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Andre Dawson Card #998 – 2010 Topps Manufactured Bat Barrel Card – BLACK!!!

Andre Dawson Card #998 – 2010 Topps Manufactured Bat Barrel Card – BLACK!!!

I am very excited about this one!!

I had not seen this card surface in quite some time – actually months had passed since I saw hit land on Ebay.

I waited patiently for the auction’s end to near and was very surprised by the low number of bids.

I waited…

and waited…

and waited.

And in the final seconds, I swooped in and scored!!!

Check out the goods:

This beauty is serial numbered as 16/25, and it is a perfect complement to the ‘Blond’ bat barrell card that I picked up a few years back!!

I am loving this one – that black bat really, really looks great!!!

2004 Donruss Throwback Threads – ‘Generations’ – Starring Fergie Jenkins & Mark Prior

2004 Donruss Throwback Threads – ‘Generations’ – Starring Fergie Jenkins & Mark Prior

This card is serial numbered as 1177/1500.

And it features two Chicago Cubs pitching legends.

On one hand you have the team’s greatest pitcher, Hall of Famer Ferguson Jenkins.

And on the other hand you have the, ‘What could have been’ guy, Mark Prior.

Have a look:

Obviously, this card will land in my Jenkins P.C.


Joe Morgan 2006 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

Joe Morgan 2006 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

Joe Morgan is almost solely shown as an offensive player on his baseball cards.  I own very few cards of Morgan that do not show him doing something at the plate.

I can now add one more to my collection that shows him playing defense.

And Morgan was a great defender!!!  He captured 4 Gold Glove awards during his career.  And in 2,546 major league games he committed only 245 errors while retiring with fielding percentage of .981.

“Hey Joe, Catch”

Lee Smith 1986 Donruss – FAIL!!!

Lee Smith 1986 Donruss

I really don’t care for the 1986 Donruss baseball card design – probably one of my least favorite of the decade.

Couple that with a poorly cropped photo, and I classify this baseball card as a ‘FAIL’!!!!

Sorry Mr. Smith, it is not your fault.  Not at all…

Did You Know…

Gavvy Cravath hit the most home runs in major league baseball between 1910-1919 with 116.  He led the National League in homers in six of seven seasons, with his highest tally of 24 coming in 1915.  Fred Luderus was second during the decade with 83.

NBA Finals Prediction

NBA Finals Prediction

Yes this is a baseball and baseball card blog.

And yes, I am what you would certainly call a ‘Baseball Guy’.

But, living in South Florida and being a former NBA Fan-atic, it is very hard to not get swept up with the Miami Heat.

So, while I will still be focusing on baseball, I will also be watching the NBA Finals.

And I thought it was only right to formally state my prediction here for all to see.



I predict that the Miami Heat will win the NBA Championship, 4 games to 1.

Let’s Go Heat!!!!