 consecutive errorless games at 1st base had been set by Mike Hegan of the Brewers and A’s, September 24, 1970 through May 20, 1973.

My added notes – A very well rounded player, it’s nice to see such an offensively skilled guy like Garvey take pride in his defense.  Who is the best defensive 1st baseman in the game today?  How long can he go without committing a blunder??