Orel Hershiser 1988 Donruss

Orel Hershiser 1988 Donruss

I always liked baseball cards that show pitchers hitting the ball.  Just one of those oddities that I was able to find appealing when it came to photo choices by the companies that dominated baseball cards during my youth.

And here we have Orel Hershiser preparing to bunt on his 1988 Donruss card.  I love the idea, and the work put in to capture this moment.  I just wish the shot was a bit more zoomed out so we could see the full bat and more of Orel’s stance as he squares around in an attempt at laying down his bunt.

Great job Donruss!! 

We’ll see how many more cards of Hershiser in the batter’s box make it into my collection before it’s wrapped up.  So far the count stands at: 1.

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