Happy Birthday Hanley Ramirez!!!

Happy Birthday Hanley Ramirez!!!

Hanley Ramirez turns 30 years old today.

One of the most talented baseball players ever to wear the Marlins uniform (Florida and Miami), Hanley Ramirez has the skills and baseball smarts to be the leader and centerpiece of his team.

His ability to dominate the game with his speed, hitting, power, and defense are all evident – I have seen him do it numerous times.

Want proof?


In 2007 he stole 51 bases.
In 2008 he slugged 33 home runs.
In 2009 he won a batting title with a .342 average.

And if he was focused and determined, I think he can do it for a full season and become a top MVP candidate.  And maybe, just maybe, be tabbed one day as ‘The Best Player In The Game’!!!

Now a Dodger, always a Marlin!!!  I wish you nothing but the best Hanley!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

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