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Carlos Beltran 2014 Topps Series 1 Subset – ‘Super Veterans’

Carlos Beltran 2014 Topps Series 1 Subset – ‘Super Veterans’

When I got back into the hobby of baseball card collecting in the summer of 2008, my goal was to pay homage to the players that helped build my love for the game and the hobby.

The first subset I put together that helped me with that cause was the ‘Super Veterans’ subset from the 1983 Topps baseball card set.  This set is a beauty and it highlights the true legends of the game as their careers were winding down.

For the last few years, I have actively been begging Topps to bring this subset back and pay honor to today’s ‘Super Veterans’.  And while I cannot confirm that they obliged my request, I was very excited to see that a 15-card ‘Super Veterans’ subset was part of the 2014 Topps Series 1 release.

I am building the set now.  Here is the card of Carlos Beltran:



Entering the 2014 baseball season, Carlos Beltran will begin his 17th big league season.  He is a 8-time All-Star and has won 3 Gold Glove awards and 2 Silver Slugger trophies as well as being the 1999 Rookie Of The Year.

Beltran has 2,228 career hits in 2,064 games.  He has a career batting average of .283 with five seasons of .300 or better on his resume.  He has 446 doubles, 77 triples, and 358 home runs.  Beltran also has 308 stolen bases to his credit alongside 1,346 runs scored.

Hall Of Fame Debate: Cast Your Vote For Carlos Beltran!!!

Hall Of Fame Debate: Cast Your Vote For Carlos Beltran!!!

I’m going to take a little break from my ‘Head To Head’ battles with my Thursday series ‘Hall Of Fame Debate’ as I wanted to talk about some of the players that battled in the 2013 World Series.

So, for the next four weeks, we will review the careers of four players that starred in the series to see if they are or will be Hall Of Fame worthy.  There will be 2 Cardinals players and 2 Red Sox players discussed in these posts.

Up first, Carlos Beltran.

Beltran Cardinals

Carlos Beltran completed his 16th season in the big leagues at the conclusion of the 2013 baseball season.  His numbers continue to impress, and he was probably the most well-rounded, and dependable, offensive player for the Cardinals this past season.

His career numbers include:

  • 2,228 hits
  • lifetime .283 batting average
  • lifetime .359 on-base percentage
  • 446 doubles
  • 358 home runs
  • 1,327 RBI
  • 1,346 runs scored
  • 308 stolen bases
  • 3,902 total bases
  • 1999 Rookie of the Year
  • 8-Time All-Star
  • 3 Gold Gloves
  • 2 Silver Sluggers
  • .333 Postseason batting average
  • 16 postseason home runs
  • 40 postseason RBI

A very, impressive, and still growing resume!

And, I think that with two more healthy seasons, playing in the right ballpark, Beltran can get to 400 career home runs, 1,500 RBI, and 1,500 runs scored.

And that is super impressive!  He would become just the fourth player in major league history to join the ‘400/300 Club’ alongside Willie Mays, Andre Dawson, and Barry Bonds.

On the flipside, the hits tally is on the lower side for an outfielder.  And while Beltran has averaged 155+ plus hits in each of the last two seasons, it would take that consistency over a 3 year stretch to reach 2,500 for his career.

Lastly, when you talk postseason, his name is cemented as one of the great performers of his generation.  His ability to hit for a high average and drive in runs when needed is elite.

Does Carlos Beltran get my vote for Hall of Fame enshrinement??  YES!!  I think he needs to knock off a few more milestones over the next 2-3 seasons, but I do believe that he will do just that.  And then the conversation will really take off.

Now, it is your turn.  Cast Your Vote For Carlos Beltran!!!

Carlos Beltran Becomes 8th Member Of The 300/300 Club


ST. LOUIS — Cardinals outfielder Carlos Beltran became the first switch-hitter in Major League history to reach 300 home runs and 300 stolen bases with his stolen base in the second inning of a 3-2 loss to the Royals on Friday night.

He is the eighth player to reach the 300/300 milestone, joining Barry Bonds, Willie Mays, Alex Rodriguez, Andre Dawson, Bobby Bonds, Reggie Sanders and Steve Finley.

“I just have to thank God for the opportunity of being able to play this game for a long time,” Beltran said after going 2-for-4 in the loss. “All the glory is for him. I’ve been fortunate to be able to play this game for long, and today, it’s great. It would have been great if we would have won.”

Second base was pulled off the Busch Stadium field after the game and handed to Beltran at his locker in the Cardinals’ clubhouse. Team sources said Beltran is considering sending his used spikes from the game to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y.

