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I Have Finally Completed The 2012 Topps Archives ‘Deckle Edge’ Subset!!! Check It Out!!!

I Have Finally Completed The 2012 Topps Archives ‘Deckle Edge’ Subset!!!  Check It Out!!!

I have been knocking out player collections and subsets at a pretty good pace as of late, and I have another completed set to add to my collection.

This subset comes from the 2012 Topps Archives set, and is re-make of a very popular and widely collected subset from the late 1960’s – ‘Deckle Edge’.

The set, made famous with its smaller size and scalloped edges.

Have a look at this 15-card beauty:



Featuring both players from today’s game and legends from the past, the set looks great.  I love the Black and White look of the images used on this set, but the faux autographs probably could have been skipped…

If I could change one thing in the set, it would be the crop of players from today that were included.  Sure, I understand adding Napoli and Freese due to their amazing play in the 2011 World Series, but I would have rather have seen guys like Verlander or Cabrera or Posey make the cut instead.

Still, a fantastic set for my collection.  And one that I am really happy that I chose to piece together.


Joe Mauer 2012 Topps Archives Deckle Edge

Joe Mauer 2012 Topps Archives Deckle Edge


It took me a very, very long time to obtain this card – for the price that I was seeking…

Amazingly, I pulled this card from a retail blaster of Archives when the 2012 set was issued last year.  Well, I had given that card up to a fellow collector and reader of the site.  Now, I have obtained a new copy of the card for myself and my subset.


I will not let this one get away!!!

David Freese 2012 Topps Archives Deckle Edge

David Freese 2012 Topps Archives Deckle Edge

Man, I can almost feel it.  This is the second-to-last card that I need to complete this classic set!!!

While the casual collector and baseball fan may wonder how a player that they have never heard of made it into such a classic and elite set, look no further than the 2011 World Series.  There is no doubt that Freese’s stock rose as a result of his World Series MVP performance that led the Cardinals to clinching the championship.

Topps took note of it – and I am certain that collectors of Freese and the Cardinals are very happy about that.

He deserves to be in the ‘Deckle Edge’ set and it may not be long before he is again included in more exclusive sets.


Evan Longoria 2012 Topps Archives ‘Deckle Edge’

Evan Longoria 2012 Topps Archives ‘Deckle Edge’

I fully understand why Topps would put a player like Evan Longoria in a set like this.

Longoria came out of the gate with an incredible impact on his Tampa Bay Rays team.  As a rookie, he showed tremendous promise, and the Rays did the right thing by locking him up to a long-term deal very quickly.

Since then, Longo has been an All-Star, been to the World Series, and has provided his share of career defining moments.

Now, he just needs to revert back to what he once was and get himself back into the elite status he had as one of the best third basemen in the sport.


Mike Napoli 2012 Topps Archives Deckle Edge

Mike Napoli 2012 Topps Archives Deckle Edge

It’s amazing how one memorable postseason can transform a player’s career and impact on the hobby too.

Mike Napoli’s play in the 2011 playoffs will go down as one of the best by a catcher in the history of the game.  In 17 games, Napoli did it all – hits, runs, RBI, home runs, defense, he was a man on a mission, and his efforts came very close to landing the Texas Rangers a World Series championship.

Those efforts more than likely landed Napoli in the 2012 Topps Archives ‘Deckle Edge’ set.

And I just scooped up that card as I work towards completing the set.

Have a look:


That postseason also probably help net him his new contract with the Boston Red Sox too…

Baseball Card Show Purchase #11 – Roberto Clemente & Willie Mays 2012 Topps Archives ‘Deckle Edge’ Cards

Baseball Card Show Purchase #11 – Roberto Clemente & Willie Mays 2012 Topps Archives ‘Deckle Edge’ Cards

The same seller that was offering cards from the ‘Cloth Stickers’ set at his table was also selling some ‘Deckle Edge’ singles as well.  His cards were very well-organized, and each subset could be found on a page in his album.

As you saw earlier, I scored the Ryan Braun ‘Cloth Sticker’ from him for that set.  And I also picked up two cards for my ‘Deckle Edge’ set too – Roberto Clemente and Willie Mays.

The pair set me back $2.00.  Check them out:


Pretty nice, huh?? 

My set is coming together very nicely and I have to admit that it looks great!!!

And now, I need to grab just one more card from this set and it is complete!!!  Wish me luck.

Tons Of Trades = Lots Of Help With The Projects I Am Working On!!!

Tons Of Trades = Lots Of Help With The Projects I Am Working On!!!

I tell you what, I have the best and most generous readers around!

Their desire to help me conquer a few new collecting objectives has left me with mail almost every day for the last two weeks.  In turn, I hope that I have been able to assist a lot of you with cards for your collections as well.

I have finally finished sorting everything.  I have documented my gains and updated my checklists.  I am a lot further along tonight than I was 10 days ago.

So, without further ado, let’s take a peek at what has stuffed my mailbox over the last few weeks, shall we?

2103 Miami Marlins parallel versions and inserts:


2012 Topps Gypsy Queen ‘Moonshots’


2012 Topps Archives ‘Cloth Stickers’



2012 Topps Archives ‘Deckle Edge’


There is some really great stuff in there, and I am so very thankful to everyone that has helped me get a little closer to knocking out these subsets and team set.

Thank you to Brian, Marcus, Patrick, Ryan, Robert, Doug, Brad, Jeff, Oscar, Q, and Rob!!