Tony Gwynn 1995 Bazooka Baseball Card

Tony Gwynn 1995 Bazooka Baseball Card

It’s not often that you see Tony Gwynn swinging for the fences, but that appears to be what he is doing in the image from this 1995 Bazooka baseball card.

Have a look:



Gwynn connected for 3,141 hits during his 20-year major league career.  He has 135 lifetime home runs.  Just 4.29% of his hits left the field.  And still, he was the most feared hitter in the game during his 20-year reign as the game’s best hitter.

3 responses to “Tony Gwynn 1995 Bazooka Baseball Card

  1. I remember ripping boxes of these in 95! they were way less expensive than other boxes and each pack came with an individually wrapped pack of Bazooka gum. those boxes were a lot of fun!

  2. now that I think of it there was also some sort of game piece that came with each pack. i believe the cards were used in conjunction with the game.

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