Incredible Cards Given From 1 Andre Dawson Fan To Another…

I don’t believe that anyone follows the ‘Hawk to the Hall’ blog quite like I do.  I’ve used Charlie’s site as a source of inspiration a he has built an incredible collection of a player that we both call our favorite – Andre Dawson!

Charlie and I have chatted via email and blog comments over the last several months and recently he told me that he had pulled some cards for me.  How cool is that?  Someone that collects and cherishes cards of the same player that I do was willing to share.  Needless to say, I was thrilled by this and couldn’t wait for the cards to arrive.

Well, they have and I am more than pleased.  I’m actually quite humbled by Charlie’s generosity.  Let me share the goodies with you…


A 2004 Donruss card featuring a piece of game-used jersey of Andre’s.  If you look very closely on the left side of this swatch, you can see the famous Cubs pinstripe.


2 cards I was missing for my player collection – 1986 Fleer base card & 1986 Donruss Diamond Kings.  SWEET!!!


Great cards of Andre in the Expos, Red Sox, and Marlins uniforms….  I have to admit some of these Red Sox and Marlins cards are pretty cool.


A handful of Cubs cards I already owned but I will never say ‘No’ to adding more to my favorite Cubs’ collection.


And lastly, 5 cards of ‘The Hawk’ in a Cubs uniform that I did not have.  Such perfect additions to my collection!!

All in all, 26 cards were sent and 26 cards will be taken care of and appreciated.  Charlie- I cannot ‘Thank You’ enough for these great cards and I am already working on some ideas as to how I can return this wonderful favor.

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