Beltran, who spent parts of seven seasons with the Royals to open his career, played against Kansas City for the first time on Friday. He was named the 1999 American League Rookie of the Year as a 22-year-old, batting .293 with 22 homers, 108 RBIs and 27 steals.

It was a special moment for Beltran to achieve such a milestone against the team he began his career with.

“It is crazy, but at the same time, things happen for a reason,” Beltran said. “So I can say it was good to play them today, even though we lost. For me, personally, I started my career as a Royal, I spent 6 1/2 years there, so I have good memories there in Kansas City.”

The 35-year-old has seven stolen bases this season. He swiped a career-high 42 bags in 2004 while splitting time between Kansas City and Houston. He also leads the National League with 19 homers this year. He hit a career-high 41 home runs with the Mets in ’06.

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Switch-Hitters Of All-Time!!!

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Switch-Hitters Of All-Time!!!

As the result of a recent Eddie Murray post that was published on this blog less than two weeks ago, and at the request of ’30-YOC’ loyal redear Matt, I am happy to present to you my ‘Top Ten Switch-Hitters Of All-Time’.

And while I don’t profess to be an expert on the subject of switch-hitting, a fair number of the guys that have cracked the ‘Top Ten’ have played during my generation.

And of the men that made this final cut, only one of them is active with a chance at still making moves to a higher spot on the list.

So, without further ado, here we go:

Honorable Mention – Chili Davis, Carlos Beltran, Willie McGee, Ruben Sierra, and Bobby Bonilla.

10 – Ted Simmons.  Lifetime .285 hitter with 2,472 hits, 483 doubles, and 248 home runs.

9 – Lance Berkman (active).  Lifetime .296 hitter with 1,822 hits, 405 doubles, and 358 home runs.

8 – Bernie Williams.  Lifetime .297 hitter with 2,336 hits, 449 doubles, and 287 home runs.  1 Silver Slugger award and 1 batting title.

7 – Tim Raines.  Lifetime .294 hitter with 2,605 hits, 430 doubles, and 170 home runs.  1 Silver Slugger and 1 Batting title.

6 – Frankie Frisch.    Lifetime .316 hitter with 2,880 hits, 466 doubles, and 105 home runs.

5 – Roberto Alomar.  Lifetime .300 hitter with 2,724 hits, 504 doubles, and 210 home runs.  4 Silver Slugger awards.

4 – Chipper Jones.  Lifetime .304 hitter with 2,615 hits, 526 doubles, and 454 home runs.  2 Silver Slugger awards and 1 batting title.

3 – Eddie Murray.  Lifetime .287 hitter with 3,255 hits, 560 doubles, and 504 home runs.  3 Silver Slugger awards.

2 – Mickey Mantle.  Lifetime .298 hitter with 2,415 hits, 344 doubles, and 536 home runs.  1 Batting title.

1 – Pete Rose.  Lifetime .303 hitter with 4,256 hits, 746 doubles, and 160 home runs.  1 Silver Slugger award and 3 Batting titles.

And there you have it.  Obviously with Chipper Jones sitting in the 4th spot on this list, he has the chance of still moving up.  Personally, I don’t think that he will as some of the major milestones ahead of him seem to be too far out of reach as he heads into what may be his final season in the majors.

But, what about the rest of my list?  Anyone in the wrong spot?  Did I miss anyone that you would have included?

Let me hear it.  And as always, ‘Thanks’ for reading!!!

‘My First Time’ – Carlos Beltran – September 14, 1998

‘My First Time’ – Carlos Beltran – September 14, 1998

The setting – Kaufman Stadium, Kansas City, MO

From Beltran – ‘Both my mom and dad made it to the game, because they had been in Wichita, where I had been playing Double-A.  We drove from Wichita to Kansas City together, and my dad looked very proud the whole way there, that his son was going to the big leagues.  That was his dream.  When I got that first hit, I gave him the ball, and he still has it as his home.’

The Boxscore – Royals 16, A’s 8.  Beltran was 1-for-1 with a single and a walk.  He also scored two runs in the Royals win.

Having Fun With Baseball’s 25 Highest Paid Players…

I thought it would be entertaining to take a look at baseball’s top 25 paid players for the 2008 season and link their salaries to one stat of theirs to illustrate how much each of these guys got paid to do just one thing over the course of the whole year…

The results are pretty funny, and a little disturbing too!!! 

