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Fergie Jenkins 2005 Donruss Timeless Treasures ‘HOF’

Fergie Jenkins 2005 Donruss Timeless Treasures ‘HOF’

Beautifully designed by Donruss, this card of Fergie Jenkins that was issued in 2005 is a work of art.

And while it may be a bit busy with design elements, I love the overall vibe of the card as it screams ‘VINTAGE’!!

Serial numbered as 213/500, I am really happy and lucky to add this one to my rapidly growing collection that honors Ferguson Jenkins!!!

*Hat Tip to my buddy Alfredo for sending this card my way.  Thanks Bud!!!

Vida Blue 2001 Fleer Greats

Vida Blue 2001 Fleer Greats

I love seeing players like Vida Blue added into modern-era sets.  It keeps collectors like me interested while also introducing some of the sport’s B-list heroes to the collectors that were born decades after these guys were stars.

And while Blue may be considered a B-list player, his talent was anything but…

Here is the card:

No look at that wind-up.  He definitely kept the hitter off-balance with his long and loopy wind-up.

And whoever took this photo deserves a big-time pat on the back!!!  Great Job!!!

Ozzie Smith 1996 Donruss

Ozzie Smith 1996 Donruss

Yeah, Cardinals Win!!!!

Gary Carter’s Brain Tumors Most Likely Inoperable

Hall of Famer Gary Carter’s brain tumors are most likely inoperable, according to a post by his daughter on the family’s website, the Montreal Gazette reported Monday.

“Dad’s tumour is not operable, as it is like a snake of tumours that are connected across the back of the brain,” Kimmy Bloemers wrote on Saturday. “The biggest tumour is on the left side of the brain.”

Earlier this month, doctors found four small tumors on Carter’s brain, and announced that he would undergo further tests at Duke Medical Center in Durham, N.C. On Friday, doctors performed biopsies on a single tumor and announced that is appeared to be malignant.

Bloemers said that doctors are “99 percent” certain that her father is suffering from Grade 4 glioblastoma, which affects the brain and central nervous system, and is characterized by a fast-growing malignant brain tumor.

“We will find the absolute/definite prognosis on Tuesday, so we are hanging tight for possibly other news,” Bloemers wrote.

Carter, 57, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2003. He compiled a .262 career average with 324 home runs and 1,225 RBIs over 19 seasons in the Majors with the Expos, Mets, Giants and Dodgers.

Nicknamed “Kid,” Carter was an 11-time All-Star and three-time Gold Glove Award winner. He helped lead the Mets past the Red Sox in the 1986 World Series.

“This will not be an easy road at all, nor is this a simple battle but WE WILL FIGHT,” Bloemers wrote.

Carter’s family has been by his side at The Preston Robert Tisch Brian Tumor Center at Duke while he undergoes treatment.

Did You Know…

No one hit more home runs during the decade of the 1970s than Willie Stargell, who blasted 296 homers from 1970 through 1979.

Happy Birthday Kenny Lofton!!!

Happy Birthday Kenny Lofton!!!

Baseball great Kenny Lofton turns 44 years old today.

One of the most underrated players from his era, Kenny Lofton was a throwback-type of player that oftentimes reminded you of the players from the generation prior to his.  With lightening fast speed and great defensive skills, Lofton enjoyed a wonderful 17-season career.

Lofton was the kind of player that every team needs on their roster.  A guy that can do it all, and will make the same level of effort when playing for a first place team with a 10-game divisional lead as he would for a last place team 20 games behind in the standings.  Lofton’s desire to win and help his team was unmeasurable.   And along the way, he racked up some very impressive career statistics.

A lifetime .299 hitter, Kenny lofton finished his career with 2,428 hits.  He also captured 781 RBI, 1,528 runs scored, and an amazing on-base percentage of .372.  He currently ranks 15th all-time with 622 stolen bases.  When it comes to recognition around the league, Lofton tallied 6 All-star appearances and 4 Gold Glove awards.

In total, Kenny Lofton played for 11 different teams over the course of his career.  Of his 17 seasons, 10 were with the Cleveland Indians.  For his birthday I would like to give Lofton a little more appreciation.  Let’s give him a career with just 1 team and make him an everyday player.  Had that occurred, I think we could be looking at another member of the 3,000 hits club and possibly just the second guy to break the 1,000 steals mark.

Happy Birthday Mr. Lofton!!!

Heat In Six!!!

Heat In Six!!!

Just wanted to document my prediction for the NBA Finals.  You read it here first…

Heat In Six!!!

After Sitting Atop The Fantasy Baseball Leaderboard For Two Months, My Team Takes A Tumble…

After Sitting Atop The Fantasy Baseball Leaderboard For Two Months, My Team Takes A Tumble…

It’s very hard to maintain the top spot in any fantasy league during the course of a full season.  I know that; I understand it; and I have been there before.

But this year, I came out smoking!!  Holding a steady 15pt. lead for most of the first two months of the season, my numbers have dropped back down into this atmosphere and I have fallen into second place.

Maybe I got too settled in.  Maybe I could have/should have made a few more roster moves to sure up a few weak spots in my roster.  Who knows?

But what I do know is that a few injuries to some of my ‘key’players has thrown me back into reality.  Between Josh Johnson and Howie Kendrick and Chipper Jones and Logan Morrison, my one-time superior team is now in a heated battle for first place.

Here is a look at the current standings in my league.

I’ll follow up with another post in a few weeks to hopefully show that I have climbed back onto the top of the mountain!!!

TTM Success – Hall of Famer, Stan ‘The Man’ Musial!!!! HOLY COW!!!

TTM Success – Hall of Famer, Stan ‘The Man’ Musial!!!!   HOLY COW!!!

All was not lost on Saturday.  After coming home from an average baseball card show, there was a very familiar looking package waiting in my mailbox for me.

The package contained a baseball, and since I only had one ball in the mail, I knew who it was from – I just didn’t know if the signature I wanted would be achieved or not.

Well, it was – and I have to say that this autographed baseball from Stan ‘The Man’ Musial is easily one of the Top 5 in my collection.

Here it is:

While far from perfect, it suits me fine.  I have wanted to bring a Musial ball into my collection for quite some time – and the 90-year old Hall of Famer delivered.

Thank you so much Mr. Musial – this is an absolute thrill for me!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – A New Fergie For My Player Collection!!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #8 – A New Fergie For My Player Collection!!!!

All was not lost at this show – I was able to score a new card of Ferguson Jenkins.  And to break it down a bit further, I have never seen this card prior – so it was a very nice treat!!!

Issued in 2004 by Donruss, this card is part of the Leaf Certified Cuts set and it celebrates Fergie’s unreal 3,192 strikeout tally from his playing days!

Serial numbered as 216/500, I am so happy to have finally found a new Fergie for my PC at the show.

Here it is: