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Eddie Murray 1994 Bazooka Baseball Card

Eddie Murray 1994 Bazooka Baseball Card

I never collected the Bazooka brand of baseball cards when they were first issued, but I am making up for that 20 years later.

These cards are pretty nice.

And they definitely do not have a lot of the gaudy and over-crowded design elements that many cards of the 1990’s featured.

Instead, this set is sharp and clean.  It features a border-less design and a nice nameplate that runs horizontally along the bottom of the card.

This is the Eddie Murray card from the 1994 set:




Pretty nice, huh?

I really like the column of player positions that runs vertically down the right-side of the card.  The highlighted position of the player being featured is a very nice touch.  I’m going to try to do a quick web search for an NL player to see if his card was missing the ‘DH’ position…

Lot Of (2) Eddie Murray 1985 Fleer Star Stickers

Lot Of (2) Eddie Murray 1985 Fleer Star Stickers

Here is a fun 2-sticker lot that I recently picked up of Eddie Murray:



These stickers are much smaller in size than the scans show, they’re probably 2/3 the size of a standard baseball card.

And they’re pretty neat too!  Both come from the 1985 Fleer ‘Stars’ sticker set.  And I really like the waving flag graphic that runs along the bottom of the sticker.

But, with no team name, player name, player position, text, or Fleer logo on the front of these stickers, it does kind of feel like something is missing.  I don’t need anything gaudy or over-the-top, but some information on the front is necessary, isn’t it?

Thankfully, the images that Fleer used for these look great.  But, I still would not mind an Orioles logo somewhere on the front along with Eddie’s name… That should be tagged as ‘Baseball Cards 101’.

1983 HEADLINE: Murray’s Impressive Game Seals The Deal On 1983 World Series

1983 HEADLINE: Murray’s Impressive Game Seals The Deal On 1983 World Series

On this day in 1983, Eddie Murray sealed the Baltimore Orioles World Series championship dream with a very impressive outing.

In Game 5 of the match-up, Murray and his Orioles entered the game with a 3-1 lead over the Philadelphia Phillies.

Murray proceeded to go 3-for-4 on the night while scoring 2 runs, driving in 3, and crushing 2 monster home runs.  It was his offense that was the difference, as the O’s blanked the Phillies 5-0 en route to their World Series title.

A classic performance by one of the game’s greatest hitters!

Happy Anniversary Mr. Murray!!!

Eddie Murray 1998 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice ‘Cover Glory’

Eddie Murray 1998 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice ‘Cover Glory’

I’m not sure how many magazine covers Eddie Murray has been on over the course of his major league career, but this is a neat theme to take to the baseball card world – even if he is sporting an Angels uniform…

Have a look:



This card is from the 1998 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice set and is part of the subset tagged as ‘Cover Glory’.  The magazine cover theme is really neat, though I do wish that they filled in the empty space a bit better with some more sub-headlines.  But other than that, this card is a winner.

Eddie Murray 1985 Drake’s Big Hitters

Eddie Murray 1985 Drake’s Big Hitters

Oh yeah, another great 1980’s oddball card for my blossoming Eddie Murray player collection.

Eddie was a huge star for the Orioles during the decade of the 80’s and he was often chosen in many limited edition and limited print sets.

The benefit of that?

Great, extra, cards for your collection that extend well beyond the flagship issues that were pumped out.

This is Murray’s card from the 1985 Drake’s Big Hitters baseball card set:



The set consists of just 44 card, with Murray’s card being number 21.  Cards were inserted into specially marked boxes of Drake’s snack cakes.

I know that I had my share of these as a kid in 1985.  I liked the cakes, but I loved the cards!!!

Eddie Murray 1987 Donruss Opening Day

Eddie Murray 1987 Donruss Opening Day

Oh, yeah!  I love these Maroon-colored baseball cards from 1987.

The Opening Day set from Donruss was one of my favorites from the 1987 season.  I loved the thought of a set that carried this kind of theme, and I made collecting the complete set and extras for my player collections as priority back in ’87.

This is the Eddie Murray card from the set:



As for Murray’s performance on Opening Day of ’87, Murray went 1-for-4 on the day with a single off of Rangers’ pitcher Charlie Hough.  The Orioles won the game, and their home opener, 2-1.

Eddie Murray 1987 Fleer Record Setters

Eddie Murray 1987 Fleer Record Setters

Here is a very neat card of Eddie Murray that was issued in 1987.  The card comes from the limited edition ‘Record Setters’ set that was sold as a complete box set that consisted of 44 cards.

This set was limited to exclusive sales at Eckerd’s Pharmacy in 1987, but as soon as they were released, singles were everywhere as many of these sets were ripped open by collectors and fans.

Here is the card of Eddie Murray from the set:



I love it.  A nice and tight shot of Eddie as he is apparently looking to his dugout for ‘the sign’.  My guess is that the sign he received was ‘Let it rip’.

Eddie Murray 1991 Donruss MVP = My First Dodgers Card Of Eddie Murray

Eddie Murray 1991 Donruss MVP = My First Dodgers Card Of Eddie Murray

Well, it was bound to happen…

I have finally landed a non-Orioles card of Eddie Murray in my collection.  Prior to this card, all cards featured the Black and Orange of the Orioles team colors.

And now, I have a card that contains ‘Dodger Blue’ too.

This card is from the 1991 Donruss baseball card set, and is in the ‘MVP’ subset.



As you can see, the card features a sweet ‘MVP’ logo as the feature of the background of the graphics package.

And while many probably only recall Murray’s MVP-productivity while with the O’s, he had four tremendous seasons with the Dodgers.  The LA numbers – .278 average, 483 hits in 477 games played, 74 doubles, 65 home runs, 231 runs scored, and 282 RBI.

1996 HEADLINE – Eddie Murray Joins The 3,000/500 Club!!!

1996 HEADLINE – Eddie Murray Joins The 3,000/5oo Club!!!

On this day in 1996, Eddie Murray became the 3rd member of the 3,000 hits/500 home run club!!!

Of all of the offensive stats that are recognized in the baseball world, I find the combination of the 3,000 hits and 500 home runs stats to be the perfect combination resulting in a complete offensive threat.

So on this day, Eddie Murray joined Willie Mays and Hank Aaron in the most elite and exclusive club in baseball.  His entry into this club helps stake his claim as one of the greatest offensive players to ever play the game of baseball.

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Eddie Murray!!!

Eddie Murray 2014 Topps Archives – Base

Eddie Murray 2014 Topps Archives

I really like this shot of Murray as it shows you what each and every pitcher saw when they looked at his from 60 feet, 6 inches out.

Murray as a ‘Bad Dude’ and one that not too many pitchers wanted to mess with for fear of the numerous ways that he could beat you at the plate.

This card is from the 2014 Topps Archives set, and it features the 1986 Topps card design.

Have a look:



One of the things that really works on this card, at least in my opinion, is the bright Orange of the team banner and the small circle showing the player’s position.  The two pieces of Orange are actually highlighted by the darker backgrounds in which they are resting on top of.

Oh, and check out the ‘E’ in Orioles – kind of a weird font, right?

I had to go back to my Murray from the original 1986 Topps set to see if it was new or true to the original design, and…

Murray 1986 topps

Who would have thought!