Did You Know…

Darrell Evans and Reggie Jackson are the only players to hit at least 100 home runs for three different clubs.  Evans did it for the Braves(131), the Giants(142), and the Tigers(141), Jackson pulled it off with the A’s(268), Yankees(144), and Angels(123).

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia

My take – Since the publication of this book, Alex Rodriguez has also accomplished this feat.  Jim Thome was also very close but unless he goes back to Philly, he won’t make the list.  Are there any others?  Does Manny have a shot with the Dodgers??

One response to “Did You Know…

  1. I remember hearing that a few years ago. Darrel Evans was a great player for the Tigers from day one. He would have been a 40+HR guy nearly every year if he had played @ Tiger Stadium his whole career.

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