Rank Player Salary Team Fun Facts
1 Alex Rodriguez $28,000,000.00 NY Yankees $800,000 per home run
2 Jason Giambi $23,428,571.00 NY Yankees $207,332 per hit
3 Derek Jeter $21,600,000.00 NY Yankees $245,454 per run scored
4 Manny Ramirez $18,929,923.00 Boston Red Sox $156,445 per RBI
5 Carlos Beltran $18,622,809.00 NY Mets $749,912 per stolen base
6 Ichiro Suzuki $17,102,149.00 Seattle Mariners $2,443,164 per triple
7 Johan Santana $16,984,216.00 NY Mets $1,061,513 per win
8 Todd Helton $16,600,000.00 Colorado Rockies $200,000 per game played
9 Torii Hunter $16,500,000.00 LA Angels $445,945 per double
10 Bobby Abreau $16,000,000.00 NY Yankees $219,178 for every walk drawn
11 Carlos Delgado $16,000,000.00 NY Mets $2,000,000 for every sacrifice
12 Andy Pettitte $16,000,000.00 NY Yankees $484,848 for every game started
13 Carlos Zambrano $16,000,000.00 Chicago Cubs $123,076 per strikeout
14 Mike Hampton $15,975,184.00 Atlanta Braves $355,004 for every run allowed
15 Magglio Ordonez $15,768,174.00 Detroit Tigers $315,363 each time he was caught stealing
16 Rafael Furcal $15,730,195.00 LA Angels $191,831 for each base he reached
17 Jim Thome $15,666,666.00 Chicago White Sox $31,146 per at bat
18 Vlad Guerrero $15,500,000.00 Los Angeles Angels $193,750 per outfield assist
19 Tim Hudson $15,500,000.00 Atlanta Braves $5,166,666 per wild pitch
20 Richie Sexson $15,500,000.00 Seattle Mariners $267,241 per double play turned
21 Jason Schmidt $15,217,401.00 LA Dodgers $15,217,401 for doing nothing
22 Randy Johnson $15,100,546.00 Arizona Diamondbacks $7,550,273 per complete game
23 Aramis Ramirez $15,000,000.00 Chicago Cubs $1,363,636 each time hit by a pitch
24 Mariano Rivera $15,000,000.00 NY Yankees $211,267 per inning pitched
25 Miguel Tejada $14,811,414.00 Houston Astros $1,346,492 per error committed


Make no mistake about it, nobody deserves to be paid what these guys get paid.  Especially in a time when the country is in a recession and more and more Americans are unemployed.  But, none of us would turn these contracts down either so you cannot really fault the players…

Needless to say, these guys are really making a ton of cash for playing a kid’s game and I applaud them for the hard work(most of the time) and their dedication to their sport!!  Now back up that Wells Fargo truck!!!!


Searching Today’s Game, Looking For A ‘5-Tool Player’…

I wanted to continue with my posts about the ‘5-Tool Player’.  I thought it would be fun to get the readers involved too and ask for their submissions as to who fits the criteria to make the list.

Trying to find the player that has the perfect blend of all 5 values is going to be harder than I originally thought.  Some of the attributes like hitting for average, hitting for power, and base running should be easier due to the stats that are readily available.  The defensive values of throwing and fielding may be harder to navigate as several of the league’s Gold Glove winners are not the best defensive players at their positions.

I am already positive that if the ‘5-Tool Player’ exists in today’s game he will not have the highest batting average, most steals, and most home runs.  The perfect player does not exist, but there is a nice sized handful of players that meet 2-3-4 of the needed goals to be considered a ‘5-Tool’ guy.

In the National League, you have players like Todd Helton and Hanley Ramirez that are close but they’re lacking in 1 or 2 categories to make the list.  Helton cannot run, and Ramirez makes a good number of errors each year.  Then you have players like Jeff Francoer, Andruw Jones, and Jim Edmonds that excel in the 2 defensive categories but their offensive stats are par or below par.

Over in the American League, players like Ichiro and Derek Jeter get the job done defensively, but lack the power numbers needed to be considered for this group.  On the reverse, you have offensive talents like Joe Mauer and Magglio Ordonez that are great hitters, but their base running abilities are limited at best.

So, here is my list of 4 contenders.  I’m sure that there are many more that are worthy of consideration….

Alex Rodriguez – .310 BA, 33 HR’s, 17 SB’s, .968 fielding %, 10 errors

Torii Hunter – .281 BA, 20 HR’s, 17 SB’s, 1.00 fielding %, 0 errors

Jimmy Rollins – .275 BA, 10 HR’s, 42 SB’s, .988 fielding %, 6 errors

Carlos Beltran – .278 BA, 23 HR’s, 20 SB’s, .992 fielding %, 0 errors

So, in today’s game who offers that perfect blend?  Am I missing anyone?  Let me know who you think is the ultimate ‘5-Tool Player’ in the game today!!!