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Happy New Year, From Andre Dawson!!!

Happy New Year, From Andre Dawson!!!

This is easily the greatest piece of ‘New Years Mail’ that I have ever received!!!  EVER!!

You may recall that a few weeks ago, I sent a 1987 Cubs jersey to Andre Dawson in hopes of nabbing yet another autograph.  If you didn’t read that story, you can re-visit it by clicking here.

Well, my wait is up, and the jersey is home.

And as the saying goes, ‘A picture is worth a million words’.  Well, this one is worth six million!!!

I Told Ya, I Told Ya!!!

Joe Morgan 1984 Fleer

Joe Morgan 1984 Fleer

Soooo Boring!!!

Did You Know…

Nine pitchers have appeared in more than 1,000 games, but John Franco and Kent Tekulve are the only two who never started a game in their career.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

Joe Morgan 2005 Topps Rookie Cup

Joe Morgan 2005 Topps Rookie Cup

A beautiful card, the Topps Rookie Cup series issued in 2005 is one of my favorites from the decade.

I owned a handful of Dawsons and a few Santos too.  Now, I am happy to add a Morgan to the bunch.

Featuring Morgan from his playing days as a youngster in Houston, this card is the Grey, Base version.  And while there are many other colored, and serial numbered parallel versions out there as well, this Grey one looks superb with the old Houston Astros uniform.

A very solid addition to my Joe Morgan collection!!!

2006 Topps “Rookie Of The Week” – 1959 Bob Gibson

2006 Topps “Rookie Of The Week” – 1959 Bob Gibson

From the ‘Rookie of the Week’ set issued by Topps in 2006, this card featuring Hall of Famer Bob Gibson is number 19 of 25.

Gibson’s reign as one of the greatest pitchers from his generation is undeniable.  And his competitive spirit and fiery intensity is what put fear into the heads and hearts of those that faced him.

With a record of 251-174 along with 3,117 strikeouts, 8 All-Star appearances, 2 Cy Young Awards, and 2 World Series titles, Bob Gibson is a classic!!!

1976 Topps Cincinnati Reds Teams Set – Card #211 – Clay Carroll

1976 Topps Cincinnati Reds Teams Set – Card #211 – Clay Carroll

Carroll played in the majors for fifteen seasons, 8 of which were in Cincinnati as a member of the Reds’ pitching staff.

During those 8 seasons, Carroll started 15 games for the club.  But he really found his niche in the bullpen as he became their primary closer during the 1972 season.  In 486 games with the Reds, Carroll collected 119 saves along with a record of 71-43.

Carroll was a 2-time All-Star with the Reds.  He won a championship ring with the team in 1975 but was traded during the offseason before the Reds went on to win their 1976 title.

Tony Perez 1984 Topps

Tony Perez 1984 Topps

Topps provided us with some great action shots in their 1983 and 1984 baseball card sets.

And this card of Tony Perez from their 1984 base set reconfirms that fact!

Nearing the end of his days as a regular contributor at the major league level, Perez was still able to put up numbers in a limited role.

In 1984, Perez got just 137 at-bats, but he still managed to collect 33 hits, which included 6 doubles, a triple, and 2 home runs.

Tim Raines 2008 Upper Deck SP ‘Legendary Memorabilia’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Tim Raines 2008 Upper Deck SP ‘Legendary Memorabilia’ Game-Used Jersey Card

I love this set.

I love this series.

I love picking up relic cards of my favorite players for bargain pricing!

I scooped up this card for just $1.49 on Ebay a week ago.  It had been a while since I added a new Tim Raines card to my collection, but the wait was certainly worth it as this one is a beauty.

Check it out:

I told you!!!

Numbered as 30/30, this one is one of the more rare versions from this 2008 issue.  And while that is coll and all, I am just happy to own a great-looking relic card featuring Tim Raines in his Powder Blues!!!

Jim Palmer 2005 Donruss Classics ‘Classic Singles’

Jim Palmer 2005 Donruss Classics ‘Classic Singles’

This card screams patriotism – I just wish the Red, White, and Blue coloring was a bit bolder!!

Issued in 2005 as part of their ‘Donruss Classics’ brand, this subset titled ‘Classic Singles’ offers up a fantastic design.

Numbered 103/400, I just wish that Donruss put a little more color on the card.  Between the muted tones of the background and the lifeless image used of ‘Cakes’, the card lacks personality that could have easily been achieved with the help of a paintbrush.

Wade Boggs 1986 Donruss Highlights – Set of Two

Wade Boggs 1986 Donruss Highlights – Set of Two

Killing 2 birds with 1 stone was very easy this time around.

I nabbed both cards of Wade Boggs from the 1986 Donruss ‘Highlights’ subset. 

The set, and more specifically, the cards in the set, pay homage to the great baseball feats and accomplishments that occurred during the 1986 season.

Boggs is featured twice in the set – and both cards are found below.

The card on the left honors Boggs for being named the American League Player of the Month in May.  On the right, the card pays tribute to the first 5-hit game of his career, and it came during the ’86 season.

2 birds, 1 stone – gotta love it!!!