John Kruk Has Personality Like No Other…

Very few professional athletes keep their ‘true’ personalities on display for all to see all of the time.  John Kruk fits that bill.  His ability to entertain as well as be the punchline of a joke is rare amongst today’s age of the ego-driven superstar.

Sit back and enjoy a funny glimpse at John Kruk.  The introduction is a little lengthy but well worth it. 

The camera angle on this video is perfect as we take a peek into Kruk’s experience of taking ‘live pitching’ from a softball superstar. 

One response to “John Kruk Has Personality Like No Other…

  1. That was funny. I don’t usually giggle out loud while sitting at the computer, but there’s a first time for everything.

    I’ve liked John Kruk and his attitude towards the game since watching the Phillies in the ’93 play offs and World Series. He’s just a regular guy who happened to be one hell of a baseball player.

    On a side note, I’ve added 30 Year Old Cardboard to my blogroll at 88 Score. This has been a daily read for some time now, but I just realized several days ago that I never linked it on my site. It’s there now :).

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