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Rod Carew 2005 Absolute Playoff Memorabilia – Pass OR Fail???

Rod Carew 2005 Absolute Playoff Memorabilia

This is another one that I bought ‘On The Blind’ and I am on the fence as to whether or not I really like it or not.

I love the action photo used of Rod Carew in the card’s design, but there is a lot to distract you from looking at the photo.

Have a look:

This entire set of cards is just very dark.  If it wasn’t for Carew wearing his White Angels uniform in the picture, it would be even worse…

What do you think – Pass or Fail???

Jim Abbott 1992 Topps All-Star

Jim Abbott 1992 Topps All-Star

A pretty nice looking baseball card we have here!!

After a closer inspection, I think that it is the 3-D effect that Topps employed with the card that makes it so appealing…

Just the slight touches of having his left leg behind the photo’s frame and then his cap on top of the card’s headline gives the appearance that he is pitching right out of the card.


Did You Know…

The oldest pitcher to capture the ERA title was Ted Lyons.  At the age of 41, and in 1942, Lyons was in his 20th major league season.  He compiled an ERA of just 2.10 while winning 14 games and losing just 6.

1987 Headline – ‘Tom Seaver Retires’

1987 Headline – ‘Tom Seaver Retires’

On this day in 1987 Tom Seaver hung up his spikes.

On of the most decorated pitchers of his era, Seaver was a dominant force in the game of baseball for 20 seasons.  A Rookie of the Year award winner.  A 3-time Cy Young Award winner and 2-time runner-up.  A 12-time all-star.  A World Series Champion.  A member of baseball’s elite 300 wins club.  A member of the 3,000 strikeout club.  The list goes on and on. 

When a pitcher like Tom Seaver calls an end to their career, one has to wonder how someone will fill the very big shoes left by such an absence in the game.  It’s simple really, very few players could ever replace Tom Seaver in their pitching rotations.  Many have tried, and few have succeeded!!

Happy Anniversary Mr. Seaver!!!