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Florida Marlins 2009 Topps ‘Ticket To Stardom’ Team Set

Florida Marlins 2009 Topps ‘Ticket To Stardom’ Team Set

Man, I could really get behind Topps making this brand and annual product – or at least a subset featured within the flagship brand.

The 2009 ‘Ticket To Stardom’ product takes on the look of a ticket stub, and for a sports card, it works perfectly.

The colors are a perfect match to the Marlins’ old Black, Teal, and White color scheme.  And Topps did a great job inserting action images into this set.

The set is small, but it looks great:



Imagine if Topps issued these today and somehow incorporated the date into the card’s design.  Commemorating the no-hitters of Kershaw, Beckett, and Lincecum.  Honoring the comeback of Aroldis Chapman.  Celebrating career hit #2,500 of Adrian Beltre and home run #500 of Albert Pujols.

This is definitely a set and theme that I can get behind.

Dear Topps, please consider a comeback for ‘Ticket To Stardom’.  Thank you.

2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Florida Marlins Team Set

insert 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Florida Marlins Team Set

I’ve been on a bit of an Allen & Ginter streak with my Marlins team sets as of late.

In the last three months, I have hauled in the 2007, 2008, and 2013 team sets.

Well, time to add another team set to the lot!  This one comes from the 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter release, and it is six base cards deep while also featuring two insert cards.

Check it out:

2009 TOPSP A&G


I really like this team set.  The colors used by Topps for their famous A&G backgrounds really stands out.  And that action shot of Hanley Ramirez is very unique for the A&G brand – I like it!!!

The insert cards come from the ‘National Pride’ subset and they feature Jorge Cantu and Hanley Ramirez.

Florida Marlins 2009 Upper Deck Team Set

Florida Marlins 2009 Upper Deck Team Set

2009 was the last year in which Upper Deck was allowed to produce baseball cards featuring MLB team names and logos.

And while I will not get into all of the reasons and stories that I have read about their demise in the baseball word of card making, I will say that they went out with a bang!!

The 2009 set is beautiful.

Here is the Florida Marlins team set from that issue:

2009 UD SERIES 1 A

2009 UD SERIES 1 B

I really like that UD used the image for the full size of the card.  The pictures chosen show great action and the coloring is fantastic.  And while the graphics are very subtle, I really like the combination of Gold, Silver, and Black that was chosen.

The inserts are great.  And I am digging the card of Josh Willingham – what a great shot!!!

2009 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

2009 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

The 2009 Florida Marlins were a very fun team to watch…

Hanley Ramirez was becoming one of baseball’s greatest talents.

Dan Uggla was solidifying himself as a very unique kind of second baseman.

Josh Johnson continued to show promise.

Jorge Cantu was proving to be a very solid pick-up for te team.

Cody Ross was getting better in every game.  And smiling the entire time!

And I was a very optimistic Marlins fan!!

2009 TOPPS A

2009 TOPPS B

2009 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

I bought this team set on a whim as I try to avoid most modern card releases.  I’ve got a strong case of baseball fever right now and cannot wait for the Florida Marlins to take the field this season.  The team has not made any major roster additions this off-season, but they have a very solid and young nucleus of players that if they gel and play good team baseball they can easily play .500 ball or better.  If players like Cameron Maybin, John Baker, and Gaby Sanchez can impact the team’s offense in a positive way the Marlins should be able to score a ton of runs which should really help out their incredible starting pitchers.

The cards look great.  I like the ’09 Topps design and hope to use many of these cards for autograph requests through the mail and at a few Spring Training games too.

Here are the cards: