Barry Bonds 2006 Topps ‘Rookie Of The Week’ – 1987 Topps Design

Barry Bonds 2006 Topps ‘Rookie Of The Week’ – 1987 Topps Design

In most instances, modern cards that feature vintage designs with new images typically look better than the original.  And while I will almost always prefer the older look, I have to admit that some of the new stuff is really, really nice.

Topps released a set in 2006 called ‘Rookie Of The Week’.  The set features 25 cards, and boasts a grand checklist of Hall of Famers and baseball legends.  Each card features a vintage baseball card design with an updated photo.  In all of the cases that I have seen, Topps has done a fantastic job of finding images from the era that the card design comes from.

This is the Barry Bonds card from that set:


The card looks great, and you know that I am a sucker for a card that features a batting cage as the back-drop.

But for me, the original from the 1987 Topps set looks better.

Still, this is a great card.  And the more of these that I secure makes me want to possibly take a shot at going after the full set…

Time will tell…

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